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  1. LyndaM


    Solemn, formal lily with a touch of rose, as perceived through a light clean mist. This blend is beyond lovely. Very delicate, drying with just a hint of soft powder. I found that it doesn't have much sillage, but lasts for longer than average on my skin. This would be ideal for a light spring/summer scent on appropriate occasions - I think it would be nearly impossible to offend others with this fragrance. Also, it would make a great BPAL gateway for any mainstream, light floral loving friends.
  2. LyndaM

    Van Van

    Sweet, smoky...lemon cake? If this is indeed lemon, it is the only lemon note I have ever liked in the entire catalogue. I can't even deal with Dorian; too lemony. This is fascinating and unusual and I really like it. I can't speak for its' effectiveness as a voodoo oil, but it sure gives me a lift!
  3. LyndaM

    The Red Queen

    I can't believe I never reviewed this! Perhaps it's for the best, though. This was in my very first imp pack, in summer 2005. It...confused me. I wasn't at all accustomed to BPAL; many of the blends seemed just too odd or outside the mainstream for me to wear. This was not what I thought of, at that time, as perfume. The notes (of which I am now ashamed) from my first attempt mention gaggy fake cherry and with chemical furniture polish. I recently got a frimp of Red Queen, and gave it another go. Like so many other BPALs I rejected back then, I have grown into this with a vengeance. Now, I perceive The Red Queen as smelling of deep, sticky-rich cherry syrup drizzled over dark exotic woods - distinctive and different in the best possible way. I'm ordering a bottle for this coming autumn.
  4. LyndaM

    Three Brides

    A creamy, somewhat spicy floral that dries down to a sweet ambery base. A memory of the florals lingers into the drydown, with just a touch of the sandalwood, grounding the scent so it doesn't fly away. Well balanced; none of the notes really steal the stage from the others. The rose is barely a whisper, the carnation, lily and orchid blend with it to make a single outstanding floral accord. The mandarin isn't really noticeable, it just adds a delightful juicy sparkle. I combined this with a good quality perfumers alcohol to make a spray parfum, and was rewarded with much better sillage. A spray diffused the scent very effectively, opening it up and highlighting the complexities. I recommend it for all BPAL fragrances. The only negative is that I spray more scent than I would apply in oil form, and go through bottles more quickly! This is classy and timeless, pretty and wearable. Suitable for all ages. It is more similar to a commercial perfume than most of the lab's offerings, but SO easy to wear. This would take you anywhere, excellent for every day (though you might want to go with something a bit darker for night). I can't say enough good things about Three Brides, and I have been wearing it so often that I will soon need another bottle. This would be a good gateway, a seductive introduction to BPAL for friends who wear commercial perfumes and fear the lab is too 'dark'. I think it is the best of the Salons I have sampled so far, and a new BPAL favorite overall. This would find success in the mainstream market.
  5. LyndaM


    Thick and sweet honey close to the skin, with a delightfully edible throw. Once dry, a bit of the oak comes out, grounding the sweetness and (I believe) increasing the longevity. It is a lighter honey than the one in O, and I suspect more wearable for those who find O to be too much. This is beautiful, and very sensual. I felt edible! My husband loves it. I'll be getting a bottle with my next order.
  6. LyndaM

    The King of Hearts

    This is a very interesting and complex scent. Cherry, sexy musk, lavender and faint rose. The lavender makes it just a tad medicinal for my taste; but I can see this scent becoming a lovely and unusual signature for the right woman.
  7. LyndaM

    The Knave of Hearts

    On me, this smelled of sweet, very buttery cake batter, then light and fruity roses. Not one that I will wear often, but perfect for a spring day, or when you just want something pretty and playful.
  8. LyndaM


    This years' Samhain is wonderful! It started out woodsy/foresty, quickly developed an apple note, then morphed to a highly spiced apple cider with just a touch of pumpkin on drydown. I can just barely detect the patchouli grounding it, so this Samhain is not a patchouli heavy scent. I'm ordering another bottle. I'll be going through this one in the next couple of months.
  9. LyndaM


    Love it! Dark patchouli smoothed out with dry coconut, and the barest hint of sweetness from the benzoin. Perfect autumn scent. This really smells wonderful to/on me; it just works with my chemistry. An instant favorite...I just wish now that I'd followed my first instinct and ordered a bottle instead of an imp!
  10. LyndaM

    Midnight Kiss

    Extremely sweet wine/fruit note up top. I agree with those who made Bordello comparisons. Oddly, I seem to get a whiff of baby aspirin as well. Luckily as it dries down I get more of the red musk, amber and patch I had hoped for. I really like this stage, but I don't think I care much for the wine note. No matter, I do think this will be very popular! The girls/guys who can wear wine are going to love it.
  11. LyndaM

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    51 = Alien by Thierry Mugler. Haunted = Shalimar edp
  12. LyndaM


    I should have loved this, based on the notes. Somehow, it turned into heavy viscous pine and patchouli as soon as I applied it, and gave me a headache. It is very strong and long lasting. I'll keep the imp and give it another try in a week or so. Maybe it's too fresh and needs a little time to come together.
  13. LyndaM


    I love Haunted, to me it smells like all the best parts of Shalimar edp, right down to the faint citrus in the opening and the animalic/vanillic drydown. Dark, slightly sweet and sexy. More please!
  14. LyndaM

    Black Forest

    This one reminded me of winter and Christmas. It started off all pine, warming up to Christmas trees and sleeping dogs by a fire. Not something I'll wear often, but I am intrigued by it. I'll keep the imp and most likely use it for a room scent this autumn.
  15. LyndaM


    Strooong artificial lemon when first applied and right through drydown. I was dying to get some of the resins, incense and wonderful scents others are reporting here, but my skin ran with the lemon. Hours and hours later, the faintest breath of scent left on my skin is really lovely. The lemon finally gave up, and left a dry incence. Unfortunately, it is now almost too faint to smell. Cairo is just not for me.