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Wayward Fae

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    Non-specific notes: Citrus, mint, smoke, metal, pine/evergreen, grass, grape/wine, dirt, apple, water, woodBlends: Embalming Fluid, Scarecrow, Fighter, Delirium, Shub-Niggurath, Juke Joint, Nosferatu, Ultraviolet, Yorrick, A Howl in Darkness, Herbert West, Whitechapel, Encroaching Madness, Night-Gaunt, The Deep Ones, Arkham, Dracul, Phobos, Villain, Centzon Totochtin, Alice, Mania, Zombi, Ophelia, Chaotic, Smokestacks...(to be continued)

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  1. Wayward Fae

    When you need something comforting or cheering

    For comfort, I like Alice, The Lights Of Men's Lives and The Jersey Devil. I usually wear one of these when I can't sleep/have just woken up from a nightmare. They make me feel snuggly and protected. When I need to cheer up I tend to reach for either Delirium, Mania or Gnome. Gnome, especially, makes me ridiculously happy; it's so, for a lack of a better word, shiny. (Fighter makes me very happy too, but that's because it's the sexiest thing I've ever smelled. )