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  1. herdivineshadow

    Harvest Moon 2006

    In the bottle this is entirely fat juicy red apples - the smell you get when you bite into a really juicy apple and the juice sort of sprays everywhere. On my skin though the apple fades and is replaced by a more autumny smell like warm autumn air when you're out walking in the fields which I guess must be down to the wheat notes. It's a nice warm, dry scent.
  2. herdivineshadow

    Chaos Theory III: Strange Attractors

    CLX In the bottle, this is pumpkiny with an undercurrent of slightly toasted popcorn with occassional flashes of something sharp, not sure what though. Sadly... for me at least, it doesn't get any less pumpkiny or popcorny on my skin.
  3. herdivineshadow


    seraphim on me is... the sweet sweet smell of permanent marker. combined with the kind of incense smell i remember from visiting buddhist temples when i was a tinier me than in my avatar. it reminds me of being very young and everything being far bigger than me. i like this scent.
  4. herdivineshadow

    Ooh shiny

    Woo. Yay. Bpal blog for teh win. This would be a great place to put like. Stuff. to do with bpal. and things.
  5. herdivineshadow


    Argh! Cherry marizpan almonds! And nothing else, over and over and over I smell like christmas cake, but not in a good way.
  6. herdivineshadow


    Somehow, this turns into Cadbury's Fruit and Nut chocolate on me. Which is strange. Probably to do with the currants and date. It's an ok scent, but nothing I'm crazy about.
  7. herdivineshadow

    Follow Me Boy

    This smells sweet and lightly musky to me with hints of vanilla here and there. I really like this scent - it reminds me a bit of O.
  8. herdivineshadow

    The Coiled Serpent

    I get nothing but a bitter incense scent from this with a touch of damp incense and maybe a waft of burnt incense. Sadly I'm not a fan of incense, so this will be going into the swap pile I think.
  9. herdivineshadow

    Sacred Whore of Babylon

    This is a very heavy and very sweet scent and fairly overpowering. There's a very floral note here and it's a bit too cloying for me I think.
  10. herdivineshadow


    This is a very light airy rose scent on me with a very sweet note. It's not bad, but it's a bit too rosey for me.
  11. herdivineshadow


    Mostly, I get a sandlewood incense kind of vibe from this scent, though after the oil has a chance to dry a bit more I get a gentle hint of roses. This is a really nice, soft warm scent, which is just right for a really cold day like today.
  12. herdivineshadow

    Blood Countess

    My first reaction to this was "Oh my, it's horribley fruity!". I am not a fan of fruit at all. After a while, a more floral note comes through - mostly roses. On the whole though, this smells a bit like some kind of fruity soap on me. To the swap pile I think.
  13. herdivineshadow

    Santo Domingo

    This starts off very tobacco scented with a light hint of something floral. Then, sadly, it nosedives into a powdery soap tobacco scent which doesn't really agree with me. :/
  14. herdivineshadow


    This starts off very fruity and then matures into a very sweet, non-fruity scent with an almost sharp, green undertone. It's very pretty but not something I could wear too often.
  15. herdivineshadow


    At first this is a very sweet, golden, honey scent whilst wet. After drying a bit it turns into a more dry, incense scent with a slightly clinical touch - it reminds me a bit of the hosptial my mum used to work at, which is kind of strange I guess. Ultimately, it's a bit too incensey for me.