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    Music, Dancing (all types), Singing (anything), Reading, Writing, Drawing, Meeting others, Exercising, Weight lifting, Performing, Acting, Horseback riding, Movies, Spending time w/family, talking, and experimenting.
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    I absolutely love Hunger , chimera is also something that I really like the smell of. To my surprise I also like the earthy smell of Zombie quite a bit.


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  1. innocentlyscentwilled

    Hairy Toad Lily

    I got this as a frimp from Beth and after trying Zombi and Chimera I was eager to test this one out too. Bottle: This is a blast of cleaner, like pin sole almost, it hits you with a strong lemon cleaner scent, but as I like to say you'll never know what you like until you try it. So on my skin it went. Wet: Still a strong lemon smell with nothing else coming through, when ever I would smell this going through the day it just made me upset. Dry Down: It starts to lighten up a tad but not enough for me to be jumping for joy, it still has the smell of a cleaner. Dry:Once dry the lemon was there to say and a powder unpleasantly took the base for this scent. All in all I didn't like this scent from the moment I smelt it, I think that I might swap it for something more pleasing but for now I will keep it calmly in my collection. Out of 5 stars I give it a 2
  2. innocentlyscentwilled

    The White Rider

    This was a frimp that I received from the lab so I was skeptical as to what I was going to think of it, for it wasn't even on the list of things that I wanted to try. Bottle: Something that I can't really describe almost powdery in a way, but definitely a light scent so far. Wet: It kept the light scent though I believe that the sandalwood is coming out on my skin more now. Dry Down: Still just sandalwood, I'm not getting anything with the leather and I wonder if it's just because it's so light. Dry: I only smell the sandalwood, and I soft powder kind of smell maybe that's the leather but I'm not too sure. All in all it's a nice soft scent for people that only liked to be noticed a tad, for that reason it's not the smell for me but it's definitely a more sophisticated outing oil. I would give it a 3 on the five scale.
  3. innocentlyscentwilled


    I adored this scent, when I first smelt it I had a feeling that we were going to get along. Bottle:It's a slap of cinnamon right off the bat, in fact it almost smells like big red gum but a little more spicy. Wet:I rather enjoy the smell of cinnamon so I was eager to try this frimp that Beth gave me, setting to the task I placed it on my skin. The smell that I got right off was cinnamon, and a lot of it. Nothing really came up with it so I was sure that the cinnamon was here to stay. Dry down: The soft smell of smoothing sweet like vanilla and honey hits my nose, which was strange considering there was no vanilla in the notes. Hmmm... Anyhow to me it started to smell like a yankess candle, but I loved it. Dry: To my delight the smell stayed on my skin with a warm mixture of cinnamon and honey, I'm going to say that the warm and sweet smell came from the myrrh, but I never got anything Copal though I don't know what that smells like Overall I really liked this scent and was so glad that Beth gave it to me as a frimp. I will definitely buy this in a bottle without a second thought.
  4. innocentlyscentwilled


    Yay! First review. Alright so I received my first BPAL order ever today and just had to try one, lucky the frimp I got was on that I was really interested in so I decided to try it out. Bottle: The first whiff of this and I instantly think cleaner, I was a little sad about that because I was hoping it wasn't so. But I figured since I'm new might as well dive in without holding back. Wet:I almost immediate smell what I'm going to say is the spanish moss, very wet smelling almost like after a rain storm. And the same cleaner smell so now I'm thinking hmm, what else could go wrong with this. Dry down: I swear it only took a minute for the smell of brown dirt to peek it's way through, finally getting rid of the cleaner smell and a small amount of wet rose leaves starts to form, faint but nice. Dry:At last a small amount of roses sticks through the strange journey of smells that have hit my wrist. Still the strong smell of spanish moss, with a warmer touch of the dirt smell. Final thoughts: This scent was definitely a journey for my senses, it went from unsure and sad to warm and nice. It's not a scent that I would usually wear because of how earthy it is, but I might on occasion just slip it on to enjoy. Out of 10 I rate this smell 5.
  5. innocentlyscentwilled

    WHOOOO, It's finally here!

    That's right my order has finally arrived to my home, and I'm super excited to see what inside and what this smells all about. I order six imps to sample, for the simple reason I wanted to know strength and just how accurate they could get these scents that they claim to have in certain oils. So of course when I got home I saw the box and did back flips in my kitchen, rushing to my cave (room), I soon tore at the box until I saw what was inside. A giant bundle of bubble wrap, okay cool I like bubble wrap, pop, pop; anyway....I open that see that my mother had opened it first and saw what her one bottle scent was like. She left a pretty fun message about it on my answering machine. Anyway, looking through the box I find this super cute and amazing ghost woman image post card with Zombi in the advertising, which is funny because I wanted to try that but decided at a later date I would. Looking at my imps I see them all scattered on my bed, looking through them I notice there are two from what I can see that I didn't order, okay cool I got frimps, than to my greater surprise I found that I got two more! That's right I got four Frimps of things I didn't think I was going to try and I even got a frimp of ZOMBI! I was thrilled and overly happy about the entire thing, I haven't smelt any of mine yet, but I did take a whiff of moms and let me tell you, god that stuff is strong. She order Highwayman and almost instantly I get musk, tobacco, and what I think to be alcohol? Hmm... I'm more than just a little satisfied and I can't wait to try this out. That's it for now, thanks for reading.
  6. innocentlyscentwilled

    Yes! Victory will be mine!

    Finally after what seemed like a dueling task of long dedicated hours to picking just the right fragrance to allow, my nose, the sensation of smelling has arrived. That's right in only a few moments I will place my order, via BPAl.com, and will than wait for long, hair ripping weeks until my package arrives. When that comes, I will race to the darkest corner of my room, tear at the cardboard that undoubtedly will be its holder and feast my eyes on what I've been waiting for. Surly the moment will be grand, and I will smell as great as the Gods high above, or at least I'll be half way there. When that dazzling moment comes, I will write further in my blog to inform any who decide to follow me, of the scents I got and which of those I adore. Thanks for reading