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  1. little_miss_gogo

    Dragon's Tears

    I really like this. It's way lighter than other things I usually wear, but there is something about it... like a lot of bpal, it reminds me of something from my youth but I can't put my finger on it. It is a very nostalgic and wistful, sad scent to me. I get dragon's blood with heavy wet florals and a hint of a cold chill. There is something ever so slightly minty or mentholated about it, but it is super subtle. As somone earlier put it, it smells cold. This one didnt change much from bottle to my skin.
  2. little_miss_gogo


    This is a very light, soft blend compared to other bpal I've tried. Not very much throw at all on me, and not all that long-lasting, yet still gorgeous. In the imp: almonds, milk and frosting. When applied to my skin, the almond-milk scents waft up, but sadly fade after only a few minutes. I'm left with a very clean, light and airy creamy-rose floral with a hint of lemon. It's so delicate and beautiful, and is reminding me of something from my childhood that I can't place. Very haunting and beautiful.
  3. little_miss_gogo


    In the imp, I smelled dark patchouli and musk, with some kind of citrus note. When i applied it to my skin, it started going all over the map. A dark, sweeeeet, resinous, spicy, rich, deep floral, with bright fruitiness at the forefront. [that must be the apple i can smell.] Desire dried down to a dry, powderey incense vanilla-floral, with a light, airy note floating over the top. Hours later, the scents that remain are the vanilla and fruities, with a bit of powder.
  4. little_miss_gogo


    In the bottle I smell spicy cocoa and sandalwood. On my skin, when wet and first applied, it is a really warm, very nutty [hazelnut?] cocoa. as it dries, it is hard to make out the cocoa scent at all because of the overwhelming nuttiness. i have learned in the past that if something has that "toasted, nutty" bpal note, its going to get weird on me. I wasnt expecting velvet to have that. I was hoping for more of a hot-cocoa type of cocoa. After a few minutes the nutty stage subsides and a dry, woody sandalwood takes it's place. A half an hour later all I'm left with is pure sandalwood on my skin. All the other notes have disappeared. Although it smells nice, I am not really into sandalwood all by itself. This will be good for sandalwood fans, though. Edit: this has grown on me over the past few days, and now I really enjoy it. i like to layer it with a touch of something else sweet to cut the 'pencil shavings' smell people are talking about. tonight i layered it with kali, because it also has a chocolate note. yum.
  5. little_miss_gogo

    Hollywood Babylon

    Because it has the same name as my favorite misfits song, I knew I had to try it. Plus, I love strawberries. In the bottle, it is sweet and fruity, you can smell strawberries but they are overpowered by a cherry cough suryp smell. On the skin, the strawberry comes to the forefront, and the cherry fades away. That's fine with me because I am not that much of a cherry fan. As it dries the florals and musk come out, balancing the blend. The effect is strawberry incense! With a little strawberry lipgloss thrown in. I love it. I saw somwhere on the board somone had described it as 'goth strawberry'. that is pretty much right on the money. so this one is pretty awesome. good thing i have a 5ml on the way. heh heh heh
  6. little_miss_gogo

    Black Lotus

    In the bottle: sweeet! fruity and flowery and suuuugary. on the skin: It starts out sweet and fake-candy-fruity just like in the bottle, but as it dries it starts to tame down into more of a still very sweet, but spicy floral. 30 minutes later it has pretty much dissappeared. When i sniff the spot where I tested it, i am getting a strange faint apples-and-cinnamon-yankee-candle type scent, but the original scent is pretty much gone. That was weird...
  7. little_miss_gogo


    In the bottle and on my skin wet, it smells so good! Musky and cinnamon/amber spicy, and i seem to detect some similarities in the spices to those of snake oil. Unfortunately, on drydown the roses hi-jack this blend on my skin, and they are all i can smell. None of the complexities i smelled in the bottle remain, just overpowering, sour smelling roses with a hint of lemon?!?! my skin is so weird! crap.
  8. little_miss_gogo


    o is so good!! in the bottle I can smell the amber and vanilla, with a hint of something almond-marzipan. it smells pretty much the same on my skin, but as it dries i get way more of the honey. the honey note smells the same on my skin as the honey in blood kiss, which is one of my other top favorites. the almond/ vanilla is there on my skin, but it is subtle and yummy. the amber turns slightly powdery as it dries, but in a really good way! it kind of reminds me of the kama sutra honey dust... except with vanilla too. mmmm. The scent seemed to fade quickly on my skin. i love it so much that i kept re-applying all morning, and now my imp is pretty much empty. There is just a drop left in the bottom. luckily i got the CNS yesterday for the 5ml i ordered of it. I'll be re-ordering soon if it goes as fast as my imp did! love love love it!!
  9. little_miss_gogo


    Mmmm!! this one is super yummy. in the bottle i can smell mostly orange blossom, with hints of clove-y carnation, and the patchouli; but its in the background, subtle and woody. When it is first applied to the skin and still wet, it is very rich, spicy, and woody. With the smell of orange peel and blossom, along with a light floral smell. it reminds me of some lush bath bomb from back in the day that i forget the name of. as it dries down and blends with my skin, it becomes spicy, sexy and delicious! It is very potent and has a lot of staying power. I can always smell it on my clothes for days. the longer it wears, the more the patchouli takes over the blend. [in a good way!] ooh! I should also add that I have to be in a patchouli mood for this one, because it's pretty heavy. Mmm.
  10. little_miss_gogo

    Love Me

    love me is sooo good!! The first things i smell in this blend are jasmine, lots of jasmine... then spicy cinnamon! yum! Then a sweet, musky/incense smell comes through also, with a touch of an herbal smell. It was so good I slathered it on! I have a 3 foot raidiating jasmine/spice halo right now. Its awesome. when i applied [slathered] the oil on my neck it really burned my skin for about 5 minutes. [i bet that was the cinnamon] I'm cool with that. a bunch of my fave bpal's do that. now the burning is gone, leaving only the smelly goodness. The more it soaks into my skin, the better it gets. As it dries down its harder to differentiate the notes in the blend. this is a 5ml purchase for sure!!
  11. little_miss_gogo

    The Ghost

    I ordered a 5ml of this unsniffed in my first bpal order, with my plan being order some stuff that sounds cool, and just see if it works out. [i didnt even know about the forum reviews yet!] Its really nice, on my skin it is a light, fresh floral with just a hint of green, but the green goes away as it dries, and then it smells mostly like lillies, with a light air/ ionic note. {dude! what a run-on sentance that was.} The second day i was wearing it , it kept reminding me of something. Finally today it hit me: it smells very, very similar to the febreeze for the air ''meadows and rain' air freshener spray i have in my bathroom at home. So I still like it, but now it is sort of ruined for me. My plan is to save it and try it again in a couple months. hopefully by then the association wil be gone