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  1. Has anyone found something similar to Dragon Moon? I still regret the day I accidentally spilled half of my new bottle while testing it. /crai
  2. Anadira


    This...is amazing. It's everything I wanted from a spicy and sweet scent: both notes balanced (well, it's a bit on the sweeter side, but I like that) and complimented each other well...without coming out like potpourri. And I consider myself pleased. The spicyness doesn't really kick you in the face as Three Witches and Bengal do, even when wet; it mingles with the sweetness, subtle without losing its kick. I was rather worried about the carnation at first - flowers tend to go sour on me before they even hit my skin - but it works well here. And, it has a decent lasting power (though am not sure about the throw) - about 4 hours before I need to reapply. This is definitely going to be one I'll be wearing often. Helloooo, bottle!
  3. Anadira


    Wow, if this isn't a kick of citrus, I don't know what is! In bottle: Strong, strong citrus and lavendar, with just a tiny hint of mint. Mmm. Wet: Lavendar and citrus explosion. It's a little too strong right now (maybe too much, but I accidently spilled a wee bit while trying to pry it open, oops), but I can see how it could invigorate and calm a person...it almost reminds me of those lemon-honey cough drops. And oh, there's the mint sneaking in - really light, though. On drydown: Sweetens up a bit, though is still very lemony, and mint starts to emerge. No trace of almonds, but that's plenty fine by me. I'll keep the imp when I need a pick-me-up, but I doubt I'll be getting a bottle of it.
  4. Anadira

    Sudha Segara

    It smelled beautiful in the vial - all kinds of milky sweetness with a twinge of something else (the ginger, I assume); once on me, the ginger appeared, though it remained pleasantly sweet. Definitely a comforting scent, like others have said, and fairly close to White Rabbit, only a little less sweet and with the ginger to spice things up. It seems to last for a bit (through an hour-long trip to the gym a bit after the initial application, though by then, I could only vaguely detect it on my wrists), though I'm not sure about the throw. I couldn't tell much, although one of my friends said they noticed that something smelled nice, so there's some throw, at least. The honey got amped up quite a bit as things went on (as my skin seems wont to do, though if it's in moderation, I don't mind it as much), before drying down to a somewhat powdery scent, though with remnants of the milk and ginger from earlier. I'll need to try it again later when I'm not about to work out, but for now, it'd be nice if it lasted a wee bit longer. I'll definitely keep the imp, though, and may even look into getting a bottle after it's used up!
  5. Anadira


    I was absolutely thrilled when I heard about Tinagel - I'm a huge fan of Arthurian literature, so the idea of wearing a scent inspired by it really appealed to me. Moreover, the description said it would be sweet and spicy, which really was exciting. When I opened the vial, though, I got nothing but spiciness, which...is fine, but not the main reason I bought it. It didn't die down, though, when I applied it, although I got a faint whiff of the sweetness. The leather amped up not too long after and overrode the sweetness, so I mostly got leather and a lot of spice - which lasted for a very, very long time. Really a pity, because I wanted to like this one so badly - into the swap pile it goes. ;_;
  6. Anadira

    Snake Oil

    In the imp: It smells strongly of alcohol. Not at all what I expected. Wet: Just as strong, and I only swiped it once across my wrist. Still really boozy, though I'm getting a bit of the vanilla, too, and what I think are some of the spices. Hmm. Starting to get a headache. On drydown: Took a bit for it to dry completely, and when it did, the alcohol part was /still/ there, though the vanilla was starting to take over. After a bit: Alcohol smell finally gone, and with it, the reeling sensation in my head. It's just very sweet now, with just the slightest hint of those spices, but it's really faint. Pity. I tried it a second time a few days later, as some other people suggested in the forums, but I had to wash it off soon after because the boozy scent just increased, if anything. I really wanted this to work, since it seems wonderful, but it ended up working better on my roommate, so I may just pass it along to her instead. Guess it's not for me, though.
  7. Anadira

    White Rabbit

    Yay, first review... In the bottle: Ooh, this is new. A strong, sweet, and lemony scent? I'm assuming this is the linen... Wet on skin: Much the same, although I can smell a bit of the milkiness in it. And oh, I can smell the tea, too. On drydown: The lemon's toned down a tad (or maybe it's honey? Not sure, am bad with notes and all), but it's still pretty invigorating. Not getting as much tea as I would have liked, and the sweetness is finally amping up a bit. Great for staying awake during class Few hours later: Initial kick's all but gone, leaving a light, sweet milk smell, and the slightest bit of what might be tea? It's really light, though - I have to look for it. Around the four-hour mark, it's all but gone, which is a pity. I'm worried about bowing people over with the first lemony burst, so I may just have to reapply rather than slather, which is a pity. Hmm, I've tried this twice already, but I end up getting something completely different than what most people get. Still, it's quickly become one of my favorites (even after I accidently spilled most of it during the second test - good to know I can endure large quantities of the scent without getting dizzy like I usually do!), so I think I'll definitely keep it - and look into getting a bottle!