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    I have a profound interest in fiber arts: knitting and spinning. I like to say I love sewing, but I have not had the time for it and have not spend the free time I have on it (still love it though).<br /><br />Besides BPAL, I have a strong fondness for LUSH, trying to learn slowly how to make my own tolietries, reading, watching a good movie, and loose leaf tea.<br /><br />Right now I am in school and busier (and happier) than ever! I do most my BPAL sampling over the books and it really breaks up the monotomy of sitting at my desk at night! Coffee and BPAL, what else could a girl ask for!
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    What I love: Myrrh works very well on me. I have had good luck with creamy, vanilla based scents. Also, I love sparkling fruits, light florals, chocolates, exotic blends and some spicy scents. I LOVE BPAL's Pumpkin. I will ammend as I try more. Some of my favorite scents inclue Regan, The Hesperides, Antique Lace, Snow White, Dana O'Shee, Bewitched, Athens, Bliss, Jack, Eden (I have several more favorites, but this is a good start). What does not work on me: Jasmine! Patchouli goes a little too dominant on me, but I will still try it.


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  1. niter

    Frumious Bandersnatch

    Imp I think I bought this partially because of how fun it is to say bandersnatch! When I sniff this, I think dark, gooey spiced plum pie and country craft/candle stores. It is very dark and spicy. Wet Wet, this maintains that thick, lingering spice reminiscent of a mulled berry/fruit country candle. Dry This blend rounded out quite nicely. It is spicy like a candle/country store, but it is a GOOD spicey. Mulled autumn plums and the softest touch of florals. Carnation wears so well on me (along with plum) and I think I will not be letting this one go to soon.
  2. niter


    Imp This is fruity with a twinge to it. There is a floral note I have smelt before but I cannot place right now. This mix is bright. Wet This is extremely bright and clean (but not in a white flower way). The blend is sharp and crisp and reminds me of hardy yellow and orange flowers. The fruit notes I pick up smell like citrus fruit rinds. Orange zest? Dry This resulted in a very crisp, clean scent. Not soapy clean, but the clean of freshly washed laundry. There is a sweet zesty edge to the blend. Overall, this seems like a very bright day with blue skies and cumulus clouds. A hour after it dried, it broke into an even more gorgeous blend. It has a bright, but subtle, floral tone to it and then a delicate hint of the previous zest. WOW.
  3. niter

    Night's Pavilion

    Imp Very white and pure with the softest touch of religious incense. Wet This starts out extremely clean and strong of lily. Dry What started out quite prettily has rapidly changed to soap and wears very softly. It is not a bad soapy scent on me, just rather muted from what it started out to be. Some florals do this on me.
  4. niter


    Imp This does smell dark, heavy, and lazy. The myrrh is a much darker myrrh than I am familiar with and the vetiver keeps the mix thick. Wet The vetiver is *VERY* dark and heavy. It is so dark that I could almost cough off of its ability to choke the light and air from the room. Dry This has a very strong throw and staying power. It is suffocating and so very dark.
  5. niter


    Imp The banana smell is a bit offsettling, but the coconut and the pinapple are very fun smelling. I cannot pick up the other notes yet. Wet Ooh! Surprise! The apple note is pressed to the top of the blend. I can pick up the chili pepper for a unique spiced apple. The pomegranate is quick to rise and this smells as a dark, spiced blend with an exotic flavor. The banana, thankfully, is *very* faint. Dry There are so many elements I love in this blend: the apple, the pepper, the pomegranate, the pineapple. Sadly, though, the banana is still there. While the banana works extremely well with this blend, I am just personally not a fan of banana often. Though I know this one does not work for me, I appreciate its fullness, complexitiy, and the excellence in blending and I highly recommend it for a try.
  6. niter

    The Mock Turtle's Lessons

    Imp From the imp, this is a light, fresh blend. The tart apple is most evident but it is nicely matched with gentle florals and other very whitish scents. I am surprised I cannot catch the mint from the get go. Wet Ah. Now there is the mint. It is a gentle mint, though. It is not the strong, powerful mint of Cathode and Envy. In light of the many other mints, this one is almost delicate. Also, it is quite pretty and fresh. The mint remains dominant, but I can start catching the other notes peeking out from behind it. Dry Incredible. This starts out very lovely, but very soft. When it dried, there was perfect harmony with all the notes and the result is one of the most delicately beautiful blends I have tried. I think what I smell the most now is the ambrette and iris, but the green apple and mint are closely after them. I can catch just a hint of the mint—exactly the way I love it. This also has fantastic staying power on me. I have had it on for hours and it still is going “stong” (but in the most soft, delicate way it possibly).
  7. niter


    Imp Soft florals resting upon the subtlest of peach notes and a base of cream. Wet I really enjoy the soft peach scent. It is not a cloying or overwhelming peach. Wet, the blend is already well mixed and each note favors the next. Dry This proved to be a gorgeous, subtle blend of florals and peach. I adored it, but found it did not persist as long as I would have hoped for.
  8. niter


    Imp Cedar overwhelms the nose, but it is a good cedar note. Wet Wow. The cedar (for a change on me) is tempered by something amazing. No clue what that is though. Dry Well that amazing thing never had a chance. The cedar ate it up and then lit itself on fire. This smells like a burnt hamster cage on me and I am left wondering what happened!
  9. niter


    Imp Mmm. This is sexy, warm and has the subtle hint of orange blossoms on the after scent. Wet Wet, the sweet scent of fresh oranges and orange blossom permeates my nose. Dry This blend results in a soft orange and floral blend resting on a soft vanilla note. The vanilla makes the mix very warm and sexy and the flowers add a gentile quality it. This is a very pretty blend.
  10. niter


    Imp This is very intriguing. I smell dark woods and vetiver, effervescent lime, and a thickness I can only think is from the myrrh, vanilla, and almond. Wet I cannot keep sniffing this. It is mysterious (not because of the name, but because I cannot figure out *what* this is). HA! Jewelbug mentioned it smelt like cherry coke wet, and indeed it does! I knew I smelt that scent before! Dry After some time, the cherry cola scent mellowed and a masculine, woodsy blend moved in. This is a very good man scent, and I think I will try this on the husband to decide if I want to let it go or not.
  11. niter

    Queen Gertrude

    Imp The violet and the chrysanthemum are the most potent scents I can pick out from the imp. Wet I am a big fan of the violet blends, but this one is a very heady violet. Still, it is pretty. I hope it softens a bit to permit the other floral notes to develop. Dry How strange! For all the throw this had wet, I would have thought it would have lasted. This was gone within 30 minutes and only left a very soft velvet touch behind.
  12. niter


    Imp Wow. This is scent is burnt timber and ashes, pine needles, and astringent sap all in breath. This is strong and *very* woodsy. Wet Upon my wrist, this blend is the scent of fallen autumn leaves underfoot after a strong rain. It is thick with the scent of soaked, naked trees and a hazy mist over the remaining green conifers. Dry I am not sure I plan to wear this blend ever, but how can I part with it? It captures perfectly a very dear sentiment of autumn for me. On campus (where it seems I have been spending my twenties) there is a pond with a tree lined path…in the autumn, there is always those days when you walk on it and the steam is rising off the pond and pavement and the path is thick with fog and wet autumn smells.
  13. niter


    Imp The lightness of this blends is rapidly occluded by the vetivert…there is an acrid note that has the eerie quality of oozne, but smells nothing like it. Wet The darker quality of the vetivert is unsettling. It is very murky and strange on the nose. It is a very dominating note and unsettling. Dry This became quickly the rubbery scent of a tire swing. This is a bit too harsh for me. It does make me feel edgy like before a storm, but it lacks the exquisite calm before the storm when you feel alive, embracing the wind.
  14. niter


    Imp Apricots, flowers, and plum! Very feminine. Wet The apricot note dominates this blend and initially only permits the plum and floral notes to flit in and out. After a bit, the plum note increases its intensity and both pitted fruits dominate the blend. The musk notes are ever present in the background softly. Dry This dries down to a very pretty blend of apricot and plum. As always, Beth’s plum note is gorgeous. While I enjoyed this blend tremendously, I have several plum blends that I prefer with more complexity on my skin. Still, I highly recommend trying this one if you are a fan of plum.
  15. niter

    The Apothecary

    Imp From the imp, this blend starts out very herbal, green, and refreshing. The ginger gives the mix a very bright characteristic and I suspect the fig, though hidden for now, well provide a lovely base. Wet Upon my skin, the fig is the first note I pick up. It is rich and quickly accented by the strong herbal notes and ginger. The herbal notes have the combined strength of citrus notes but are so well blended it is impossible to distinguish them past a bouquet. Dry The notes meld very well in the final blends…the ginger dominates and is tempered by both the fig and the bright herbal notes. I find the overall characteristic of this mix to be fun, green, and intriguing.