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    ouai north bondi dupe?

    I'm honestly not sure 😅 I'm still new to fragrances so I don't know which if any of the notes I've smelled individually... I do think it's probably very heavily "white musk" scented though, but I'm clueless what in particular stands out on me personally. But they included this on their website: TOP NOTES Bergamot, apple blossom, raspberry, Italian lemon MIDDLE NOTES Rose de mai, jasmine, violet BASE NOTES Patchouli, sandalwood, white musk and the description: "a nuanced blend of rich florals and sheer white musk, North Bondi was inspired by Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach, featuring notes of bergamot, Italian lemon, rose de mai, violet, and more" When I wear the leave-in spray in my hair the scent does last several hours though, and I still LOVE the way it smells long after my shower. so i'm gonna guess probably the base notes blend may be what works for me... But I would appreciate any help!! 😊
  2. dimkaluv

    ouai north bondi dupe?

    Hi! so I'm back to testing BPALs for my own collection after like 10 years lol still new to fragrances, but one of my FAVORITE scents is the leave-in hair conditioner spray by OUAI (it's actually their "north bondi" fragrance that they now use in a body lotion and perfume). The perfume doesn't last nearly as long as I'd like, and I definitely prefer it in the leave-in hair spray form. I was wondering if anyone knows of any BPALs with a similar scent to this fragrance? Because if there are any BPALs out there like it I would love to give them a try!!