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  1. MaritzaCardona


    This is an interesting scent! Wet it smells green and fresh. On my skin I can smell dandelions it's fresh and sweet.Dry on skin I can still smell the dandelions but now I can smell beer. I rarely drink beer but when I do it's usually on tap and that is what it smells like. I don't get tobacoo (so sad about that) and even though I don't enjoy much the smell of beer I'm enjoying this scent. I know I won't be buying a big bottle of Roadhouse but I'm going to enjoy my imp!
  2. MaritzaCardona

    Scent for Halloween?

    Miskatonic University!
  3. MaritzaCardona


    I didn't think I'd like this one so much! When I opened the imp I tried to decipher the scents without reading its description. My thought was: dirt and something sweet. I wasn't far off. Once I applied it to my skin the patchouli and peach were fighting each other. I think they called it a truce because it's the perfect balance of sweetness and darkness. After a while it smelled even sweeter but there was always something...dirty...lurking. I really need more imps or a bottle of this!
  4. MaritzaCardona


    Wet it smells like lemongrass with a hint of orange zest. I absolutely love how it smells in the imp! I'm so thankful that the flowers do not show because that would have been the kiss of death for me. It's straight up lemony and woodsy and for me that's no problem at all. My only complaint really is that it fades rather quick on my. I guess my skin loves this scent that much. I will probably not buy a bottle but I'll make sure to find a couple of imps.
  5. MaritzaCardona

    La Belle Dame Sans Merci

    In the bottle: Bright and green. Even thought I've smelled this before I can't say from where. On Skin: Oh yes, there are definitely flowers in here. I can still smell the 'green' but the flowers are more diminant in this one. Drydown: Yep, definitely flowers. I know this because it's turning into powder. How sad. I enjoy the smell of it. The greeness, the cleanliness, etc. I just can't do bpal flowers, or at least there's one that's making my life hell. I'll enjoy the imp but I know I won't be buying a bottle.
  6. MaritzaCardona


    It smells very sweet in the imp. I can't smell tobacco or leather...just sweetness. When it's wet on my skin I can smell sweet tobacco leaves and smoke. Dry on skin it smelles dark and sexy. Sweet leather. I thought it's be stronger but it's not. I guy with this on would smell oh-so-suave sexy. On a girl it smells dangerous. I think a femme fatale character would wear this scent. Truthfully, I think I'm in love with this one and will definitely will try to get a leat a couple more imps.
  7. MaritzaCardona

    Queen Alice

    Queen Alice just smells scrumptious in the imp. One applied all I can get is sweet treacle and it just stays like that. It reminds me a lot of Sugar Skulls. I'll keep the imp but don't see myself buying a bottle. Pity.
  8. MaritzaCardona

    Machu Picchu

    When I open the imp the first word that came to my mind was 'sweet.' It'd definitely fruity and somehow lemon-lime is the dominant scent. One applied it changes a bit to fresh linen, which isn't a bad thing. On the drydown it smells like fresh linen and a bit powdery. It's not a bad scent but it's just not for me.
  9. MaritzaCardona

    La Petite Mort

    It's sharp, sweet and floral for me. After a while it turns powdery on my skin. I wanted to love it because of the name but I guess it wasn't meant to be. I'll make sure to find it a good home.
  10. MaritzaCardona


    Vanity in extremis. The scent of rabid hauteur: Moroccan rose and narcissus. This is basically the kiss of death for me. I know my skin isn't a friend with BPAL flowers but I still try everything I can. From the imp and onto my skin it was too strong and sharp. within minutes it gave me a headache. After I washed it off my skin had a strong powdery smell. If you really like florals this is for you. I do imagine a strong-willed, confident woman wearing this.
  11. MaritzaCardona

    Centzon Totochtin

    The Four Hundred divine rabbits of the Aztec pantheon that preside over parties and drunkenness. Bittersweet Mexican cocoa with rum, red wine, and a scent redolent of sacrificial blood. In the bottle: Whoa that's strong! All I get is booze and cocoa! Wet on skin: Now it's all cocoa. Strong, dark cocoa. dry-down: The cocoa starts to mellow and...do I detect the booze? After a while: The scent mellowed a lot. The cocoa is ever present and there a smokiness coming out. I think it's a strong sensual scent. When I first tested this scent I hated it. Giving it a second chance I now quite enjoy it. I don't think I'm purchasing a bottle but I think I'll enjoy my imp.
  12. MaritzaCardona


    Floral and fruity. It's a nice scent but after a while it turns soapy and powdery on my skin like most floral notes. It reminded me a bit of commercial perfume but with a kick. Even though it's not for me I'd recommend this if you're into fruity, flowery, perfumy, fresh scents.
  13. MaritzaCardona


    Before I write my small review I'd like to warn to first users that a little bit of this oil goes a long way! The scent is very strong in the bottle. The flowers are powerful in this one. Once I apply it to my skin it mellows, but not very much. The flowers in this one are so intense it gave me a little headache. It seemed like the flowers were angry at me. When I washed my wrists and dried them I smelled a much lighter, flowery and powdery smell. Most flowes go powdery on me so this wasn't a surprise. This scent is not for me. It'll probably be a good scent for a friend of mine...
  14. MaritzaCardona


    When I smelled it fromt the imp I could truely smell the blue-green colors. It's salty and fresh, soap-like. When I applied it to my skin I smelled lots of flowers and...coconut? Something tropical and creamy. I have no idea where the coconut smell comes from but it doesn't go away. Not for me.
  15. MaritzaCardona

    Slobbering Pine

    That's the power of pinesoil baby! It's definitely not for me.