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  1. Dulci


    sniffed from the imp: marzipan! uhoh, I got sick on marzipan as a kid. I trust in the magic of BPAL and apply it anyway. upon application: Rose! no more marzipan. :whew: Wet, it reminds me somewhat of that old Indian Money House Blessing spray that we used to keep in the glovebox. Not a bad thing! a little later: the sandalwood is peeking out. and spices. Clove and orange peel, one of my absolute favorites! Rose drops back. Very faint now though, and it's only been an hour... even more later: faint, sweet spicy. I like that it is not a strong cloud of scent, that I can sniff it only when I want to. This is a keeper.
  2. Dulci

    What scents are masculine? Gender-neutral?

    I am loving Baron Samedi on my husband. Spicy, masculine Bay Rum.
  3. Dulci

    Cheshire Cat

    sniffed from the imp: Sharp lavender! and then dusty chamomile. Waah, no fruit for me. upon application: wow, this is weird, each wrist smells different! Different florally notes that I can't identify on one wrist, musk on the other. I'm putting more on... a little later: ok, now I'm getting some berry + musk + floral action. I can't detect the lavender or chamomile notes now, they must have blended. And I don't recall that my delphiniums ever had any scent, maybe that is part of it. Heh, I must have sniffed too deeply because now I taste musk in the back of my throat and I sneezed. much later: sweet lovely musky floral, not powdery at all. I never detected any grapefruit or citrus at all, and the berry was fleeting. I like this a lot! I am also going to test it again when I'm not on my period.
  4. Dulci

    Baron Samedi

    A notorious voodoo priest, who eventually rose to become one of the funereal Guédés, alongside Baron Cimitère and Baron La Croix. He is a Guardian of the Crossroads: the pathways between our world and the realm of the spirits. As a Master of the Graveyard, he ensures that burial rites are performed with skill, and he helps ferry souls to the dark realm. In his honor, we have created this scent: our spin on traditional Bay Rum. Sniffed from the imp, Almond! Upon application, lovely Clove and Bay and something else, I don't know what it is. I don't smell Almond now, but it must be there somewhere. This is so close to the scent I've been trying to duplicate for years, "Jamaican Bay Rum & Spices." All it needs is a little touch of citrus peel... This is verrrry nice, I keep inhaling deeply, I just *love* a good Bay Rum. I'm going to put this on my Beloved Husband tonight and see what happens!
  5. Dulci


    This was one of Elizabeth's gifts to me, and as I lived in Cairo for 5 years I was very pleased and excited to receive this one. At first: Lemon/lemongrass? something citrusy on top of other notes I'm not educated enough to identify. As it matured, I smell hot stone and taste incense smoke in the back of my throat. Not exactly incense smoke like cone or stick incense, but like the loose incense mixes made of mysterious sticky lumps of rosins and bright red seeds that the goodwives of Cairo would burn in their brass braziers on Friday mornings. After about an hour it faded to a lovely soft sweet scent with some citrus in the background if I breath deeply enough. I like it a lot!
  6. Dulci

    Snake Oil

    By far, our most popular scent! Magnetic, mysterious, and exceedingly sexual in nature. A blend of exotic Indonesian oils sugared with vanilla. YES! Play-Doh was what I got too as the day went on. I was right in the middle of my period though, so I'm going to wait and try it again and again.
  7. Dulci

    New team helper

    Glad you're here!
  8. thank you all so much for your advice, I really appreciate it. Many of your recommendations were already on my list-of-must-have-next (Snake Oil, Endymion, Desdemona) so we can try them together ; I've got Old Morrocco on the way; Zephyr sounds like something I'd like! and twistygirl, the voodoo blends idea is brilliant! I had looked at those earlier, but they didn't stick in my head because there were no notes listed. I remember Van Van got lots of good reviews though... Again, thanks so much for helping me narrow down the choices. I'm off to read the reviews!
  9. The girl I'm thinking about is 13, (Sagittarius) and just on the brink of menarch. She's in that coltish, gangly arms & legs don't fit stage. She is shy but moody, sweet but also quick tempered and could really use some confidence in herself. I also want to protect her from all the bad things out there, because the girl is my daughter. Are any of these oils appropriate for a young teen?