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  1. amberbella

    Harvest Moon 2004

    In the bottle: I'm getting the smell of an old movie theatre....in such a good way. Hubby, however, insists on vinegar, if you can believe that. I just keep smelling movie theatre...buttered popcorn, old candy, spilled soda. I love the idea of my house smelling like that so I'm planning on trying it out as a room scent. As others have said, it fades on skin quickly.
  2. amberbella

    The Best Scents for Home, a Room, the Car...

    I really like Whitechapel in my car.
  3. I used to wear Amber Romance daily. Kind of a signature scent....mostly just because we share the name. I haven't really found a BPAL scent that is very similar. I personally can't really wear O and don't see a similarity to Amber Romance. Honestly...if I had to pick the BPAL that suited Amber Romance best I'd have to say Old Morocco. They have a similar warmth and sweetness. Of the ones you listed, I really smell no resemblence. I think that the reason is that "Amber Romance" doesn't really have an authentic amber smell to it.
  4. amberbella

    Chaos Theory

    Each bottle of Chaos Theory is truly unique, a fragrant fractal, and exercise in the joy of chance and uncertainty! Each is a one-of-a-kind, utterly random combination of scents, the composition of which is based on whim, mood and gut instinct. Each bottle is numbered, and comes with a small parchment certificate. Wow...do I get to be the first to review my Chaos Theory? How neat! My bottle is Chaos Theory XXXVII Let me just say....Beth outdid herself with my Chaos Theory. I LOVE it. It's so delicate and beautiful....not at all what I was expecting, but I'm so pleased. I'm really sad that I only have the 5ml of it...I'm sure I will use it all and want more. Mine is sort of what I might expect to smell if I mixed Endymion with Old Morocco and Pele...cept, it's not quite floral as Endymion. I'm fairly certain I smell white musk...but that's the only note I can distinctly detect (and I might even be wrong about that one.) It has a wistful, ladylike feel to it. If it were a fabric it would be lace...maybe very sheer silky gauze. It's got a warm tone to it that made me think it would be perfect for Winter...but now that it's dried I can definately see wearing it in Spring as well. Color....white...absolutely white. I detected cinnamon briefly, but not at all now. Hope hubby likes it cause I think it's going to be my new signature scent (for as long as it will last). Looking forward to seeing what others are like. ETA: Hubby came home tonight, sniffed my neck and said "Mmmmmm!" He likes it! Woo Hoo! So glad I got it....so sad I can't get more.
  5. amberbella

    Moon Rose

    OH MY GOD!!! This is it! I've been so nostalgic recently pining for an old perfume I used to wear. Le Fleurs (or something like that) by Coty... Wet, this is it. It's beautiful! It dries so much fresher than my old favorite did, but I love it. (so far) This is my favorite of Beth's rose scents so far...though I am far from having tried them all. It's just so pretty....pink and lovely. Hope it stays like this and doesn't turn to bug spray on me like Old London did.
  6. amberbella

    Black Phoenix

    My chemistry killed this one. I'm so sad because I loved the smell of it in the vial (I love that almond smell). Smelled good on me for about 30 seconds and then something funky happened and it started smelling dusty, sharp and spikey...then the headache and turning stomach began. Had to was this one off. So sad.
  7. amberbella

    March Hare

    I had been avoiding any scents with clove in it like the plague...now I'm wondering why. I hate the taste and smell of clove, but aparently mixed with apricot, clove isn't half bad. This one reminds me so much of a specific scratch and sniff sticker from my childhood. I can't remember which one, but I get this very distinct scratch and sniff vibe from it. I don't know if I'll wear this much, but it certainly is a fun one.
  8. amberbella

    Rose Recommendations - which blend is for me?

    I'm going to put my vote in for Viola...that's a nice warm powdery rose on me. Not really spicy, but warm.
  9. amberbella

    Scents with almonds?

    I have to disagree....I think they are a lot like almond extract, but I LOVE the smell of almond extract. To me it's a sweeter version of almond extract as almond extract can be somewhat bitter and the almond in the perfumes isn't at all bitter.
  10. amberbella

    Are custom scents available?

    Yes it does...I can't wait either.
  11. amberbella


    Got this in a swap and it's beautiful. It's the gentleman's scent I was looking for for hubby....not a dirty manly, but a fresh, confident, clean manly. I love it....but sadly hubby smelled it (on me) and said "eh". ARGH!!!! Perhaps he'll like it better on him. You can bet he IS going to try it. I'll add more when hubby has a chance to wear it.
  12. amberbella


    I too got the mysterious non-existant Cedar note. Infact, this was all cedar on me. I hate cedar. Oh well....too bad I don't know which note was doing that "cedar" thing, I assume it's the patcholi since I remember not liking patcholi, but since I have no idea what Ambergris smells like, it could be that I suppose. Into the swap list it goes. Oh well.
  13. amberbella

    How do you apply your BPAL oils?

    I think I'll have to get some dram bottles for that purpose. I have been carrying round imps, but I think I would feel safer carrying around oils in a container with a screw top.
  14. amberbella


    Oh, Viola, how I love thee. Of all the rose scents I've tried so far, this is my very favorite. I think it's the amber that makes this rose wearable for me. This one is so pretty, floral, and soft. It is an absolutely round and full scent. Another of those scents calming enough for me to wear to bed. This one is a definate keeper and a big bottle must.
  15. amberbella

    Are custom scents available?

    I've decided I really want one and will probably do it this summer. It just sounds like an interesting process and it would be lovely to do something this nice for myself.