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    Queen Of Clubs, Freak Show, Snow White 2005, Chaste Moon, Harvest Moon 2004, Dorian, Snake Oil, Perversion, Lampades, Dana O'Shee. Alice, Lady Macbeth, La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente, Skuld, Urd, Verdandi, Morgause, Endymion.... I love pomegrante, vanilla, berries, milk/honey, apple, incense notes. Im still learning everything I love though.

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    Aries: Adventurous and energetic Pioneering and courageous Enthusiastic and confident Dynamic and quick-witted Selfish and quick-tempered Impulsive and impatient Foolhardy and daredevil
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  1. loves_requiem


    Imp: baby powder Skin: soap and baby powder....i think im getting soap cuz of the lilies... Dry: spicy baby powder???? why does amber hate me so much?? what did i ever do to her????
  2. loves_requiem


    Imp: alcoholic...sweet Skin: GAH! Alcohol...like Godiva Chocolate Liquer (which isnt sbad...just strong!) Drydown: omg..this is good...its changed from the liquor..none at all now...to the smell of the sparkling body powder in french vanille i used to use before Id go gaming. So..pleasant & painful memories...but not too bad.
  3. loves_requiem

    La Petite Mort

    i liked this in the imp more so than on my skin...it was a very close to the skin soft scent...then suddenly it amped up to something powdery and sweet that gave me a head ache...i wonder if it was the ylang ylang? it was good up till then.
  4. loves_requiem

    Lady MacBeth

    mmmmmm i LOVE the currant nd berries in this...its sexy, mature and not oeverl sweet.
  5. loves_requiem


    The spirit of temptation, the essence of lost innocence. Apple blossom, rose, ylang ylang and golden honey. for some reason...i was getting very sweet, very flowery and overpowering honeysuckle...i had to take it off unfortunately. my b/f asked if i was wearing gilette shave cream...punk. wish it coulda worked...its sounds so pretty.
  6. loves_requiem


    omg this is so soft and beautiful..not overly flowery, but slightly sparkly like moonlight on the water. mmm yum
  7. loves_requiem


    this does remind me of pomanders...but more bitter. guess mimosa doesnt like me
  8. loves_requiem


    Malice rox my sox... I looked through the notes in Malice and Lampades...trying to figure out why the hell they are so similar to me...the dark, incensy bittersweet fruit part. bloody phenomenal. and Matron Malice (Forgotten Realms) is definitlry thoguht of by me when I wear it.
  9. loves_requiem

    Penny Dreadful

    Got this from Ryvre mmm kay....on to the review Imp: Commerical perfume...like, the old kind that grandma had on her bathroom shelf that was there for so long, the bottle got stuck to it.... Drying down: Floral...still getting that commerical feel from it, but its going away. No dirt/soil/earth...damn. Dry: ok...this is weird. it how I would think an antique amber *should* smell on me...a little baby powdery, rich and slightly sweet... im getting a *feel* of loamy earth...kinda like when your lying on your back in the cemetery during a windless cool night, and your roller ball antique amber perfume is wafting lightly around you, and your rouge red lip stick (the hard kind in the lil gold tubes) is smeared slightly from kissing a stranger. after the initial stage, its not so bad..i went thru a phase where it kinda reminded me of Coke...but this is actually rather pretty. Very noir.
  10. loves_requiem


    i like this even though it is rather medicinal at first...then it sweets up to something kinda herby/sweet...still a little mediciny, but way tolerable...lots of throw.
  11. loves_requiem


    oh no... the hot leather note seems to be reacting with me...damn
  12. loves_requiem


    mmm....dark, tangy cranberry with incensy notes....like, dark blood red cranberry, not ocean spray juice. this is seductive as hell.
  13. loves_requiem


    awww....i loved the description, but white flowers + my chemistry = soap.
  14. loves_requiem


    so beautiful...but amber strikes again...someday i will win agaisnt thee, Amber!!
  15. loves_requiem


    mmmmm. heavy juice laden apricots and rich black soil....as orchardy as it sounds...its like SEX in the orchard. its kinda disturbing, but very sexual to me. maybe i REALLY love apricots or something....the patchouli in this is marvelous...deep nd dark and very very earthy.