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    Favorite scents: Yog-Sothoth, Brisingamen, Black Opal, Thunderbird, Mi-Go Brain Canister, Black Forest, Salome, Nyx, All Saints 2005, The Haunted Palace Favorite notes: Amber, rose, jasmine, citrus, "water", vanilla, musk, sandalwood

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  1. hangingfire

    Kindly Moon

    I have absolutely no idea how to describe this. It stays very true from bottle to application to drydown, and it's very beautiful -- but the notes are all so subtle that I can't really separate them out, and can only talk about Kindly Moon in terms of its overall effect. It's floral, very feminine, and the fruity element is sweet without being cloying. There is absolutely nothing earthy, spicy, or musky about it -- and yet I like it a lot. Very ethereal, evanescent, and really hard to pin down. But a really good treatment of the floral theme.
  2. hangingfire


    This one really clears the head -- both literally and metaphorically. I suffer from bad seasonal allergies, and this blend goes right through them. It's great for pushing through the mid-afternoon energy slump, and for regaining focus on one's work. I've been dabbing a small drop on my palms, rubbing the hands together and inhaling, which works well. (It also smells very much like Celestial Seasonings' "Tension Tamer" tea. It's the combination of mint and lemon that does it.)
  3. hangingfire

    Mme. Moriarty, Misfortune Teller (2006)

    In the bottle: Sweet and musky. And it reminds me of something else. On, wet: Aha, I know -- it reminds me of Haunted Palace. Only instead of HP's orange, Mme Moriarty has pomegranate. Still, the sweet/musky notes are very similar to my nose. Not that I mind -- Haunted Palace was my favorite DiMV blend. Drydown: The vanilla/fruit sweetness fades after a while, leaving earthy red musk. Very nice!
  4. hangingfire


    In the imp: sharp, almost bitter grapefruit-yuzu. On, wet: Very grapefruity and sharp, but less bitter than the initial impression. Very close throw. Drydown: The florals become increasingly more noticeable as it dries, and several hours later, the florals are almost all that's left, and that very close to the skin. Well, I'm a total sucker for citrus, so I knew I was going to like this just from the description. It's like a sharper-edged Baobhan Sith, and I like it a lot.
  5. hangingfire

    Wilhelmina Murray

    In the bottle: Rose, sandalwood, and florals forward. Not getting so much of the musky stuff just now. On, wet: More emphatically rose. Still not ... Drydown: Oh, wait, that's where the myrrh and resin notes are. Miss Murray is a tricksy one, that's for sure. Comes on all light and floral at first, and then you start to get the hint of something darker going on, and it slowly becomes more heavy and mysterious as it dries. If anything, it reminds me a lot of the League of Extraordinary Gentleman Mina, even more so than the original. Very nice indeed.
  6. hangingfire

    Pulcinella & Teresina

    In the bottle: ...yep, that's teak, cedar, rose, and labdanum, in more or less that order. On, wet: The labdanum note is stronger, with the teak providing a spicy, sharp backdrop. The rose is present but not strong; it mellows out the sharper wood-resin notes nicely. Drydown: Mostly it's about the labdanum now. The other elements fade or blend to add a bit of complexity to the overall labdanum-ness of the blend. Woody, smoky, a little sharp. It's like All Saints' evil sibling.
  7. hangingfire


    In the imp: cool and green, with an aquatic undertone. On, wet: Smells like bracken in a forest after a heavy rain -- earthy, wet, green, with a bit of crushed grass. Lovely. Drydown: A little less earthy and more aquatic; also a slighty winy note makes itself known. Not much throw at this stage, unfortunately, but it's really nice. Thumbs up. I may try layering it with Death Cap for a full-on forest-after-the-rain effect.
  8. hangingfire

    The Jersey Devil

    Apparently I have to simply avoid all BPALs with berry notes in them. Which is a shame, because there were a lot of other things about The Jersey Devil that I really liked. In the imp: Cranberry, with earthy, woody notes. Nice. On, wet: BERRIES BERRIES BERRIES. And if I got up close to my wrist and sniffed, there was the pleasant, damp earthiness and touch of pine, but for the most part, BERRIES. Drydown: Husband asks if there's some kind of air freshener in the car. *facepalm* And he's got a point -- all I can smell is BERRIES, and as it dries, it turns into a musty BERRY smell, with none of the sweet damp earth scent. Bah. Stupid skin chemistry, amping the berry scent like that. Off to the swaps. Fortunately, Death Cap has all of the earthiness that I liked, and none of the berries.
  9. hangingfire


    In the imp: Cinnamon, amber, patchouli. All very strong and in your face. On, wet: Mostly cinnamon and amber; the patchouli adds a "dirty" undertone to it. Not much in the way of sandalwood, as far as I can tell. Drydown: Ah, there's the sandalwood. It's mostly that and the patchouli now, with a haze of amber. I like it, but I'm not sure it's for me. Especially given that the husband is not keen on patchouli.
  10. hangingfire


    In the imp: ? Bubblegum? Fruity bubblegum? Hmm. On, wet: Peachtastic. Very fruity, with only a hint of amber to weigh it down. I feel very girly; it's also very strong. Drydown: Ah, now that's more like it. The ambers warm up and come to the forefront, with the peach as a backdrop. It's like a frillier, non-spicy Bastet. I like.
  11. hangingfire

    Hungry Ghost Moon 2006

    In the bottle: Rich, sweet vanilla and fruit. A little cloying at first blush, which worries me. On, wet: Oh, better now. The vegetal elements cut the sweetness, as does the ginger. Drydown: It just keeps improving as it goes. Much less sweet and more complex, playing the grapefruit, wood, and ginger notes off each other against a background of vanilla. Very, very nice. Up there with Holiday Moon as my favorite lunar blends for the year.
  12. hangingfire

    Dragon Moon 2006

    In the bottle: Sweet, faintly bubblegum-cherry-floral. Hmm. On, wet: Very sweet and flowery -- there's dragon's blood in this? Really? After a little while, the bamboo notes I remember from Holiday Moon (astringent, green, sharp) make themselves known as well. Drydown: Wow. Nice. A good balance of sandalwood and bamboo, rounded out by the floral and dragon's blood (finally there) notes. I have really, really liked all the lunar blends so far this year -- this one's another winner!
  13. hangingfire


    Frimp with my Dragon Moon order! In the imp: Piney and musky, kind of like Black Forest, but less astringent. On, wet: Hello, musk. The pine tries to hold up its end, but this blend is really more about the musky, earthy elements on me. And holy god, is it strong. Wearing it to work may have been a mistake -- and that was just one little dab on one wrist. Drydown: Sweet, earthy musk. And I no longer feel like I'm walking around in a giant cloud o' musk, thankfully. I like. It's less aggressively sexy than some of the other musk blends that I have -- a bit more all-occasion. Or, well, most occasion, anyway.
  14. hangingfire

    Sea of Glass

    In the imp: Wet, citrusy, cold. Suggestive of yuzu or grapefruit, maybe lime? On, wet: Much as it was in the imp. Drydown: The citrus is less marked; it's more of a straightforward aquatic. Long-term drydown is faintly spicy, almost suggestive of amber. Really lovely, although it doesn't quite displace Szepasszony as my favorite aquatic to date. Still, definitely something any aquatic fan should check out.
  15. hangingfire

    Baobhan Sith

    In the bottle: Strong on the grapefruit; the rest of the notes aren't too obvious. On, wet: Grapefruity with an oddly sour note. Uh oh. Drydown: Ah, much better. My skin amps the ginger for a while, and then it all settles out to a pleasant-but-sassy gingery tea scent with a bit of added sweetness and fruity zing from the apple blossom and the grapefruit. A perfect summer scent. I'm so glad that I bought the bottle!