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    Beachy, Tropical Scents

    Oh try Shango! "The Master of Lightning’s ofrenda contains red apples, banana, chili pepper, coconut, pineapple, pomegranate and sugar cane."
  2. Little_Rowan

    Red Lantern

    Red Lantern 2011 Complete impulse buy after reading its description In bottle: HOLY CARAMEL BATMAN!!! UGNH!!!! Wet: Putting this on wet was still frightening to think that if it didn`t morph i`d smell like a caramel chew all day.... then magic happened!... it began to calm down. Dry: Oh lovely coconut! and opium! and a touch of carmel amongst tobacco smoke. Absolutely lovely! Its dark mysterious but sweet, and it just kept getting bettr as the day went on. Its throw also lasted all day. BEST IMPULSE BUY EVER!!! I`ll be ordering another bottle once I see what this months Lunacy is.