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  1. girlsleuth


    This makes me so happy! I feel like it is spring. Today was the first day in a long time when I didn't go outside and think of the movie "Frozen." The snow is melting and there's warm breeze, and I picked the perfect scent for today -- I feel like it perfectly encapsulates that experience of the changing seasons. Of course, it will also be perfect when it's getting even warmer and flowers are starting to bloom, but it's awfully nice now. It's so sweet and floral, but it doesn't give me a headache. I'm surprised it's a pure floral -- it smells like there should be some kind of fruit in it. Like citrus, or crisp green apples. There's definitely a tartness to it. And it makes me feel better about everything! I chose it to wear today because I will be spending the entire day in the library writing a paper, and I knew I would need a pick-me-up. This is definitely a cheerful pick-me-up, and it is stunningly beautiful. I bought a partial bottle that is very old, I believe (it is blue), so I'm not sure if it is any different than fresh and new Prague. But it definitely still smells fresh! Fresh and youthful and optimistic. I've never been to Prague, but I've always wanted to. I'm surprised this is the scent for it (I actually got it just for the name!) because I imagined something more twisty and Kafkaesque. But gosh, it's beautiful and perfect for me -- I'm actually glad the Lab didn't go the 'dark' route with this one. It is absolutely the perfect spring fragrance.
  2. girlsleuth

    Queen Mab

    No way! I can't believe this was discontinued. I wore it today and was planning to come on here and talk about how awesome it is. I was going to say it smells almost exactly like Dreamland, which I love, and isn't it nice that it's easier to find than Dreamland! I guess that is no longer true. But I will cherish my imp, because it smells like sweet, honeyed flowers, like I'm in a garden or a greenhouse or something. It's so romantic and old-fashioned; I adore it. It's not very strong; honestly, I think when I smell my wrist, the smell of my chapstick overpowers it. I think it might give me a headache if it were stronger though -- as it is, it's light and sweet, yet womanly. I wish I had it with me so I could reapply.
  3. girlsleuth


    I didn't like this at all when I first got it (in a decant circle, right when it came out) but now it smells amazing! Maybe a little powdery, but it's a lot like Morocco which I love and have been meaning to get more of. When I first put it on, it's a blast of boozy-like sweetness, like caramel, but then it immediately morphs into something more mature, something with a lot of depth. I can smell the wood a lot at this point, but after it's been on awhile the vanilla and carnation really come out. I'm really into florals and fruity-sweet scents, ones that might be described as cute or sweet or for a young ingenue, but I really like this because it's different. It evokes confidence and sensuality. It's still very feminine without going the delicate flower route. Love this.