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  1. Ilectra


    Just got an imp of this from the wonderful Tragedy and I sniffed it and yelled "mustard" so my hubby grabbed it and said "wait and min, Dijon" Sooo yeah this in the imp smelled just like Dijon Mustard. It made us hungry lol for MUSTARD! Not sure im ready to try this on skin yet, cant imagine smelling like mustard all day.
  2. Ilectra

    Candy Phoenix

    In the Bottle: Lush's Rock Star Soap in pure form. Wet on the skin: I almost passed out it made me so dizzy at first it was so strong and overwhelming. Drydown: Soft and sweet sugar with a real fruity warmth. Its sooo warm that Im not sure its gonna go over well in the summers here at 100 degrees daily. But as it sits it really lightens up to a beautiful blend of sweet sugar and pear(its got a real hint of freshness). I dont get the candy smell from this as much as just sugary, Its sweet but way more fruit then candy on me.