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  1. StrangeSniffer

    Lemon, Lemon, Lemony Goodness

    If you can track it down, I recommend Bones Trombone. It has lemon meringue right in the description and having tested it myself I can say that its a pretty good lemon scent, with a touch of sweetness from the blueberry. "BONES TROMBONE Pie crust, smears of blueberry marshmallow cream and lemon meringue, and hemlock."
  2. StrangeSniffer


    This scent really fits its name, as I can't imagine the seething girl eyeing that new dress of yours from across the room wearing anything else. For me, its not that longing, aching type of envy. Its a spiteful, bitter person who wants everything that isn't there's. Wet on my skin, this smells like trampled grass and mint leaves, with the tiniest bit of lavender peeking through. I can just barely smell the lime. I think its because it plays so nicely with the other notes, giving the scent that bite without being too overpowering. Dry, the lavender comes to the forefront, followed closely by the mint. The grass and lime seems to have disappeared altogether. A very pleasant scent with a dark reminder to enjoy what you have, lest you turn into the green-eyed monster!
  3. StrangeSniffer

    The Glittering Apple Of The Stars

    This scent does have a very light, airy quality to it. I can't seem to smell alot of apple in this blend, catching only whiffs of it here and there. That's fine by me, because I love this scent all the same.
  4. StrangeSniffer

    The Black Apple Of Saturn

    I think this one is my favorite of all the apples. In the bottle, you can definitely smell the apple. I can pick out the black musk, and there's a bit of smoke that I'm guessing is the myrrh? Wet on my skin this is a beautiful smokey, woodsy apple scent. Its almost borderline spicy to my nose. On the dry-down however, the apple does take a backseat to the other notes, which isn't too bad because they certainly make up for it. I agree with the other reviewers when they say that its very dry, fall scent.
  5. StrangeSniffer

    Lady MacBeth

    This one is all grape jolly ranchers on me.... O.o
  6. StrangeSniffer

    The Red Queen

    In the imp: Cherries! <3 Wet: Wow! These are real cherries folks, not the candy store type. There is a hint of wood in the background, but it seems to mesh pretty well with the cherries. Drydown: This scent seems like it can't make up its mind on my skin. I thought it was all over for the cherries when they took a back-seat on the dry-down, but lo and behold a minute or two later the cherries seem to jump right back to the fore-front! Then it went back to cherry-scented wood. The cherries do, however, become a tad artificial smelling the more it dries, but thats fine by me. Didn't think I'd be a big fan of this one, but overall, I love it. I can't stop smelling my wrists.
  7. StrangeSniffer

    All In The Golden Afternoon

    This was a one of the very generously given freebies that came packaged with one of my orders. I'm very glad it was, as I would have probably never have ordered it other-wise looking at the notes, it doesn't seem like a scent that would be very appealing to me. While my nose can't seem to pick out the individual notes, I have to say that this is a scent thats definetly worth a sniff! It is a very warm, and comforting scent in my opinion. Strangely enough, it seems to have an uplifting effect for whenever I find myself in a down mood, as my memory seems to tie it to the image of a lazy august evening, laying on the grass in the last rays of the sun with a warm, gentle breeze blowing. It starts off a bright and somewhat vibrant scent on my skin, then slowly simmers down to a warm glow. If you're up for a warm, fruity, "golden" scent, then this is probably the one for you.
  8. StrangeSniffer

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    I very much agree with you on the Caliban for Kisame, if not a tad too sweet smelling for his tough character. I could totally see him smelling like how you described though.
  9. StrangeSniffer

    Bones Trombone

    In bottle: Sickly sweet, ugh. Wet: Whew, lots of lemon! It's almost borderline pledge here, I really hope the blueberry fluff will come out to play soon, I truely do. Drydown: Huzzah~! Bye, bye pledge! The lemon scent is shoved aside, becoming sweet blueberry pie with a graham cracker crust and a touch of hemlock. This is for certain something I like alot more on it's drydown phase than wet. Overall, I'm very grateful my body chemistry decided to cut this scent a break and let it work the way I'd hoped it would. As with Knockout Drops, I can't stop smelling my wrist. I put one scent on each wrist for testing and now i'm sniffing both like a madwoman. Second bottle please!
  10. StrangeSniffer

    Knockout Drops

    In Bottle: White mint and chocolate, a touch of absinte. Yummy. Wet: White mint seems to stand out the most, backed up by the lemon and absinthe, with just enough vanilla and chocolate to make your mouth water. While i'm not too much of a vanilla person myself, with this blend i've made an exception. Normally anything containing vanilla for me just seems a little too overpowering and sweet, but the rest of the notes are truely just as active as the vanilla, working WITH it, and not FOR it. It also has a pretty decent throw. Drydown: The mint has disapeared, leaving only the warm, delicious smell of vanilla mixed with chocolate notes and a faint hint of absinthe. A nice scent, comforting and fuzzy. It doesn't have much throw on drydown for me, but I have a feeling it will be excellent for when i'm cuddled up next to my boyfriend under a nice blanket. I think I might end up getting a second bottle of this one. <3
  11. StrangeSniffer

    The Infernal Lover

    A creamy, sensual, honeyed red musk. This was my first LE bottle. I took a gamble on this by the description alone. I think I won this gamble. <3 In bottle: Holy red musk! A knock-you-out-of-your-socks smell for certain! Wet: Seeing as it was so strong, I decided to use it sparingly instead of just slathering it on myself as is my usual procedure. It was a good thing I did, the saying "Just a little dab will do ya." is definetly true for this one. For now, just pure red musk. Dry: The red musk seems to calm itself down, allowing the honey and cream to poke through. I like this alot more on drydown for certain. Overall: I'm in love with strong, powerful scents that refuse to be pushed around by my body chemistry. So this one was certainly worth the gamble. If it seems too strong, I suggest applying a little less, and give it a bit more time for the red musk to settle. I only wish I had had more money to buy a second bottle!
  12. StrangeSniffer

    Blood Rose

    After taking one whiff of this from my first order of imps, I fell madly and passionately in love with this scent. So much so, that I ended up buying a bottle. In bottle: Strong roses, with a splash of red wine. Wet: The rose is strong, as it usually is on my skin, but somehow the red wine manages to keep pace with it. Dragon's blood hasen't shown up just yet. Dry: Gorgeous is the only word to describe this on it's drydown for me. The dragon's blood adds that bit of smoke to push this from flirty, to downright seductive. And yet, despite the smoke, it still manages to keep a sweeter smell to it. Overall: <3
  13. StrangeSniffer

    Blood Countess

    In Imp: Juicy berries. <3 Wet: Still mostly berries, but the gardenia is making it's way to the forefront of this scent. It's very strong and vibrant, something I would have imagined Elizabeth to wear. I'm enjoying this scent greatly, and think it would be absolutely gorgeous on one of my close friends, if it wasen't for the fact she's allergic to gardenia. Dry: Ah, there's the rose. The opium is popping it's head out, now taking a backseat with the berries. Gardenia and rose are strongest, but not necessarily overpowering. Luckily for me, they seem to be mixing, not clashing, with each other. The vibrancy has died down, but still strong, taking an almost sinister turn into a more dark scent. Overall: Very nice, i'm very much a berry kind of girl, and the fact that my skin generally gets along with rose is a good thing. This is something I would wear again, maybe even buy a bottle of. If you like berries, this is a good scent to try.
  14. StrangeSniffer


    In Imp: No mistaking this smell, definetly roses and lily. Wet: Rose is very strong, with a hint of lily in the background, and the smell of what I might imagine mist floating above the wet grass of a graveyard to smell like. Strangely enough, this reminds me of something from my childhood. My mother is a florist and when we used to vist her when we were younger, the store smelled almost exactly like this. It makes me wonder if i'm recalling the smell of the flowers from the funeral arrangements... Dry: The mist has disappeared, and the lily is struggling to come through. It seems that this scent is one that is easily overpowered due to the amping power my skin gives to roses. Overall: A pleasant scent, but not one that i'd wear very often.