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  1. proserpine

    Großvater Tanz

    Three words: spoiled rice pudding
  2. proserpine

    A Game Called Yes & No

    Initially, it has a super sweet almond smell that is borderline tolerable for me. As it dries, I pick up on a smell that can only be describe as a combination of Boone's Farm and rubbing alcohol. When these two notes play together on my skin, disaster strikes! I smell like an alcoholic pedophile. The game is over; this one is a definite "no" on me.
  3. proserpine

    Marshmallow Pumpkin

    Wet: Cinnamon madness Drying: The raw pumpkin and marshmellow comes out. The raw squashy pumpkin is not really my thing. Dry: It is trying to be pumpkin pie, but something is off. Overall: I love the marshmellow and spice. The pumpkin doesn't quite smell like pie, but is more raw. I'm not a fan of the note. ETA: I just figured it out! It smells like sweet potatoes with marshmellows on top! Ok, I like this now
  4. proserpine

    Berry Moon 2009

    Wet: Fresh sweet berries and warm golden musk Drying: The fig begins to come out. It reminds me of a warm fruit cobbler served with whipped cream. Dry: Figs with sugar and spice, like a fig tart? Overall: I like this a lot. The end result smells like a warm fruit tart cooling on the counter. It is a perfect berry scent for cooler weather.
  5. proserpine


    Wet: strong peppermint that reminds me of BBW Eucalyptus Spearmint Drying: The mint dies, but the lavender comes out and dominaties. Dry: A little mint comes back to play with lavender Overall: This scent is very relaxing and soothing. I don't think I would use it as an everyday scent, but it would be awesome to wear before bed.
  6. proserpine


    In the bottle: Buttery popcorn? What is going on here? Wet: My arm smells like I dipped it in butter and marshmallow fluff Drydown: The linen comes out and tames the scent. It is becoming less foody and messy. Dry: A mix of sweet cream and floral linen that stays close to the skin. It's like someone wrapped a vanilla cupcake with a dryer sheet. Overall: I was scared of how it smelled in the bottle. The dry smell is nice, but I am not sure of the linen note. It tempers the sweet cream, but at the same time, it kinda seems out of place. I like the scent, but it is not the love I thought it would be. Not sure if I will keep this. eta: With the cooler weather and Halloween shopping, I love Boo. It still doesn't beat Sachs as my favorite vanilla, but it is close.
  7. proserpine

    Pumpkin Latte

    In the bottle: Pumpkin Spice Latte with and extra shot of espresso Wet: Smells like freshly ground coffee beans Drydown: Cinnamon and nutmeg join the coffee beans Dry: Pumpkin, milk, and a hint of caramel balance and slightly sweeten the beverage. Overall: The ending smell is perfectly blended and reminds me of my favorite fall drink. I can't wait to wear this! ETA: When I wear this, I have been told that it smells like cinnamon, maple syrup, waffles, and pancakes. Yummy!
  8. proserpine

    Black Phoenix

    I get sweet almond and sickeningly boozy/plastic maraschino cherries on the drydown. It calms down once dry, but cherry booze isn't my thing.
  9. proserpine


    This starts off as very sweet vanilla, almost like a dessert. Once it settles, the sweetness fades leaving a balance between chamomile and vanilla. The throw is about medium, not overpowering, but not skin-close either. So far I like this, but need to see how it lasts throughout the day.
  10. proserpine


    At first, I smell big, strong, and burly roses. While drying, I smell spices (cinnamon and clove in particular) mixing with the rose. It kind of reminds me of Sybaris, but rose instead of violet. Once dry, the incense takes over (I amp incense) and end up smelling like a church.
  11. proserpine

    Phoenix Steamworks

    At first, I get the same electricity note from Cathode. Like other reviewers have posted, there is a sweet metallic (does that make sense) note here. Now I'm getting florals too? Strange.... After ten minutes, I get light floral and talc. It has almost completely vanished on my skin.
  12. proserpine

    Joyful Moon

    Wet: I definitely smell the berry note other reviewer talk about. I'm guessing it's acia because it reminds me of the berry note in Australian Copperhead. Drying: The berry is gone and the white musk comes out to play. Here's to hoping I don't am this too much... Dry: Soft floral with a brush of sweetness. I can detect the rose, but it stays in the background. Clean, white, with a sweet feminine note. Verdict: I am really glad I took a chance and bought a bottle. Hooray for trusting my instinct on this one!
  13. proserpine

    Two, Five & Seven

    This smells like rose. Not heavy rose, but more like a fresh, delicate rose. It reminds me of LUSH's Queen of Hearts soap. Light and fresh, would be good for spring/summer.
  14. proserpine

    The Forest Reverie

    Wet this smells like a grape vineyard, mixture of sweet grapes and green note. Once dried, all I get is cypress.
  15. proserpine


    Fresh banana when wet. As it dries, the banana fades and it begins to smell different. I don't smell any of the other notes, but I can't put my finger on what it smells like. Whatever it is, it's not for me.