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  1. Juniper wood, styrax, leather accord, blackened honey, and amber. Wet, this is very heavily !woo juniperwood! and a heady, almost metallic leather note, which has to be the styrax jumping in? Drying, it's still very intense, deep and dark, and if there's amber or honey, it's really hiding itself well under the other notes. This is strangely sexy, and I wouldn't mind if my boyfriend wore this. It's an interesting scent for sure. A sweetness that lingers underneath, the amber and honey, has just enough of a presence to keep this from being overwhelmingly green/leathery as it dries. This one makes me want to keep taking a whiff, for sure. I may come back and edit this later/add to it!
  2. MiasmaResonance

    Pumpkin S'mores Atmosphere Spray

    Pumpkin marshmallows smushed into brown sugar-dusted graham crackers with melted chocolate and a hint of campfire smoke. Oh YUM! I got this yesterday (but stupidly just realized it after checking the CnS), so I just now got to try it out. This is pumpkiny, sugary, rich, chocolately, smorey deliciousness. As with every BPTP atmo, one spray has amazingly strong throw. This is the perfect autumn scent for a foodie like me, and I'll def. be using it into the winter too.
  3. MiasmaResonance

    Dragon's Milk Hair Gloss

    It's sooooo yummy. Good staying power too... and I actually like it more than I do the regular perfume.
  4. MiasmaResonance

    Pralines and Powdered Sugar

    This is probably my favourite of the BPTP Lil's I've tried (I bought all the foody ones ). It's sweet and simple, but unique compared to other ice cream blends from the Lab. Has a different feel to it, and the combo of the other notes only adds to the uniqueness! On the dry down, it comes off a little marzipan-y, but in the way Snowcake from Lush does. Yummy and lovely.
  5. MiasmaResonance

    Captain Lilith and her First Mate

    Yummy buttery coconut cake with a hint of the vanilla ice cream note from Detestable Putrescence. Putrescence was a little to high pitched for me but the iceream-y note is much lighter in this blend, thankfully.
  6. MiasmaResonance

    Goatweed Leafwing

    This reminds me SO MUCH of another BPAL scent... but what is it??? *scratching head* I was unsure about the scent itself at first, but it's growing on me. *eta* AHA! I figured it out. It's Khajuraho 2013. It has the same basenotes going on, except this one has the orange undercurrent and doesn't work as well on me as Khaj does. This has an herby...ness at first, whereas Khaj always smells like this one does on the drydown. I like it more with a small retest; it almost gives me a froot loops vibe! But there is a slight powdery undertone with sharp herbal qualities, which I noticed the first go 'round, that makes this veer into grandma territory. Hmmm. Will have to think about this one!
  7. MiasmaResonance

    Limited editions equivalents in the general catalog?

    I actually have a bottle of this! I will PM you.
  8. MiasmaResonance

    Apples?? Finding the right apple scent

    Lucky for you, the Lab and Post just posted an update with lots o' apple scents!
  9. MiasmaResonance

    Sudsy She-Wolf Bath Oil

    I think this is one of the best bath oils the Post has ever done. It is really unique and straight up delicious, but the non foody notes it features temper the sweetness so it's perfectly blended. It's creamy, woodsy, autumnal cocoa, certainly fit for a she-wolf! My numerous back up bottles speak for themselves!
  10. MiasmaResonance


    On my skin this is the sexiest vanilla EVER. The licorice is there but is so subtle it blends into the vanilla seamlessly, leaving it, as previously stated, a sexy, sexy vanilla. Must get a 5ml. Must. There is a 5ml of this... right?
  11. MiasmaResonance


    Ohhhh, this is a BEAUTY! This smells like an expensive designer fragrance, minus any alcohol. If anyone is familiar with Ange ou Demon le Secret by Givenchy, this is in the same family, although the scents are different. Beautiful, sweet, and hard to pin down every note because it's so well put together. My boyfriend loves it as well and says it reminds him of something from his youth he can't place, and the smell feels nostalgic to me as well. To me, it's vanilla tuberose tea, the almond in the background, not high pitched, just adding to the overall loveliness of the scent.
  12. MiasmaResonance

    Devils Night Wedding 2016

    Two off the top of my head are Witch Dance (Bonfire smoke rising through a cloud of ceremonial incense, encircled by swirling autumn leaves and a dribble of blood red musk) and Hexennacht (German fir and forest herbs, incense and bonfire smoke, infernal flora, glowing amber, and the wet, glimmering scent of skin warmed by dance). I am fairly sure you can find these for sale on either the forum or Facebook group.
  13. MiasmaResonance

    MVJBA: Summer Summoning Spectacular

    Grassy pancakes! Wtf?! Drying, it's really nice. It smells of a subtle blend of the grassyness, pancakes, and coffee. This is one of those blends that is just downright hard to describe. Part of me wants this to just smell like pancakes and coffee, but the other part likes the weird green grassy note... it's making the scent very unique. So, I like it, but my nose is still like, w t heck?! Will be retesting as I can see myself loving this easily, as soon as I wear it a bit more.
  14. MiasmaResonance

    Großvater Tanz

    Oh no, that weirdly gamey/off milk note of doom... nooooo. This would be perfect save for that (I love the smell of and eating everything listed in the notes fyi). It's not as heavy as Nonae Caprotina on that milk note, thankfully, so this blend is actually nice compared. However, I'm not completely sold!
  15. MiasmaResonance

    Araw Ng Mga Patay

    Wet on skin: boozy sugary fruits + florals! It may be the caramel giving it that 'boozy' note. Drying: same as above, but a little calmer and a hint of baked ricey goods. This is definitely unique, but there is just so much going on. This doesn't have sentimental value to me so I can't pick out any nostalgia-smells either, which makes the scent all the more confusing. It is pretty, and I can definitely imagine a scene where this scent would make all the sense in the world, but I'm not sure I can wear it. Bet it would smell lovely as a room scent, though.
  16. MiasmaResonance

    Mourning Cloak

    This is awful on me: sour green almonds and woody milk... all gone off. The verbena and cocoa butter is probably contributing to the decay smell. *sweatdrop*
  17. MiasmaResonance

    Son of biggerCritter

    This was literally just fake lime on me. lol Fake coconut-ish lime. Wah wah wah... sold the bottle off.
  18. MiasmaResonance

    Loi Krathong

    In the bottle: Sweet slightly tropical incense. Wet: Heavy floral incense Drying: Still incense but very slightly sugared and a hint of banana leaf and candle wax. A little coconut is also coming out, but it's verrrrry reserved and dark/toned down (assuming this is b/c it's coconut ~bark~). I do wish the notes were more prominent than they are, actually. It ends up being an incense blend that just doesn't stand out as much as I assumed from the notes. I think it would have been better a little heavier on the banana leaves. Despite all of that, I still very much like it. I will definitely retest in a few days.
  19. MiasmaResonance


    Amber, heliotrope, golden sandalwood, peach blossom and vanilla bean. Reminds me a lot of Imp minus the patch note. This is really pretty and sweet floral peach. It smells better the longer I have it on.
  20. MiasmaResonance

    Harigata II

    Fresh from the box! Gotta love a good swap. In bottle: Light anise and amber coconut. Um, YUM. Wet: Light sweet nutty coconut and the anise is just bareeeeely there. Drying: Yummy slightly buttery nutty coconut. Good lord is this yummy. It reminds me of like, mildly sweeted condensed coconut milk, with hints of hazelnut and anise. Just amazing for this coconut lover!
  21. MiasmaResonance

    Lush to BPAL scent comparisons (BNever included too)

    Just tried Against Idleness and Mischeif and it smells identical to the B Never Too Busy 2 Be Beautiful shower gel (and whatever else they make in that scent). So. Good.
  22. MiasmaResonance

    Against Idleness and Mischief

    This. This smells so smiliar to Lush's "B Never Too Busy to Be Beautiful". Oh, yum. YES YES THIS IS LOVELY. So sweet and lovely but comforting. Try this if you like that scent from Lush.
  23. MiasmaResonance

    The Knave of Hearts

    In the imp, definitely fruity-rosey pastry. Wet on my skin, mmmm, spiced fruit tarts with a yummy buttery pastry lingering around. Currant usually smells weird on me but it's not too bad in this one. Drying, it's all white cake and rose with black currant syrup... but... it's getting a wee green and powdery, oh no! Okay, so, I like this. But it is starting to turn into Bread and Butterfly (B&B makes me retch, yikes) a little. That sort of high green note is present in both. I really don't know what's doing it. Must be the the Lab's sugar-bread note? Thankfully it's not quite there, but I'm not sure if I'd purchae a bottle of this. Oh well! ETA: I think I know what it is. It's the stale bakery pastry/cake note, the same from B&B and Eat Me (which I didn't like either). Phooey.
  24. MiasmaResonance

    Detestable Putrescence

    So, I get the slight plasticy undertone other have mentioned... but I kinda sorta like it? It's definitely vanilla, really, really sweet, but sexy as well... I also agree with the raw cookie dough interpretation, but in addition, I think it smells a lot like super sweet condensed milk drizzled on top of vanilla ice cream... For people from Lousiana, this reminds me of the way condensed milk on top of a snowball tastes.
  25. MiasmaResonance


    In the bottle, upon cold sniff, it is smoky chamomile DOOM! Sharp but smoky... On the skin, it's a 'WTF AM I?' battle of chamomile vs vanilla. But thankfully it calms down after a few minutes into sweet, dusky vanilla with a hint of more marshmallowy but still a tinge green chamomile. Now THIS I like, not it's very sharp initial stage though. I do think this will age very well though, and thus calm down.