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    adult swim, alfandria muck, anime, art trades, asian dragons, bats, besm, bettas, big eyes small mouth, blackberries, bones, bust a move, bust-a-move, cannibal: the musical, carebears, cat ears, cat hats, cat headbands, chaoticmux, cheapass games, cheshire cat, conventions, corvids, costuming, crafting, crafts, crows, csi, dead alive, decay, digital art, digitally imported, disney villains, disturbed, diy, draconity, dragon art, dragon half, dragons, engrish, fantasy, feathers, fleece hats, fountains, fresh air, fursuiting, fursuits, geocaching, ghost in the shell, goa, goa trance, green, griffins, griffons, gryphons, hematite, hemp, hemp necklaces, incense, kittens, kitties, maleficent, maly hats, maskmaking, masks, mlp, moon, my little pony, nag champa, northwest, nyan nyan nyanko, parasites, peaches, pets, photoshop, polearms, psytrance, puget sound, rain, rats, ravens, roman dirge, sarah brightman, sculpting, seattle, siamese cats, skulls, sleeping, solitaire, spirituality, stitch & bitch, supernatural, surprise by design, tartar sauce, taxidermy, techno, tetris, the black drop, the moon, the slayers, tool, trading spaces, trance, vanilla, veil tails, voltaire, washington, waterfalls, whatcom falls, while you were out, white chocolate, wind, wings, winter, zodiac, zombies, zoolander,
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    I was born right on the cusp between Capricorn and Aquarius. What does this mean? I'm interpreting it to mean that I'm tenaciously determined...to do whatever strikes my fancy. :)
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