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  1. emiweebee

    Sacred Whore of Babylon

    Sacred Whore smells to me like honeysuckle. I like honeysuckle a lot, but unfortunately, that's ALL I can smell. None of the other notes, nothing. Just sweet flowers. Too simplistic for me.
  2. emiweebee


    Mph. I really wanted to like Numb. Early reviews excited me, and I ordered, only to fall upon the latter, soapy reviews. Numb smells like very light violets. It seems to be the predominant smell, although at the same time there is the soap smell. After wandering around outside, trying to get into the scent, I decided the "soapy" smell is actually some sharp spices lingering way in the background. If you really look for them, you can find them beneath the soap. However, that just seems like way too much work; I kept smelling soap, and would have to inhale deeply just to get a touch of the spice.
  3. emiweebee

    House of Mirrors

    Oof. I really was hoping for loads of amber, but this amber is all...well, yes, glass. Clear and watery and...meh, I'm just not feeling this perfume. It smells a lot like "real" perfumes that have watery ad campaigns. Off to the swap pile.
  4. emiweebee

    Hollywood Babylon

    Ooh, purr. I was drawn to this scent for two reasons: the gorgeous description, and because years of reading Francesca Lia Block as a teenager has destroyed me for anything relating to California, even though I've never been, nor even suspect I like the place much. So Hollywood Babylon was part of my first ever order of imps. Wow. I immediately opened the imp and spilled a bit. I'm terrible at small perfume bottles, but this was my first impression: my hands, my desk, my clothes, all over in strawberries. After wearing it for a while, I still get the incredible sweetness of the strawberries, but if I stick my nose right up to my wrist it's all musk, with just the tiniest bit of strawberry and cherry beneath it. I'm having a hard time picking out the other three notes (heliotrope, vanilla, amber), though that is probably largely due to an untrained nose. As a first pick, I'm in love. Rapturous, 5ml (at least) reorder love.