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  1. peachtreepeartree


    In the bottle: strong floral against a background of amber. On my skin, wet: the amber picks up a little; the scent is of a sweet high flower mixed with resin. On my skin, dry: bewitching! A deep, sweet floral (an evening garden), with that amber basenote making it seem a little more exotic. I LOVE this scent! It's feminine and elegant, refined; I can't stop raising my wrist to my face so I can breath it in! Having said that, I have noticed the scent when I've been doing things that don't involve sniffing my own wrist - I only used a little for a test, but it's still going strong 11 hours later. Keep, keep, keep.
  2. peachtreepeartree


    In the imp: Fruit, fruit, fruit. Pomegranate, luscious & juicy & incredibly sweet. On my skin, wet: ROSE. Huge, blowsy, midsummer midday rose. On my skin, dry: Still very rosy, but with the slight tang of the fruit behind it, & some crushed petals giving the bloom aroma a little depth. A very red scent. This reminds me very very much of receiving a make-your-own-perfume-blends kit for Christmas when I was about 7 or 8. The first one I created was a rose and strawberry blend. I've been flashing back to my little bedroom all day whilst wearing this! Of the two rose scents I've tried so far, I do prefer Moon Rose, but Persephone is lovely, too. Not sure if I crave a bottle, but I think I'll keep the imp. I'd like to try a few drops in my bath water.
  3. peachtreepeartree

    Moon Rose

    In the imp: a soft, powdered rose On my skin, wet: Rose, rose rose! Rose after rain. On my skin, dry: A garden on a warm summer night. I'm picking up some other florals alongside the rose - perhaps gardenia? - and something faintly warming at the back of it all. This is a soft & subtle scent that works perfectly on my skin! I love it!
  4. peachtreepeartree

    The Knave of Hearts

    I was very excited to try this! Philosophy's 'Falling in Love' perfume is one of my favourites - vanilla, florals & blackberry - & I thought that this might be a similar scent, with perhaps a more intense hit. In the imp: sweet shortcrust pastry. Really sweet. On my wrist, wet: pot pourri. Drying: A sudden bloom of roses & blackcurrant. Dry: Back to pot pourri again. From a distance there's a gorgeous sweet, jammy smell, but up close this smells stifling & artificial. Not for me, I'm afraid.
  5. peachtreepeartree

    New Orleans

    In the imp: Sweet honeysuckle & a strong, almost incense/head shop-like musty smell. On my skin, wet: Spices! Warm & rich & earthy, and not at all sweet or cloying like cinnamon scents can be, at times. Drying: The jasmine blooms & mingles with the spices - followed slowly by the rest of the florals. Heady, intoxicating (& still that warm tingle at the back of my nose from the spices!). Dry: A gorgeous, perfectly balanced, grown-up scent. Its floral/spice mixture is very close to my beloved Chanel no. 5 (though with a "dryer" feel). I can't stop sniffing my wrist! I really, really like it.
  6. peachtreepeartree


    This is the first BPAL scent I've ever tried, thanks to a certain lovely forumite; so I'm afraid that I can't really compare/contrast with other scents... In the bottle: I was disappointed with this one - what I got was commercial home fragrance (a la Glade Plug-ins) with a heavy dose of musk. On my wrist, wet: a sudden, strong burst of florals. Drying: suddenly the heliotrope & pear came out, & for about ten minutes this was a beautiful, beautiful scent! All breeze & vanilla & subtle, sensual sweetness. Dry: a very sweet, powdery scent. Every now and then I get notes of heliotrope, lily & pear, and the honeysuckle is a constant ephemeral presence - but mostly I'm getting sweet pea with a light background of musk. I can't decide if it's a lovely, sweet daytime scent or if it's just a little bit too old-lady-ish. There is almost a hint of an early summer garden after rain to it, which I love. I'm just really not used to wearing super-sweet scents. I'm going to keep it for now & try it again. Perhaps it's not best-suited to these grey October days...