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  1. ResinManiac


    Reading about gnomes & seeing they are defined primarily by curiosity, tinkering and humor I immediately liked them, and coupled with the awesome notes for the scent I felt like I was BORN TO GNOME! So I tried some and as soon as I opened the bottle I got a big pepperyness like a one two punch from both the black pepper and ginger combined, with a soft barely there nutmeg. The ginger might as well be the root itself and it is spunky and assertive! I don't mind it because I like it and it really revs you up when wearing it. For that reason I don't recommend wearing it to bed, I made that mistake and couldn't sleep for a good while! I don't get any gear lubricant or smoke but I have high hopes that aging may help bring those notes to fore. I'm in love with this one and it will have pride of place in my stash,
  2. ResinManiac


    I tired a frimp of this and I'm so glad I did! Previously I had thought of skipping it because halflings seem like such a cliche go to character, but I should've known better than to underestimate them. ( I still think elves are snobby and elitist though ) Halflings smell like good sustaining food, a comfortable, loving home and peace and happiness. It honestly made me think of childhood, it IS very comforting and snuggly. I unreservedly Love this scent and everything about it. It's good aromatherapy for the blues and what ails you. Highly Recommended... :wub2:
  3. ResinManiac

    The Bear Prince

    A wearable feminine musk, white flowers and roses, could have stronger roses but that's just my opinion.
  4. ResinManiac


    So many things are so so right with this blend, roses, wine, leather... but those violets and myrtles make a low key sickliness that can still be dectected from time to time. I don't think I can wear this, and that makes me very sad.
  5. ResinManiac

    Dead Leaves, Red Musk, and Neroli

    I'm really pleased with how this turned out, warm, smoky and bright like tramping through red leaves in pleasant autumnal sunshine. I was worried it was going to be bitter but I bought a bottle anyway because my intuition kept telling me to and wouldn't leave me alone about it and I'm so glad I listened! Red musk is so pretty on me when it works and this is just beautiful!
  6. ResinManiac

    Santa Muerte

    Dirty vetiver and cloying ghosts of lillies, (sigh) and usually vetiver works on me too...
  7. ResinManiac

    Centzon Totochtin

    When I open the bottle I get a huge coffee breeze from it, which isn't great because I don't care for coffee. When I wear it the rum and wine mix about as well as oil and water and the chocolate gets hidden behind the resulting maylay. Dragon's Blood doesn't seem to help this blend at all, in fact it just lays dead upon all the other notes giving it a kind of fake plasticy feel. I want to believe that aging the bottle will improve it some and i'm willing to try even after all this, but boy do I feel dissapointed now.
  8. ResinManiac


    Hot cereal and comforting, domestic, snuggly cinnamon. It's very cute and homey and feels like comng in by the fire in the fall. Adorable!
  9. ResinManiac


    Leather makes its happy well anticipated appearance, clouded by all the smoke and possibly ambergris. This becomes really masculine really fast on me, with a hint of bitter medicine floating around somewhere close in the background. Some leathers and musks work well on me but this is sadly not one of them, maybe a guy could pull it off more adroitly?
  10. ResinManiac


    Lovely blooms and fruit with a fulsome champagne flute sitting next to them, this is defintely my favoite Grace! Might have to see how it ages in a bottle though, the imp doesn't do it justice, aging in a bottle may improve it yet more still.
  11. ResinManiac


    Pale golden musk, honeycomb, amber, parma violet, hawthorne bark, aspen leaf, forest lily, life everlasting, white moss, and a hint of wild berry. Berry lilly, lilly berry, soft and sweet but ultimately just not for me.
  12. ResinManiac


    Wanted to like this one, but all I got is the terrible murky scent of fresh cut grass. Some folks like it, but I don't, I guess I must keep searching for the perfect RPG...
  13. ResinManiac


    Definately licoricey and bitter, although I do have an aged bottle to sample with here. Its a masculine scent to be sure and for that reason I wont be trying it again. But maybe it ages better on someone with more testosterone in their system.
  14. ResinManiac


    Started out ok, with the leather and rosin nicely balancing each other out, but then rosin took over and made it bitter/sour. Might be alright in small doses but any more and I'll have a headache. Other characters I foresee are better suited to my personality(and skin chemistry!!).
  15. ResinManiac

    The Great Sword of War

    Warm, spicy and a little overwhelming. It kind of smothers on the skin, musty and murky. Not what I expected, not really my scent. Saffron makes everything go yuck on me anyway.