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  1. RavenintheWind

    Banshee Beat

    I bought a bottle of this (on sale) way back when it was new, and I tried it and found that the patchouli note did its usual thing on me and amped enough to make my allergies act up. And the hemp note was too harsh on me. So I sold this bottle on pretty quickly to some other happy BPALer instead of hoping it would mellow over time. It smelled interesting in the bottle, but with the way any patch heavy BPAL never works on me, I had no hope of it aging to fit my skin chemistry.
  2. RavenintheWind

    Holiday Stress Relief Bath Oil

    I got this as a decant, and I enjoyed it during the holiday that season. It seemed to work as a de-stresser, and I would buy it again,
  3. RavenintheWind

    Tomoe Gozen Bath Oil

    I also found this too strong to use directly on the skin, but I enjoy it in the bath. My decant was used up with relish. Not sure I'd buy a whole bottle, as I am not usually a fan of fruitier scents (except apple). However, like another reviewer. I found this to be a bit more honey than currant, and that made it work for me.
  4. RavenintheWind

    Frankincense & Myrrh Bath Oil

    I adore this in the winter. It also layers beautifully with other scents.
  5. RavenintheWind

    Looking Glass, Looking Glass Bath Oil

    This is one of my favorite BPAL rose blends, and I would love to have it as a perfume even if it cost more. I was lucky enough to get a bottle (which I paid a pretty penny for!) but I have treasured this one as a body oil ever since, and also added it to an unscented lotion to stretch it even further. It's held up nicely over the years.
  6. RavenintheWind

    Castitas Bath Oil

    Castitas is one of my all-time fave bath oils. It's lovely while bathing, but neutral enough (i.e., not overwhelming) not to interfere with a good sleep later. The vanilla is not a foodie scent to me.
  7. RavenintheWind

    The British Blondes Atmosphere Spray

    I only had a sample of this that I sparingly used out on special occasions. i would love to have more--it's delightfully feminine, and I feel it's got an understatedly sexy vibe.
  8. RavenintheWind

    Vespers Atmosphere Spray

    This is a fall /winter scent for me because of it's richness. I love it because it makes me feel like I am home--in my safe space and cozy delights await.
  9. RavenintheWind

    The Storyteller's Parlor Atmosphere Spray

    I love this cozy scent in the winter, and it makes me feel like curling up with a cup of tea and reading all night under a quilt. It's the scent of 221 B Baker Street, and I think Sherlock is sitting in a leather chair by the fire smoking and Watson is writing some notes at the table.
  10. RavenintheWind

    The Queen's Croquet Ground

    This spray is a scent memory of my childhood: early summer in the Deep South; I love the naturalness of the grass and red roses. It's fresh enough that it's not a cloying scent.
  11. RavenintheWind


    Just opening the imp was instant headache--no way would I be able to even test this one. Allergy fail....
  12. RavenintheWind


    Aged decant: I smell fruity beeswax Wet: A honeyed fruity smell, unassumingly sweet and not very foody except for the sweetness Dry: A light, honeyed skin musky-amber smell, very pleasant. I have others in this category, so not bottle-worthy, but I like it. It's not very foody except for the beeswax/honey note; no butter or pastry on me.
  13. RavenintheWind

    Mother Ginger

    From beneath her skirts emerge eight gingerbread children: gingerbread, French vanilla, sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, and marshmallow cream. Aged half-decant: Smells spicy and gingerbready. I can get a whiff of the ginger ale folks have been mentioning, but that goes away when applied. Might be the age factor here. Wet: Spices! So foody. I like this sort of scent in candles and room spray, but not on my skin. Dry: Much softer (although I didn't slather, so YMMV depending on application). Pleasant if you like foody scents.
  14. RavenintheWind


    Fresh scent--the green tea and berries are predominant on me. The drydown is muted by the musk. A nice scent, not going to be one of my favorites, but no notes of death, so that's a plus. I will give this to a friend for testing.
  15. RavenintheWind

    Drink Me

    Ugh, way too foody for me. That buttery note is really not great on my skin.