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  1. Prolixity

    Oil and Blood

    In the bottle: Hmm. Sweeter than I expected, and I'm not sure I like the linen note. Is the blood note dragon's blood? On skin: The sweetness settles, smelling clean and slightly metallic. Oh hello, there's the clay, a strong earthiness amping up. Drydown: I mostly get the clay note out of this, the "blood" secondary. I don't like the scent wet in the bottle, but wearing it is very different, very pleasant. A rather neutral scent, not too strong.
  2. Prolixity

    Bronze Dildo

    This is nice, but it surprised me - I think I expected a more metallic note out of it. In the bottle, I get all musk and amber sweetness, with a bit of patchouli. On me, though, the patchouli amps way up and it goes a little soapy. I haven't yet decided if it's a keeper or not.
  3. Prolixity

    Peony Moon

    In the bottle: Sweet, stark, sharp wet floral. Like walking into the cooler in a florist's. Wet on skin: Wet, reedy green. The watery cold scent of floral greenery. Dry on skin: A large, lush, soft blossom. Something astringent. This isn't sweet powdery perfume floral, but green fresh wet floral. Over time: The reedy and woody notes are coming back up, sharp, biting, and damp. Wet wood and mud with an overlay of blossoming flowers. Overall: A cold wet thaw; the riverbank in spring, muddy and sharply cold and wet, with flowers beginning to open here and there among the new green. Absolutely beautiful. 3.5/5
  4. Prolixity


    The devil’s herb, which he cultivates with skill and pleasure. According to lore, the spirit of this plant may take the form of a breathtaking, achingly beautiful woman, deadly to behold. This scent is a tribute to such a dark and magnificent plant: a rich green and floral blend, earthy and haunting. In the bottle: Fresh, powerful, strong pine, needles and bark; a sweet undertone - mint? Maybe? Wet on skin: Sharp rich woody freshly-broken pine branch. Dry on skin: Pine on top of everything, and there's definitely something minty in this - it's got the very particular bite of mint to my nose. Juniper? Over time: Sappy, sticky, resinous evergreen, juniper berry, and clear green mint. Oh hell yes. Overall: Oh yes. This is what I expected and wanted out of Hemlock. This is delicious. So green and sharp and planty. It's not a winter pine; it's a warm dark midnight pine, a forest at night in the deepest darkest part of the woods. The husband finds it too medicinal, but I love it. 4.5/5
  5. Prolixity


    In the bottle: Musky sweet liquor. Candy-sugar with the sweet liquid alcohol scent. Smells like a shot of something. >3 Wet on skin: Candy apples, cotton candy, thick rich sugary sweet. Is this going to set off my "food" aversion? Dry on skin: Vanilla-sugar-candy, and here comes the musk. Ooh. The fruity undertone is leaving, yay! Over time: Rich and musky, with the candy-sweet-liquor scent hovering over the top. The faintly fruity tone remains, just a little; in spite of the candy/fruity notes, it's not pushing the bad buttons. Phew. Overall: The candy sugary sweetness made me a little wary, but now that it's mellowed into this gorgeous sweet liquory musk, I'm lovin' teh Smut. Not an everyday scent, by any means; it's suggestive and aggressive. But mmm, good stuff. 4/5 Husband says , and it makes me FEEL sexy. Woo!
  6. Prolixity


    In the bottle: Old dried roses, soft and herbal. Wet on skin: Soft clean roses ... and fresh dirt. o.o Dry on skin: Ohhhh, this is lovely. Like sticking my nose in a real rose, one of the huge, fragrant old-fashioned kind. Over time: I'm not getting much of the earth and moss. Just big, fluffy, soft, dry rose. Overall: Most of the rose scents I've ever tried either go to powder on me or get suffocatingly powerful. Zombi has settled into a nice, soft, delicate, true-rose scent, with that lovely rich earth note underneath. I don't need a bottle, because I don't wear rose that often, but it's a definite winner. 4/5
  7. Prolixity


    In the bottle: Rosemary, lavender, verbena. Very fresh. Not particularly sweet. Wet on skin: Sharp and fresh and lemony. Lemony, herbal, and soapy. I'm not getting any incense out of this. Bright yellow. Dry on skin: Sugary and lemony - juicy, heavy, sweet lemon. The lemony note that came up after it hit my skin has taken over entirely. Over time: The lemon is GONE and has been entirely taken over by incense! Smoky and herbal and thick, though not powerful. Overall: This isn't bad, but it doesn't glue my nose to my wrist either. This can go to someone else. 2.5/5
  8. Prolixity


    In the bottle: Sweet, aquatic, ozoney, metallic. Complicated. This scent is very wet. Wet on skin: Sugary, fruity, and clean wet bamboo. Huh. Dry on skin: Ozone and rain and soft woody bamboo. The sweetness has gone off somewhere else entirely. Over time: There's a very soft fruity-floral note underneath this, but it's mostly clean, fresh, wet bamboo and ozone. Overall: Rain and wet wood and wet fruits and wet air. Neo-Tokyo is absolutely drenching wet, and I'm not entirely sure how that works, but it does. It's beautiful and complicated and not really my thing. But beautiful. This will be going to a friend who expressed interest in fruity/floral/aquatic blends, but if I get another imp I'll hang onto it for the occasional watery mood. 3/5
  9. Prolixity


    In the bottle: Eucalyptus and lavender! Woody and floral. To my mind, a distinctly purple scent. Wet on skin: Lavender. Something - lemony? Oooh, I think I smell anise. Dry on skin: Lemony and soft, sweet lavender. Sharp, but not too sharp, and rather soothing. Over time: Soft, smooth lavender, with a low gentle note of anise in it. The sharper notes have calmed down, leaving me with this incredibly smooth, sweet, herbal-floral scent. Overall: Oh, I like this very much. It's smooth and relaxing. Unfortunately, elf likes neither lavender nor anise, so I won't be wearing it too often. Maybe a night scent, like Dreamland. 3/5
  10. Prolixity


    Created to invoke the ancient Greek deities of dreams. On the shores of the ocean, somewhere in the West, they dwell behind their gates of horn and ivory. Soporific, dark and unfathomable: a somnambular blend of deep lavender, white sandalwood, jasmine, bergamot and mugwort. In the bottle: Very floral. Jasmine and faint sandalwood. I only get a little lavender. Wet on skin: A lot of jasmine. Something almost soapy about this. Dry on skin: Oh, there's the lavender. The jasmine is really sticking around so far, very strong, powerful throw. White and floral. Over time: There are a couple of notes that fade in and out, something citrusy that must be the bergamot, and now and then the sandalwood. The lavender isn't very strong on me, and the jasmine continues to overpower everything. Overall: I don't hate this, but it's just not me. Jasmine is not my favorite scent, and Oneroi is mostly jasmine on my skin. It'll join the extra imp of Jabberwocky in the package for Mom. 2/5 [edit] Description added.
  11. Prolixity

    Herr Drosselmeyer

    In the bottle: Sharp, distinct cherry-tobacco out of this. Smoke and tobacco and leather. Wet on skin: Oh oh. Sugary candy-sweet. This does not bode well. Smoke scent still there, but that sharp artifical scent is already coming up. Dry on skin: Artifical cherry. ._. Over time: Sugary sweet, fake, and horrible. The leather and smoke are still there, but the artificial sweetness is overpowering and sickening. Overall: Oh, man, what a massive disappointment. I think this must have the note my skin doesn't like - maybe it's the smoke note? No, Cracked Bell was fine on me ... but at any rate, the moment Herr Drosselmeyer hit my skin it went all to awful artificial sweetness. 1/5, into the trade pile. Maybe I can trade it for Lick It or Nuclear Winter.
  12. Prolixity


    Piss off, Saint Valentine! Lupercalia is an ancient Roman celebration, held on February 15th, that kicked in the advent of Spring with a very, very festive purification, fertility and sexuality ritual. The ritual began near the cave of Lupercal on the Palatine, an area sacred to Faunus, as well as Ruminia, Romulus and Remus. During Lupercalia, Vestal Virgins first made offerings of sacred cakes to the fig tree under which the she-wolf suckled the Sacred Twins. A dog and two goats were then offered in sacrifice to Faunus. The blood of the sacrifice was smeared onto two naked patrician youths, who were assisted by the Virgins, and the blood was wiped clean with sacred wool dipped in milk. The youths donned the skins of the sacrificial goats, wielding whips made from the goat skins, and then led the priests and the Virgins around the pomarium, and around the base hills of Rome. This was a ceremony of great happiness and merriment, and was of particular interest to young women: being touched by the goat-whips young men that led the procession ensured their fertility in the coming year. It is believed that, after the initial rite, male participants would draw the name of an available maiden, with whom he spent the rest of the night. This scent is for the Luperci, the Chosen of Faunus, the Brothers of the Wolf: raw, down and dirty patchouli, Gurjam balsam, and essence of Sampson Root sweetened with the heightened sexuality of beeswax, virile juniper, oakmoss, ambrette seed over honey and East African musk. ... am I really the first? Oh dear! Stage fright. In the bottle: Patchouli, smacking me in the nose! Beeswax, moss, earthy, dirty, powerful. The husband likes this. Wet on skin: Patchouli and juniper, with a honey-sweet undertone, but the sharp woody note is on top. Dry on skin: Patchouli and a heavy, sweet musk. Juniper's still there, but the musk is overpowering it. Over time: Woody and sweet and musky. This is a heavy, woody, honey-sweet scent; patchouli likes me, as usual, and is sticking around as the strongest note. The juniper has receded almost entirely, leaving me with only a quiet sharpness in the woody scent to remind me of its presence. Overall: I expected to like this, and I'm not disappointed. It's a very earthy, sexy kind of scent, not a pretty or delicate scent; this is precisely what I wanted and expected out of it. Elf still likes it, too. Bonus. I used to wear patchouli straight, but I like this more; it's more complex and appealing. 4.5/5 - not hoarding like I do with Geek, but I'm glad I got a bottle, so it will last me a nice long time.
  13. Prolixity


    The Native American Creator / Trickster God of Chaos and Change. The warmth of doeskin, dry plains grasses and soft, dusty woods warmed by amber and a downy, gentle coat of deep musk. In the bottle: Very, very grassy. Grass, soft smoke, and musk underneath. Wet on skin: Grass, dirt, something almost fruity - kind of reminds me of cherry-tobacco scent, before it's been smoked. Dry on skin: Grass and dust fading back a bit, and the musk note is turning sweet and sharp. I'm still getting that almost-fruit note. Over time: This is turning sweet and almost floral, losing its dust/dirt note. The amber and musk are still there. It's a dry grassy musky kind of sweet. Sunny. Overall: I wanted grass and hot dirt and animal musk out of this, and got something sweeter and more delicate. I don't dislike it, but I'm a little disappointed and won't be ordering any. 3/5 Personally, I don't get "coyote" out of it at all, which is my main source of disappointment. I love the concept of coyote and of Coyote, and this just doesn't feel like my thoughts about him.
  14. Prolixity


    In the bottle: I smell almonds strongly. Sweet amber, soft musk. Very distinctly bright gold and sweet. Wet on skin: Almonds - candy-sweet marzipan and sugar. Spicy and edible. Mmm! Dry on skin: Oooh. Musky soft incense coming up. The sweet almonds are receding slightly. Over time: Musk and resin and amber notes - the almonds have left the building, but the spicy scent is still there. From sweet to fierce. Overall: I was surprised by the sweetness in this when I opened the imp. On me, it's gone to distinctly perfumey, but not in a way I dislike - it's all incense and resin, with spicy sweetness underneath. It went from bright glittering gold to deep, roaring ambery gold. Bastet is really rather sexy. Not an everyday scent, but certainly a night-out scent, maybe something I'd reach for if I wanted to feel feminine and confident. 4/5 I have personal history with the concept and aspect of Bastet, so I had high hopes for this scent - luckily, they were quite well fulfilled. I like it very much indeed. The husband approves, too, so I'm quite happy.
  15. Prolixity


    In the bottle: Sweet and almost sugary. ... Whaaat? Not at all what I expected out of this. It's vegetative in an oddly dry, sweet, bright way. Not quite floral. Wet on skin: Still sweet, but now it has a dry hot grassy undertone to it. Dry on skin: ... I smell like a banana popsicle. It's that same sweet-artificial-yellow scent. Officially weirded out. Over time: Banana popsicle, now new and improved with powder scent. Overall: I wanted this to smell like hot dry grasses and dirt. Instead I got ... nasty banana popsicle. T.T Maybe it's my skin chemistry? Either way, yuk, not for me. 1/5