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    i don't know yet! but i think it will be musky-foody-warm/fresh-green-floral type things. i don't trust anything with cherry in it and incense makes me worried.

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  1. notagoth


    i can't stand "alice" and it breaks my heart because it sounds so good and my *name* is alice and i wanted so bad to be able to say "me!" when people asked what i was wearing but no. it is sharp and unpleasantly spicy and dries down to strong dish detergent on me. i don't get any of the milk or honey, or even really the rose. just dishsoap, and overwhelmingly strong. so, so, so sad. skin chemistry is a weird, weird thing y'all.
  2. notagoth


    love this. have to comment again on it. LOVE. this is my "comfort" scent (xiuhtecuhtli being my main "sexy" scent with black pearl as a back up, moon rose being my "calm/fresh" scent). i wear it when i'm sad, or cold, or generally in any need of comfort. it's like a freaking hug. everytime i wear it my roommate goes "did you rub yourself with cookies?!". i just say "yes".
  3. notagoth


    this is my favorite scent. when i first tried it i thought it was too smoky, but it's grown on me like crazy. i love, love, love it. it's unusual, but not in the typical incensey way that many bpal fragrances are (and one of the reasons i haven't been able to get into most of what i've tried). it's "sophisticated" but unexpected and on me it's really warm, smoky, sweet and spicy in the best way. smooth. god i love this scent. my best friend says "you smell like a mexican christmas!!" and there's definitely some unplaceable "south americanness" to this. but mostly it's sweet, smoky and amazing. i don't get the angel similarities, but everyone else seems to. it's funny; i picked this one up specifically because of that (angel's my favorite "commercial" perfume), but even though i love xiu, i don't smell angel. i do, however, get "are you wearing angel?" quite often when i wear it, so maybe it's just my nose...
  4. notagoth


    ooooh. watermelon and grapefruit is what i'm getting, god help me. but it is lovely...making me thirsty....my mouth is watering. i'm not a huge fan of "cool" scents but this so far is at the top of my list of them.
  5. notagoth

    Black Pearl

    unggg. this is RICH. it is like eating the most expensive dessert on the menu when you'd rather just be dripping it all over your date. I LOVE THIS.
  6. notagoth


    I LOVE THIS i got a 5ml from the lab when they had their open house, and i am obsessed with it now. it smells like cocoa powder or a chocolate-smelling doll i used to have or when i used to work in a town that had a chocolate factory in it. i can't get over how delicious i smell now and neither can anyone else--i wore it out last night and got so many compliments (mostly people going *sniff sniff* "do you smell....candy??"). mmmmmm yummy!
  7. notagoth


    peaches and rose.......but with a very strange sharp acrid overtone. the only thing i can think of is manure. i know that's horrible but that's what i get. it disapppears slightly as it dries down, but it's still there. i wish it weren't because otherwise this one is beautiful.
  8. notagoth

    Moon Rose

    ooh, GAWD i love this. i am loving it more the more i wear it, and i'm very happy to finally find a hint of why you guys are all so crazy about this company since the first few imps i tried were a disappointment. if eve is the "wrong" rose, this is the right one. i get flashes of being tiny and in my aunt's bathroom where rose just wafted everywhere. it is soft but lasts forever on me (i put it on before i went to bed and when i woke up it was still strong), it is romantic and sophisticated and a little sexy. i tend to cleave to warmer, vanilla-y scents but this just might make me stray. this is the first one going on my bigger bottle list. ooooooh wow this is beautiful!
  9. notagoth

    Gourmand - Foody Scents - General Recommendations

    i'm rather new to bpal and had no idea what i would like, and now i think i have a bit of an idea. i love moon rose, that's the only one so far that's really stuck out to me. i thought i'd love xiuhtecuhtli because of its professed similarity to angel, which has been my recent perfume staple and i *love* it (it gets sweet and smoky on me, whereas xiu gets so smoky that i kind of want to cough). before angel i wore the hell out of a lot of vanilla bodysprays. i think the lotus is why i like moon rose, because i didn't like eve and it's the same sort of light rose scent, so i'll do a search for lotus and see what turns up, but sweet and a little foody i think will be a little harder to search for so i'm asking for suggestions here. snake oil and bliss are already on my list......any others? danke EDIT: oh my goodness, it's not lotus! moonflower? wtf is that? why do i loooove moon rose and can't handle eve? hm....
  10. notagoth


    hmm okay this is what i lost my bpal virginity to, mere moments ago, so i'm afraid this review is not going to be that stellar as my nose is totally untrained as of now, but i suppose one has to start somewhere. in the bottle, it was kind of hard to smell (it's an imp, too, so i guess it's a bit harder to sniff). it smells green and a little alcoholy. floral. i'm so descriptive. wet, on, there's something a little acrid that i don't like, and the floral smells way too "ladylike" for me. i thought i'd love rose because my aunt wears rose everything and i remember loving the smell as a child, but it doesn't smell like the *same* rose here. i agree with the above reviewer about smelling lilac, even though it's not in there. as it dries it gets warmer; must be the honey? but it's fading *really* quickly. i can't say i like this one much. maybe i'm just not into florals. *sniffing again* hmmm.....could be worse. i'll have to wear it over the course of a day and decide.