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  1. antihero

    Scents for Clubbing

    Alright guys, I need your help! What sort of scent would you guys put on for going out dancing at night with your friends? Fun, sexy, flirty, mysterious- suggestions, anyone?
  2. antihero


    A scent of peace, reflection, and renewal of the spirit: sakura, ume blossoms, and wisteria. I have been lusting after this for a while, as I love everything with cherry blossom as a note. Not much new to say here from me- a clean, pink floral that reminds you a bit of some very fancy, yummy shampoo. This also has some amazing lasting power on me, which was quite a surprise.
  3. antihero

    Blue Pumpkin Floss

    Sugary pumpkins with the tiniest hint of black berries. A very fun autumny scent, to be sure.
  4. antihero


    Pretty nice, a vanilla scent with spicy orange undertones. Right out of the bottle it did remind me a bit of Old Spice, but on my skin turned very lovely and amber. It reminded me a lot of Snake Oil and Vixen at first, but it's something about it is different.
  5. antihero


    So my first thoughts of Jezebel were very positive! I absolutely loved the sweet honey and floral smell, though I couldn't stop thinking it reminded me of something. Then, when I went looking over the notes and contemplating them, I realized why. Jezebel smells just like Eve on me, only with orange blossom instead of apple. Eve is one of my favorite BPAL scents, so it certainly isn't a bad thing to be like it, but ... do I really need a dupe of it? Undecided, as of now.
  6. antihero

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    This is a little weird, but I guess it's worth a shot. I was wondering if you guys can think of any BPAL scents that would be similar to Indigo Wild's Zum Bar Goat's Milk Soap in Sea Salt. I absolutely adore the smell, and would snap any perfume up in an instant that resembled it. The only listed notes are sea salt and citrus, so I don't have much to go on, unfortunately.
  7. antihero


    I was pretty disappointed in this scent- came out pure peachy playdough on me. definitely for the swap pile.
  8. antihero


    Started off as a sweet, green scent on me. Faded to a green shampoo smell after not very long. To the swaps with you!
  9. antihero

    Miskatonic University

    Delicious butterscotch and coffee! Quick, somebody stop me from licking it off my wrists.
  10. antihero

    Snake Oil

    Finally picked up an imp of this, since it's the scent every self-respecting BPAL fan has to try. To be honest, I'm not quite sure about it. At first I wasn't sure if it was for me, but something keeps drawing me back to sniff my wrists again and again. Also; smells like an Aveda store. In a good way.
  11. antihero


    May become a new favorite of mine! It starts out as a nice floral, but drys to an ... incense-y orange, if that makes sense? Something sweet with a bit of a bite. It does kind of come out as masculine smelling on me, but I like it too much to care.
  12. antihero


    Lovely dark floral, which I am quickly amassing a collection of. I can't pick out any notes particularly (mostly because I'm not particularly familiar with most of them), but what they all create together is wonderful.
  13. antihero


    Nothing but maraschino cherries and cheap chocolate on me. So gross I had to wash it off.
  14. antihero

    '80s Prom Scent?

    Something loud, fluffy, bright, and in-your-face, from the description of your ensemble. Diary of a Lovestruck Teenage Cannibal? Jailbait?
  15. antihero

    Hairy Toad Lily

    Wet this is so purple and juicy and fun, but it doesn't take long for it to dry down to a soapy lily smell on me. Nice, but I'm not wild about it.
  16. antihero


    When I first tried this I wrote it off as just another dark floral, which I adore but already have several of. On a whim I tried it a second time and wow, this is something different! I love aquatics but they don't seem to work too well on me, but this one did fine. I may have to deathmatch it again The Lady of Shalott (which I ironically got in the same package) since their composition seems so similar, but it's still very nice!
  17. antihero

    Dragon's Milk

    wet this smells just like bubblegum to me. big, pink, sticky bubbles. That's still the major smell I'm getting off this, but with something interesting lurking underneath. I've never tried a Dragon's Blood scent before this, so I'm not quite sure what I should be looking for with that note!
  18. antihero


    I got the leaves and a blast of cala lily at first, but it's calming down and I'm getting some of the violet and chamomile now. I like it, but it seems really similar to The Ghost on me, and isn't holding up that well over time. Might have to do some comparisons.
  19. antihero


    This was interesting in the bottle, but on me ... is coming off like fruity sandalwood. I've never really tried a scent with that note in it before, so I was willing to give it a shot, but I really don't like how it's coming out on me. Swap pile, probably.
  20. antihero


    This started out as a super sweet, lovely, springy floral on me. It's faded to a sweet amber smell. The patchouli is there, but not overpowering, and I can actually stand it! Not so sure on it's lasting power- not outstanding or terrible, kind of middle ground. I like it, over all!
  21. antihero


    This is one of my favorites- an aquatic rose scent that lasts forever on me! The lotus sweetens it up to something dreamy.
  22. antihero

    Schrodinger's Cat

    Honestly, this smells like lavender play-dough on me. Disappointing!
  23. antihero


    Tried this yesterday. In the bottle it did smell kind of like grape, but on me it turned into just what it said on the label- sweet ylang-ylang with musk. I didn't expect much out of this one, but I kind of love it. The lasting power is ace too!
  24. antihero

    Black Dahlia

    This started out super smoky rose on me, with some musky amber underneath. It's dried on me to rose, amber, and jasmine. Not getting much magnolia, but I do love what it's turned into on me right now.
  25. antihero


    My track record with lasting power with clean scents is horrid, and Phobos is no exception. It's a very strong, sweet and tangy lemon in the bottle, and on me it's lemon with hints of ginger and other citrus. Sadly, after about an hour and a half, it was almost completely undetectable. To the swap pile with you!