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    a little too imp-ulsive
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    Forest, Louisiana
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    United States

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    Amber, Vanilla, Musk and Tobacco are my favorite notes. I also love foody and reisin based perfumes. The only thing I really don't like is lotus because it smells rancid on me, but I continue to live in hope. :)


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    Virgo, deffinitely Virgo. *goes off to arrange and catalog bottles*
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  1. AngellicMystique

    Red Phoenix

    Smoky, but spicy and fruity. I know this will sound corny, but this is what I always imagined the incense burning next to the wise man in old Kung Fu movies smells like. This is a sweet and spicy scent that stays with me. It's very similar to the aroma I carry after being in the same room as burning incense.
  2. AngellicMystique


    At first, I wanted to cry. I put it on and this smell reminded me of the hangover the next morning more than anything else. I swear, it smelled like stale hairspray, flat champagne, and the nagging aroma reminding you that someone got sick in the living room at the party last night, but you just need to find it. In about 45 minutes, Stardust turned to Aquanet hairspray, expensive perfume, champagne, body glitter, and a hint of tobacco smoke. This is what I was expecting, but I'm not sure if I can deal with the lag between glamourous and gross.
  3. AngellicMystique

    Snow Angel

    This smells like sugared lemons with a fruity non-citrus undertone. The tea and flowers come out after a few minutes, and it stays a sweetened lemon and tea scent with light flowers in the background.
  4. AngellicMystique


    At first, this smells strongly of cardamom and bourbon on me, but after about 30 minutes, all I can smell is wet leather. It's a nice smell, but a little balls-out for daily wear. This lasted for a long time on my skin, so I'll probably wear it when I need to feel naughty or dominant.
  5. AngellicMystique


    This smelled like butter mints on me at first, but then the mint took over and it got a definite pencil shaving hint on me. This wasn't a good blend on me. I can only wear small amounts in my hair at one time. I really wanted to love it.
  6. AngellicMystique

    Lump of Coal

    This smells like the best brownie batter I've ever had. I love it, but I can't wear it too often. It's wonderful and very realistic. So realistic, that it makes my husband sick. #*%$!^@ chocolate allergy. *scowls*
  7. AngellicMystique


    The frankincense takes over on me, and the florals meld with it to give the idea of a pure love, bordering on holy reverence with definite lust mixed in.
  8. AngellicMystique


    The apricot and vanilla are so thick and sweet on me, they feel curdled, but the ginger adds a decisive bite to the scent. You want to go closer, knowing there are rocks underneath the waves.
  9. AngellicMystique


    This is a light, spicy floral on me. I like it, but none of the notes are distinctive enough on my skin to make Harlot a scent I'll wear often.
  10. AngellicMystique


    This is boozy, sweet, and seductive. This stays sweet and little fruity and a little floral, always showing a little leg, then taking it back. I love the smell, but it doesn't stay on my skin long. Thirty minutes after application, I couldn't even get a hint of it. This is a gorgeous blend, but I don't get any staying power from it.
  11. AngellicMystique


    The ambers are strong on me, but the florals stay very sweet and feminine. this is sexy and raw. It's the feeling of wearing fine jewelry, and nothing else.
  12. AngellicMystique


    The incense and ozone are divine, but it’s a positive smell for me, despite the description. The thick and heavy incense combines with the way air smells right after a close lightning strike.
  13. AngellicMystique


    Sharp, mildly citrus. It makes me think of midday, workers in the fields along the Nile.
  14. AngellicMystique


    I bought Eris as a gift, and just from sniffing the bottle before wrapping it, I know I don't really care for it. The blends was a little too chaotic for me. I smelled a sweet, fruity note that would have been wonderful if not for this underlying sour decay I kept catching.
  15. AngellicMystique


    This smells like my childhood in Louisiana, midsummer. My family had a fence row full of honeysuckle and buttercups and this smell just... sighs. The love... The jasmine seems like it played in somewhere, but I don’t remember any in the yard. I normally hate wearing strong floral smells, but The Lab has changed my mind.