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  1. tangent

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    I probably ought to mention that I haven't updated it in several months. But, if you like, here's the one from the last time I did update it (January, I think, since that's when the most recent autobackups are dated). The link should stay live for a while.
  2. tangent

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    ooooook, I'm a bit lost. I do not have the slighest idea on how to update my copy of the tiddlywiki @_@ *headdesk* Okay, I would have replied sooner, but this is the first topic notification I've gotten in over a month; I had NO idea... argh. Sorry. Anyway, if you already have a tiddlywiki, you can update it thusly: 1)Open yours. 2)Click on "options"(on the far right side of the page, under "save changes") and then ImportTiddlers at the bottom of the bluish box that appears. 3)In the "Enter the URL or pathname here:" box of the ImportTiddlers tiddler, put http://www.sofiaviolet.com/bpaltiddlywiki.html 4)Click "fetch" and wait for it to load. 5)Select the tiddlers you want to update. I've listed the ones that I made changes to on the Updates tiddler to help with this. If you want to just update everything, regardless of whether the edit was minor, AND you want the improved search, the list of tiddlers to import is: A Demon In My View A Little Lunacy BPAL Carnaval Noir Discontinued GettingStarted Halloween 2004 Halloween 2005 LE MainMenu Maelstrom Oblation Other LEs Springtime in Arkham Valentine's 2006 YourSearchPlugin Yule 2003 Yule 2004 Yule 2005 6)Choose "import these tiddlers" from the More Actions... drop-down menu. 7)You'll get a popup asking if you want to overwrite those tiddlers. Say yes. 8)Wait. When it finishes it'll say "19 tiddler(s) imported" or somesuch at the bottom of ImportTiddlers. If you don't want the search plugin, don't import the YourSearchPlugin tiddler. If you've changed MainMenu, you may not want to import that one. Hope that helps. PS - I'm planning to update it again just as soon as the Dead of Winter update comes, which should be pretty soon.
  3. tangent

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    The TiddlyWiki is updated with the 11/4 update now, and it's also got an improved search(thanks to a plugin), and an "Updates" tiddler that shows all the ones I've changed so they're easier to import, and I fixed a few things--Halloween 2005 and Yule 2005 were mixed together; they aren't now--and some more minor stuff.
  4. tangent

    Pumpkin Queen

    This is incredibly yummy! A little spicy and I think I can pick out the orange peel... on the drydown it's like mulled apple cider, or at least reminds me strongly of that. I will note that I'm not really sure what pumpkin smells like, though.
  5. tangent

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    Doh, how did I not think of that! lol. Hey, thanks for the download!! New download! This one doesn't have nearly as much struck-out text, unlinkified scent names, or extraneous WikiWords. *cough* If you've already started putting comments in, you can import tiddlers by putting the following into a tiddler in the new one: <<importTiddlers> Click done and it'll give you a nice interface for importing.
  6. tangent

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    Hrm. I checked it out, and went to do the Tutorial.... but I can't edit. I double click an entry, and get into Edit Mode. I can highlight text and copy it, but can't write or paste anything. There's no cursor either, if there's supposed to be one. I tried in Firefox and IE. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? I really want to try it! It does seem cool. You're not doing anything wrong, per se. You CAN'T edit the one on their site. You have to save it to your computer first, then you'll be able to edit. To save the tutorial, open the EasyToCarry tiddler(it's linked on the left)--it has a link to save. The main site has a link you can save under DownloadSoftware tiddler, too, but that doesn't have the tutorial. Wow! This seems really cool! I dislike the organization of spreadsheets, and don't really get them, so this might just be the thing for me. Especially since I used to be an html/web buff... back in the day haha. Anyway, thanks for sharing, I definitely want to look into this in all my spare time *cough*I have none*cough* haha edit: I've just started making my own, modeled after yours, and I really like it! It will probably take me forever to complete but I'm loving it as a spreadsheet alternative. It's so much easier for me to navigate n_n If you want, I can send you mine; I've finished it now. Save you all that c&p'ing and changing all the names so they'll link. I DID change all the names so they're properly spaced and punctuated, and not WikiWords. And it's got all the TAL (including all the ones I could find that aren't on the TAL site!) and all the LEs and DCs, which were a huge pain to put in. EDIT: YouSendIt link! And in the event that one expires, another one. Save it anywhere and open it with your browser. I don't have anywhere to host this, so if anyone wants to, feel free. Until then, it's YSI and email. EDIT 2: New link! Sofiaviolet over on LJ's being kind enough to host it, so there's a nice non-expiring link. Right-click and "save link as" to download, then open it with your browser to start using it. You can also click the link to get sort of a preview--you can see what it is and how it works; you just can't edit anything until you save it. EDIT 3: Fixed several things that were wrong--non-linked scent names, extraneous WikiWords, and loads of struck-through text. Updated version is at the above link.
  7. tangent

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    Screenshots! I'm still working on it, but I've got all the GC categories in now, and some of the LE ones. (You don't see the url bar, but it shows a location on my computer.) Tell me if there's anything else you want to see! The main page Opening the General Catalog tag--The list that drops down shows all the tiddlies that have that tag. What a tag's tiddly looks like--Note the "tagging" box on the left, which lists all the tiddlies that have that tag. The Ars Draconis tag--This is a tag as well, but the "tagging" box is missing because there aren't any tiddlies with the tag Ars Draconis. I made it a tag instead of a regular tiddly because the way I was doing it made it easier to set it up that way, but you could just make a regular tiddly with the same text, too. Tiddler from Ars Draconis opened and demonstration of the References thing What happens when you click a tiddler link for one that's not created yet What it looks like when you double-click to edit it The "Tried" tag, which I didn't make a tiddler for I've played with it a bit more and it turns out you can make a word/phrase link to a tiddler with that title without making it a WikiWord. You just enclose it in double square brackets. They even tell you that in the HowToMakeATiddler section... I just didn't NOTICE. Argh, I didn't have to make everything into WikiWords... I may change that later on. I guess that's what I get for only skimming the tutorial though. When I finish it I could post a YSI link to the file, but that could take a while.
  8. tangent

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    I just have to share this, because it's SO COOL. I'm now using a TiddlyWiki to keep track of my BPAL. It's a personal wiki, only it's all in one html file, new pages/entry/tiddlers(their special word for page/entry) open in the same page via JavaScript so you can veiw them all at once, it doesn't save page histories, and it's so much easier to use than regular wikis. Also I'm not exactly sure how you'd set it up on the web so that other people could edit it, but it looks possible. It's incredibly easy to use just for myself, though. It took a few hours to copy-and-paste all my comments for the scents I've tried(LOTS) into new entries, and I haven't finished putting in all the official info yet, but I'm so jazzed about it. After I made all the "tried" scent entries(all with the tag Tried, and I'm using the tags LE and wishlist and there's going to be swap pile when I get around to it) I made an entry called just BPAL and gave it tags for every GC category. THEN, because making a tag automatically makes an entry for it that you can edit(when you click on a tag in an entry, it brings up a list of all the entries with that tag, and at the bottom of the list there's "Open tag 'tagname'" and if you click that, it opens that tag and it gives links to all the entries in one section and in another section it'll let you edit it, I guess for descriptions of what the tag's for)(and it doesn't have to be in the WikiWord format!) I pasted all the scents from the Bewitching Brews page into the Bewitching Brews tag description and changed all the names into links. That made every single entry for a scent in the Bewitching Brews category have "Bewitching Brews" under References. SO that means I didn't have to go through and individually tag each scent entry with the appropriate category, which I was not looking forward to/planning to do at all. Also it lets me scroll through that category and see which ones I haven't tried, because the links are different for created vs. not-yet-created entries. It was kind of a pain to have to change all the scent names to WikiWords(which are mixed case and all smushed together... I put BPAL_ in front of all of them, because otherwise the one-word scent names wouldn't make WikiWords and they wouldn't link. Like BPAL_Bliss), though. But I didn't see any way around it. That's partly why I haven't done all the categories yet, because that aspect is annoying and takes a little while to finish. But it's so worth it. I've got all my notes on the scents in one place, my "similar to whateverscent" bits can link, I can search properly now and see all the ones I thought were fruity or earthy at once, and I don't have to open up a whole separate program(I hate opening up Excel; it takes too long and it breaks my flow so much. I tried doing them in a proper database but it got so cumbersome and I had to do lots of formatting. Then I started just keeping them in a text file, and that was okay except there's no searching beyond ctrl+f. This, I just bookmark and use) and it's so convenient. Also, this way I'll be able to properly account for the subcategories. Anyone else done something similar? PS: I should mention it's completely free.
  9. tangent

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    Ahhhh, thank you so much for that spreadsheet; it's a lifesaver. My table will be populated! (I'm setting this up in MySQL, one masterlist with all the official info, one table for just the ones I've tried, and one wishlist table. I've got columns for many of the notes... probably not anywhere near all of them, but ninety something... and in the table for the ones I've tried I'm going to try to put comments in the field for each note that that scent contains. So I can keep track of which ones are strong, which ones fade after a little while, that kind of thing. The theory is that I'll add more columns as I run into notes in scent descriptions that I don't have a column for, and each time I'll run a query to put 'yes' in that field in the main table for each scent that has it in the description. So in theory, when I've put all the ones I've tried in, I'll be able to do some kind of correlation to see what notes work well for me and find more scents that might work well... And with the excel I can use concatenate to cobble together queries en mass to insert rows! The only real disadvantage seems to be that it's a pain keeping track of all the columns, but I've made a text file that lists them, so I don't have to keep select * from bpal.masterlist to see what I've got.) ...and I think I might even be able to get a list of all the notes, thanks to your short description column. I hope, anyway. Which would be AWESOME since I wouldn't need to keep adding columns all the time. ...Oh! And if anyone's interested, when I finish the main table, I could find somewhere to upload it. It'd be in MySQL's native file format for tables, probably, unless I find out how to convert them.