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    Queen Mab, Belle Epoque, Untrennyaya, Szepasszony, Eden, Black Opal, Sea of Glass, Anathema to name a few...as well as garlic, trees, soil under pennyroyal, bread, roses, the seaside, rain, camping smells, horse, hyacinth. I like the faint smell of beer on a man's breath, too, if he's not hiding behind Bod or Axe, too.

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  1. renaissancerouge


    Wowzers, this is nothing like what I expected. Granted my schnoz is a little wonky right now, but this smelled so rich and sweet to me! Like a pomander ball with honeysuckles instead of cloves. It was definitely more...luxe...than austere, and I was expecting smoke, ozone, fire, brimstone. It's very Borgia orgy in the Papal apartments.
  2. renaissancerouge

    Sea of Glass

    I love this, it's so green! It's not herbal green, it's green like the light glinting off the armor in Excalibur. Like, magical penitent green. I like the mystery of not really being able to distinguish notes, but it's not too sharp. It's like buttery citrus fresh and it lasts a really long time.
  3. renaissancerouge

    Black Opal

    Wow, this is my first new review in forever. Well, I got my 5ml of Black Opal today, scent unsniffed, and it didn't disappoint me. (Although with my terrible week it would have had to be feces water to disappoint me since anything from the Lab makes me feel better.) In bottle: pure Vanilla On wrist, wet: sweet, warm vanilla, earth, and ozone This is great. I love it. I definitely smell some of the same musky notes in Belle Epoque, but those I can almost taste on my palate, and don't affect the overall sweetness of the vanilla. It's definitely a different scent, don't worry. I know that it will be GONE in a matter of weeks since I'll want to smell like this all the time, and since there's no reducer on the bottle, there's really nothing stopping me from fatalistically pouring the whole delicious bottle in my next bath. It's gentle and secret, like a draft from a dark corner.
  4. renaissancerouge

    The smell of night

    Nocturne smells like a summer night to me. Dark, purple, stars, sweet fresh air...
  5. renaissancerouge

    Perfume to match songs?

    Yeah, me too, me too! I actually think that Nocturne smells like King Crimson's Walking on Air sounds, but it's the only oil that's smelled like a song to me so far. I'd love to find one that smells like Minor Swing by Django Reinhardt or Ma Vie En Rose by Edith Piaf. My sister slathered the Bon Vivant before an awesome Sonic Youth concert, so I associate Sister rather strongly with that scent, but it doesn't encapsulate the song. Really, unless a scent is named after the song, it's going to be hard to recreate the synaesthesia needed to pull a Nocturne. It summoned up a poignant time in my life, and the soundtrack was Walking on Air.
  6. renaissancerouge

    Belle Époque

    Dios mio. Wow. This is so much more amazing than even I expected, and I'm eternally optimistic about scents. Belle Epoque is gorgeous and perfect on me. After reading reviews calling it "soapy" and "light" I was a little apprehensive, but it does exactly what I wanted it to. In the bottle: Hard to detect. Wet: Opium, lemon, oranges, musk, sandalwood Settled down: Opium, more citrus, lily-of-the-valley Up to three hours later: Soft but still evident lily with opium and a hint of citrus I ordered a 10ml unsniffed for the name alone, and I love it. It smells sunny, Mediterranean, sophisticated, and just plain happy. Perfect for summer.
  7. renaissancerouge


    On me, Catherine is nice and simple- a sharply herbal rose that softens to orange blossom and rosemary. I like the old recipe and the story behind it, and it smells very classic; I once made my own eau de cologne with vodka and fresh herbs and flowers that smelled very similar to this. Catherine puts me in mind of summers past. Comforting and simple, but not for those who don't like roses or rosemary since they dominate this blend. This is fresh and antiseptic for the first few minutes and is perfect for hot days.
  8. renaissancerouge

    Mata Hari

    Holy huckleberries, Mata Hari nearly gave me a heart attack. After waiting so long for this one, so greedily anticipating its sophisticated and artful fumes, I finally got my order yesterday. As soon as I opened Mata, my heart stopped and my eyes teared up. There was no swanky cabaret, rose-petal strewn Paris hotel room, coffeehouse cachet...there was only Wicked. Wicked is my least favorite oil through no one's fault but my own. I think it's the jasmine/rose combo, and it's my misfortune to have categorized jasmine as "the smell of regret" during my angsty first year of college when I impressed its odor on my subconscious via an injudicious use of Crabtree and Evelyn's Jasmine Eau de Toilette. Wicked dredges up all that and more, also being possessed of a feral quality I can't really stand. However, I was strong, and put a drop of Mata Hari on my arm, scrupulously not sniffing till it had chilled out for awhile. Imagine my utter glee fifteen minutes later when the jaz/rose had made way for sweet coffee, vanilla-ish tonka, and the soaring medicinal floral notes of Sacred Whore of Babylon!! I am relieved and delighted that I took a chance on another winner. The coffee/wood notes are balanced perfectly with the calmed-down florals, in a warmer and richer version of one of my favorite oils.
  9. renaissancerouge

    Breezy/Outdoorsy Scents

    Dude, If you haven't tried Yggdrasil, it's a must. It's fresh and outdoorsy, but morphs into WOMANLY, fresh, and outdoorsy on me. It starts fairly clean and herbal, but the transformation to slightly sexy and wood-nymphy is fantastic. I also recommend: Empyreal Mist- like floating into the clouds on Snuggle the Bear's back Undertow- watery, ozoney, lightning in the distance, lotuses braving a storm Bewitched/Rosalind- berries and grass after soft rain
  10. Hi, If you like light and herby, don't miss Hemlock, Belladonna, or Wolfsbane. All are very green, airy, and astringent, which is to be expected as all are named after herbs. These are so light and green I wasn't able to think of them as perfumes, so my personal preferences for light oils are: Undertow- lotus, ozone, green things Zombi- earth, oakmoss, dried roses Rosalind- green grass Empyreal Mist- aquatic citrus and herbs Hope that helps
  11. renaissancerouge

    The search for the perfect Violet....

    frozenviolets- I believe there once was a violet single note, but don't quote me on that, it might have been lilac. Anyhoo, I already put my foot in my mouth by saying Kumiho was discontinued when it isn't- so the only thing you can trust me on is my good intentions!
  12. Siren is extremely naughty, too. It's very lush and long-lasting as well.
  13. renaissancerouge


    My mom has Hunger, which I shamelessly slather myself in when I'm at home. I love it because I'm not a citrus kind of nose, but this isn't a straightforward fruit. I love the color first of all, and the thickness, and when I wear it it becomes this rich golden chorus of warm notes that stays very true. Mandarin-y goodness grounded with the amber-like warmth of the black narcissus/vanilla combo. Very very nice, reminds me of summertime at the folks'.
  14. renaissancerouge

    The search for the perfect Violet....

    Hi Melpomene Nocturne isn't my second favorite oil for no reason! I can't believe it doesn't get more love on the forum. The description includes the word "somber", but I don't get that at all. I get sweet, dreamy, wistful, summer-nights-in-the-woods-wearing-diaphanous-blue-silk, but there's nothing sad about this scent. I think it's the perfect violet for me (although I haven't tried the Single Note because I find the blends more evocative and splendid) because of the addition of dripping sugary tuberose. Anyhoo, if that's not your bag, and it sounds like you've tried a few, I second Veil and Queen Gertrude. Veil is a gorgeous violet because of the addition of sandalwood and other less sweet flowers, and Gertrude is a lovely softer violet- swaying with the wind like the character. I love how Elizabeth blends different notes because you can learn to identify them and the other notes that show them off and complement them to perfection. The addiction will never end.
  15. renaissancerouge

    Scents for late summer into autumn

    Hey there, I love late summer more than just about anything- depending on which state I'm in there are either dusky sunsets, blistering heat, thunderstorms whipping around lush dark green foliage, or cool nights with doomed cicadas. For that reason, I have a variety of recommendations: Athens- warm honey sun shining through a glass of red wine Black Dahlia- cool, vivacious blossoms with a hint of coconut (for the hot times, this is my sister's signature scent and it always reminds me of summer in Annapolis) Undertow- wet summer storms Nyx- musky, floral late night summers The Hesperides- sweet golden apples, perfect for anticipating a fall harvest while still gamboling like a fawn in summer fields. I hope that was florid and pretentious enough, and happy searching!