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  1. If I put on Amaterasu v3...I can fill up a room with vanilla amber sex like any sun goddess should. All day long too... In fact, the wrists of my coats smell like Ammy for weeks after I wear her.
  2. VixenArgentum


    I bought this bottle off of somebody on a whim, and boy am I glad that I did! In the bottle it smelled very green to me without any real warmth to it, so I was nervous at first. As soon as it touched my skin, I smelled the honeysuckle and something that smelled exactly like burnt peanuts...which didn't reassure me any more than before. O_o It was beginning to look like one for the swap pile. But then, after the 5 minute mark, MAGIC! Pachouli and honeyed leather front-and-center, with the vanilla just sort of rounding off the warmth. I'm not entirely sure what sarsaparilla smells like, but if I use my nose to fill in the blanks, I think it's something I like. <3 As the hours move on, the vanilla becomes stronger. This scent doesn't have a very high throw on me and I burn through it fast, but the extra applications are worth it. I just have to wait the 5 short minutes for the bizarre peanut smell to disappear and then I can go about my day! What a lovely, quirky oil!