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  1. Nachtwulf


    I want to like this, I really do. But I'll be honest, all I'm getting from the imp is 'Yankee Candle'. Mind you, it's a nice, spicy candle that I wouldn't mind burning in the upcoming autumn chill, but it's still very.... Yankee Candle anyway. It's pleasant, kind of sweet, very spicy (enough that it's making my skin itch a little, though not burn or welt), and kind of alcoholic, but I can't deny a certain artificial quality to it all that is what's really making me think 'autumn-release candle shop product'. I'm going to blame the rum/alcohol for that, since it's also an impression I took from the Tiki Lounge blends... they all had that weird artificial quality that kind of ruined a lot of other good notes. It also doesn't seem very unique or distinct in itself. It's nice, yes, but like a lot of other things I've smelled.
  2. Okay so... apparently Receipt #2 was somehow preceding the actual ship notice. I guess it was just some kind of weird code/order processing hiccup that sent me a duplicate receipt. Panic over! Still, it was confusing, I have to say....
  3. I placed an order on 10/7. I got my receipt from the website at that time. However, today I just got an email saying 'Your order has been received and is being processed'. Uhhhh... I ordered a MONTH ago and just a day or two ago sent an email saying 'hey is my thing shipping maybe yet?' Did they like... totally lose my order and then only find it today? Am I going to be stuck waiting another month for my halloweenies? >_< I'm sorry, that really sucks, if so. I mean... jeez, I've been patient and all, but that's kind of absurd...
  4. Nachtwulf


    Aah, Stentor, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Well, when I first got it, I actually -didn't- like it. After a few days to apparently shake off some travel shock, however, it stopped being Vicks Vapo-Rub, and instead has become one of my all time fave blends. This is what I wanted "Numb" to be (which it very much wasn't). On first application, it's all winter-mint and menthol, somewhat astringent and sinus-clearing. As that eases off in the first few minutes, however, the other notes rise to the surface and make for a perfect, bracing, admittedly somewhat masculine scent. I don't get any champaca, much, and just the -bare- hint of lime (which is good because most lime seems to go icky and sour on me)... It's not a citrus blend at all. It's mint, and what I suspect is eucalyptus lurking unlisted, and the mellowing effects of 'some other stuff'. So very glad i took a chance on it, so sad that when/if I run out, getting more will be hard. Ah well, so it goes.
  5. Nachtwulf

    Toad Hall

    I took a random chance on this when it came up on ebay. Aquatics and me are not friends but... I loved Wind in the Willows and don't live anywhere NEAR Anaheim soooo...eh, why not. Thankfully, I escape any hint of 'lemon pledge' in this at all. It -is- aquatic, but either because it has different components than BPAL's other aquatic blends, or there's enough other stuff in there to kill it, it escapes turning into soap. It -is- rather 'wet' smelling, as one might expect from the waterfront manor of Mr. Toad, with the aforementioned golden wood notes taking the edge off it. If I had to pick a word to describe it, it would be 'dapper'. This is very definitely a 'dapper' scent. I don't feel that it's overly masculine though. It's too light and airy, and very much too damp to be masculine in my mind. And, oddly enough, I don't hate it (like I usually do with aquatics). I'm just not sure how -me- it is. It's one of those conundrum blends where you kind of like it and all but don't find yourself reaching for it much. Maybe it just requires a Toadier sort of day.
  6. Nachtwulf


    I can't believe I haven't written a review of this yet. I got GOP as a random frimp in a BPTP order I placed. Who knew it would be the only one of the 'political' blends I could stand. When I first put it on wet, it smells...pretty much exactly like whiskey and cigars. Which makes sense for the blend, I guess, but isn't very appealing. Soggy cigar tobacco is, frankly, pretty icky. HOWEVER. And this is the important bit. The acrid cigar stink goes away pretty fast, and what's left smells like... SUCCESS. It's like the Old Fogy Republicans got cleared out and replaced by the New Upwardly Mobile Republicans. I suppose that's not very clear, so... hm. I don't honestly have any notes for this. It's a bit herbal and cologney, in an unspecified fashion... a bit woody, but clean and sweet without being perfumey or foody. I'm pretty sure it has bay rum in it too. I suppose the reason I like it, is that it smells good -without- being overly strong in one particular way... not too sweet or too acrid or soapy or anything. I really do think of it as 'an office scent' because it's pleasant without being something that will distract your co-workers (either positively or negatively). Now if I could only make it not smell like soggy cigars for the first 15m it'd be -perfect-.
  7. Nachtwulf

    Blue Snowballs

    I really wanted to like this. So many of the notes sounded so good. Unfortunately... this is like... sour jolly ranchers. WAY WAY WAY too much lime. Lime lime lime sour lime (just a hint of berry) lime lime pucker up and ew. There's something strangely plastic and artificial too; that same plastic note ruined Pink Snowballs for me too. Sadly disappointing. Maybe it will mellow more if it sits. But right now, it is consistently 'sour lime plastic with a hint of berry' and not at all appealing.
  8. Nachtwulf

    Dragon Moon 2008

    What I wanted: Cedar, DB, peppermint, lavender, sage. What I got: Toothpaste. There is some note in a regrettable number of BPAL's blends that inevitably goes to slightly resinous toothpaste on me. I think it's galbanum, I was just hoping it wouldn't be so nastily prevalent. It's not the peppermint, since things without mint notes have in the past turned to toothpaste. Going to let it sit for awhile, but at least for the moment.... Toothpaste. Yech.
  9. Nachtwulf

    Doc Constantine's Medicine Show

    I took a chance on this... Doc Constantine from the Carnaval didn't work out on me at all, but a) it looked like the notes were a little different, and b.) my room is not my skin. All I can say is, this is amazing. Atmosphere sprays are kind of my new addiction (I still buy perfume oils but I find myself -using- the atmosprays a lot more often...) and this is my favorite of the four or five I've accumulated so far. It's herbal, but not the least bit soapy. It's a little spicy without being food or clove death. One thing I REALLY like about it is that it isn't heavy. All of the other things I have (Aphrodite, Exotic Bazaar, Mahogany Hall and so forth) are all heady, thick, sweet, and smoky things. This is ... well, fresh and clean but as previously mentioned, not in the soap way. I'd be hard pressed to pick any notes out of it specifically, but then again, when talking cure-alls, who knows what's in that stuff anyhow. It's part of the mystery! I've taken to spraying my headboard-pillow with it before sleeping... it soothes the mind and carries away the cares of the day like nothing else. I have a lot of trouble sleeping, and this really helps in a fundamental and noticeable way. Absolutely will be replacing it when it's gone.
  10. Nachtwulf


    This is indeed predominantly a musk blend... though to me, I mostly get black musk with undertones of red. There's something about it that reminds me of sweet woods, too... probably the amber, if anything. Amber can go powdery, but on me, this fails to do so. There's hints of wood notes too... that my nose reads as 'polished mahogany'... no bitterness or sharpness at all. I hate florals, and there are a lot of scary notes in this blend (lotus and orris, I'm looking at you) and yet I can't pick out any of them. It is basically 'musk blend with some other stuff in it'... a very reddish-black and almost furry scent (if that makes sense). I'd put this aside during the hot days of summer but now that it's cooling off, it has waited for me like an old familiar friend. It also lasts. And last. And lasts and lasts. Without being overpowering, I might add. That soft reddish sweetness just hangs around in the background, periodically reminding you that it's there. Last night I put it on at about, on, 6pm, and it was still detectable some time after I got up.
  11. Nachtwulf

    Michael Casts Out All of the Fallen Angels

    This is sweet, faintly resinous, and clean. It reminds me very much of the first run of Midnight Mass, as well as There Was a Great Cry in Egypt. It is, basically, like a few other 'holy resins' blends I've gotten from BPAL, which all seem to differ only by a note or two... this one lacks the woods of Great Cry and the florals of Midnight Mass, or the sugar of All Souls. It's a 'cleaner' more straight forward blend, and is quite pleasant... for those that don't have any of the above, it's quite nice. On the other hand it is a -lot- like All Souls and Midnight Mass, so I'm a little disappointed that it isn't more different than it is.
  12. Nachtwulf

    The Bloody Banister

    In the past, most "mahogany" blends I've tried have been warm and mellow (sometimes almost to the point of syrupy)... This is not like that. This is harsh, sharp, edgy, and painfully resinous, almost sour or acrid at times. I was hoping for 'red' notes, from the description...dragon's blood, cherrywood, I don't know, something to soften the harshness, but it's basically 100% resiny dry wood and is MUCH too aggressive and un-sweet for my tastes. It's the olfactory equivalent of inhaling splinters. I'm a little sorry I popped for a bottle, but maybe I can layer it with something like Hellcat and make it work.
  13. Nachtwulf

    Halloween In The Miskatonic University Library

    Sadly, the -actual- Miskatonic University smells rather like Corn Nuts to me. Mnemnosyne:MU has its own corn nuts stage in the beginning, running for about 5-10m, but then that weirdly salty, corny smell gradually fades away. I'm left with a sort of worn leather, faintly coffee, faintly pastrylike scent that reminds me very VERY much of the book shop/coffeehouse in Michigan I used to spend cold wintery nights in, drinking coffee and trying to pretend it wasn't below zero outside. For me, it really is kind of a 'mnemosyne' since it does evoke memories for me, and I consider it much more of a success than the catalog MU. I -do- wish I didn't have to sit through that icky corn-nuts stage at the beginning, but it doesn't last, so that's something. Overall, I'd consider it a fairly masculine blend, although more the sort that wears little round glasses and a turtleneck sweater instead of Manly Men Doing Manly Things.
  14. Nachtwulf

    Mahogany Hall Atmosphere Spray

    This doesn't seem to exist anymore, but I got a tester of it with my last BPTP order. I knew nothing about it going in; I was just all 'huh, wunner wut dis is' and sprayed. Now I am sad it has apparently been discontinued. Anyway. First of all, like the other roomspray I have (Exotic Bazaar), this stuff is pretty durn strong. This isn't like Febreeze where you hose down the room with it and it's gone in ten minutes; this stays for hours... Initially, it's mostly mahogany (it's a sweet, almost cognac-like note I've found in other things associated with 'mahogany') and some vanilla. All the other notes seem very background to me, though on the very tail-end I do get the patchouli. I am not a patch fan, AT ALL.. but this apparently only applies to wearing it. In the spray, it's actually quite nice, as it offsets the very sweet initial notes and keeps them from being too sticky. I keep the tester in my office now. It seems like a very 'office' scent even if said office does not include a huge cherrywood desk and red leather chairs with brass studs.
  15. Nachtwulf

    Luna Negra: Ted's Creation

    Well, as far as I can tell, this reminds me pretty much of Countess WIllie, and pretty much every other 'dark fruits' type BPAL I've ever ordered. I'm going to let it sit and see if settling for a week or so brings out anything that will make this less generic, but i was really hoping for something more exotic with the musk and amber, and not so much the 'berry yankee candle' thing.