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  1. Nightgaunt

    Voyeurs Among the Cherry Blossoms

    I smell the moss more than the cherry blossoms. This has the freshness and exuberance of Garden Path with Chickens, but the latter's complexity and peppery bite is replaced by a zen-like simplicity. It is truly the scent of spring.
  2. Nightgaunt

    Lovers with Rutting Cats

    Damned if this doesn't smell exactly like the glue they used to use on envelopes! It's weird, but I like it---it gives me a nostalgic glow. Now if you could come up with an oil that smells like ditto paper, you would really have captured the scent of my childhood.
  3. Nightgaunt

    Chaos Theory V: Recursive Self-Similarity v2

    This is a very resinous O. I smell the dry perfume of frankincense, perhaps benzoin as well, a little myrrh, and perhaps a touch of spice. It's a deep, regal scent, and makes me think of red velvet and gold brocade.
  4. Nightgaunt

    Archangel Winter

    Archangel Winter smells pure and clean, like snow, but there are flowers blooming in this snow. In fact, I think I caught a whiff of those rare blossoms that give Snow White its unique quality. Are they flowers that were gathered in Hyperborea, the land beyond the north wind?
  5. Nightgaunt

    Glowing Vulva at Ryogoku Bridge

    Cream accord, amber, teak, and lotus blossom. This velvety golden floral gives the feel of a warm, lazy day in some exotic Paradise, where the air smells of promised love. Soft, creamy and delecate, it evokes like the languid peace of afterglow. Should anyoneask, however, I'll tell them that it's simply called "Glowing."
  6. Nightgaunt


    I've always loved the Japanese salon scents best--they have an understated elegance about them. In Harikata (is this the Japanese word for "strap-on dildo?") this elegance is levened by a sense of play and flirtation. The osmanthus , honey and vanilla gives it warmth and richness, the ginger gives it spark. It smell opulant, exotic, and very, very sensual. Good stuff.
  7. Nightgaunt

    The Haunted Palace

    I know I commented on this before when it came out the first time, but I have something new to say: Until BPAL comes out with a "Lost Carcosa" scent (hint hint hint hint!), this essence of royalty will be what I wear when I want to be in a King in Yellow frame of mind.
  8. Nightgaunt

    Black Lace

    This is definately a bad-girl scent. It smells like Antique Lace after a really wild party. I love it.
  9. Nightgaunt

    The Oval Portrait

    When I first put this on, it smells powerfully of honeysuckle--this flower does tend to overwhelm other notes in a blend. But the honeysuckle dies away in a minute or two and makes way for a lighter, more subtle floral. Ths is a very feminine scent, and gives a feeling of velvet draperies and gilt candleabra. It's like Swan Maiden's more sophisticated sister.
  10. Nightgaunt


    What's with this "pickle" business people keep talking about? To my nose, Ivanushka smells like warm, soft, woodsy musk with a touch of Christmas spice. It makes me feel like curling up by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and the world's sexiest man.
  11. Nightgaunt


    "The Secret Rose My soul hath dreamt of a rose, whose marvellous and secret flower, fraught with unimaginable perfume, hath never grown in any garden. Only in valleys of the shifting cloud, only among the palms and fountains of a land of mirage, only in isles beyond the seas of sunset, it booms for a moment, and is gone. But ever the ghost of its fragrance haunts the halls of slumber, and the women whom I meet in dreams wear always its blossom for coronal." -Clark Ashton Smith To me, Magdalene smells like Smith's Secret Rose.
  12. Nightgaunt


    I have always love the smell of carnations, and this is the perfect carnation scent. The tea and rose are simply supporting characters for the cool, spicy perfume of carnation. It's a perfect oil for hot summer days.
  13. Nightgaunt

    Sunrise With Sea-Monsters

    If anybody is looking for the perfect mermaid scent, this is it-- the purest sea breeze with a touch of golden sweetness in the backround.
  14. Nightgaunt

    Schlafende Baigneuse

    This is very much a naked- skin scent. It isn't strong and doesn't last long, but damn, it makes you feel sophisticated when you wear it. Creamy musk and dry crysanthamum and something exotic that might be the legendary wide-throated yellow monkeyflower accord (where do you GET wide-throated yellow monkeyflower accord anyway?) This might be a good scent for situations in which a stronger perfume wouldn't be welcome, but I wear in entirely for myself.
  15. Nightgaunt

    Swan Maiden

    I have waited all year for a swan maiden scent, and it was worth the wait. This is the perfect white floral-- pure, lush, elegant. It really does give the feeling of a proud white swan drifting on a lake full of water lilies.