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    Scherezade, Snake Oil, Morocco, Jack, Chimera, Hunger.

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  1. Freyja Lux


    Ack! Painfully sweet with a lingering, obnoxious lemon verbena note. Nothing sensual about this to me. This doesn't ring of Lolita... more like Tammy Faye Baker. Saccharine overload!
  2. Freyja Lux


    Sweet, earthy, but nothing special. I'm not a fan of dragon's blood so this may explain my dislike of Tintagel, because anything with dragon's blood smells like cheap candy to me. In the bottle it smells much more interesting, but once on it just turned into a somewhat green dragon's blood.
  3. Freyja Lux


    Sweet, a bit musky, and very spicy... like it should be. Doesn't last very long, and it is quite strong and doesn't spread much after being applied to the skin. However, it's a cheerful, bold smell and great to use in the wintertime, when one might be suffering from cabin fever and could use a pick-me-up. I think I'll keep this one.
  4. Freyja Lux


    Very thick, very heavy, very sexy! Right now it hurts my nose a bit, but I've been driving around all day in dust and dirt and may just be sensitive in general. The musk is divine, and I don't know what opium smells like (ah, innocence!) but whatever it is, it can't be too bad since Debauchery is a great blend. Almost reminds me of black cherry for some reason... It lasts a lot longer than some other blends. I like it, but not really a "me" scent.
  5. Freyja Lux


    Mmm... lovely and gentle! It turns a bit soapy on me, not sure what does that but it happens a lot with these light, floral scents. VERY romantic and sweet. I don't know what tonka bean and sweet pea smell like as notes, but whatever Beth put in this created an enchanting scent. I know this would be amazing on someone with the right chemistry!
  6. Freyja Lux


    Mmmm... absolutely divine! Reminds me a lot of Hunger. Sweet like Hunger, with a similar bite. Undeniably sexy! The red patchouli is so irresistable, and the orange blossom is so sweet and juicy that you'll just want to chew your own skin. But, although I love it, I don't love it as much as Hunger so I'll stick with that. Although by name ravenous would be the next level of hunger, I'd say Hunger is the more affective of the blends.
  7. Freyja Lux


    Sort of a spicy floral... soft and earthy. Bit too floral for my taste, but lovely nonetheless. I'm not sure what creates that somewhat sweet and citrus-y element to it... maybe the orange blossom? A very unique scent. I can't really place any of the ingredients individually but it makes a lovely perfume.
  8. Freyja Lux

    Dance of Death

    Yowza! Serious musk and patchouli. This is such a dry scent, and a bit harsh. All I can detect is the patchouli and musk. I wouldn't be able to wear it, nor would I want anyone around me to. Bone dry, a old desert dry, Janeane Garofalo dry. This stuff doesn't mess around.
  9. Freyja Lux

    Scent for Halloween?

    I was going to go as a Djinn, but it didn't work out. So I'll be going as a Gypsy fortune teller/witch. I have a killer black wig, vintage brown boots, layered skirts, lots of jingle-jangles and jewelry to drape about, and of course hoop earrings and a bandana/headscarf. I painted my nails bright sparkly purple tonight and am getting so excited! I hope everyone posts pictures. I know I will! I'll wear my witchy Scherezade and maybe some Morocco underneath. All this week though I've been using my Jack lotion... mmmm...
  10. Freyja Lux

    The Raven

    Very dark scent. Hard, somewhat dirty. I don't like it, since it's a bit serious and has no sensuality to it. Fun to sniff, as pretty much all of Beth's blends are, but not a perfume for me. Heavy florals and sandalwood, thats The Raven on me.
  11. Freyja Lux


    Lovely! The peach and amber really go well together. Makes for a perfect summer or spring perfume. Sweet and light, but with the sandalwood it somehow stays fairly grounded and spicy. Very stunning scent! A little too sweet for my personal tastes as a perfume, but for those looking for something sweet but not *too* sweet, try Tamora. It's delicious and unique.
  12. Freyja Lux

    The Lion

    Mmmm... it's pleasant to sniff... but a little too fluffy for me. Reminds me of kittens. Amber is barely noticable in this one for me, however I am detecting some sort of floral in this, and I'm not sure I like it. Something sweet, too. Nothing ferocious about this scent to me at all. The Lion should be called The Wet-Nosed Kitten. I do like the smell, but not as something to wear as a perfume.
  13. Freyja Lux

    Silk Road

    Boring, soapy, non-descript. Lightly floral, nothing spicy for me. Fades quick. Did I get a decant that was somehow corrupted or something? I have no idea! I had such high hopes for this one... definately do not like.
  14. Freyja Lux

    Dragon's Milk

    A truly fae nectar! Dragon’s blood resin and honeyed vanilla. Wow, lovely! Smells so much like Hunger, which I ADORE, but seems simpler. This is the only perfume I've ever liked, or considered wearing, that has dragon's blood in it. It's usually too fruity and sweet for my taste. This, however, is nice but if I wanted to wear a vanilla scent I'd go for Hunger. Dragon's Blood is very sweet, edible and last a long time. Reminds me of warm cookies! Thanks so much turbojenn for the gift!
  15. Freyja Lux

    Hollywood Babylon

    Mmmm... sweet, innocent smelling. Applied, the amber comes out and warms it up, and gives it a more earthy feel. For some reason this scent doesn't last long on me at all. It seems to just seep into my skin, and doesn't radiate from me at all, which is something I look for in a perfume. It's nice... but I'm just not crazy about it.