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  1. mirutai


    This was a frimp, and I would certainly never have sought Nyx out, seeing as how jasmine and I are not exactly bestest buddies. And I don't usually care for myrrh or rose, either. My, the omens are certainly sparkling for this, aren't they? ... yep, soap. I am confirmed in my dislike of jasmine. On a side note, though, this is a distinctly dark and smoky jasmine blend, so those looking for a heady yet ominous floral might want to try this one.
  2. mirutai


    White musk and florals with a distinct fruity edge - I can definitely smell the pear. I can't pick out individual florals; they all blend together into one light, white, sweet scent. I think the musk stops this one from becoming _too_ sweet. It's a skin-scent, so one would have to slather it, but I find this quite lovely.
  3. mirutai


    On me, with my amazing fruit-enhancing skin, this is an incredibly strong, artificially-sweet fruit punch. It is quite, quite horrible! *runs to wash it off* One to be wary of if you tend to amp berries/sweetness.
  4. mirutai


    This is _exactly_ the scent of just-baked pumpkin pie - filling, pastry, sugar, vanilla, cinnamon and cloves. Unfortunately, I _loathe_ foodie scents (so why did I try Jack? Because it was there! *grin*), and have no desire to smell like pie. Though now I want to eat some. Mmmm, pie...
  5. mirutai

    House of Night

    A sorrowful graveyard bouquet of somber blooms, funereal boughs, dismal green and laden with grief. Hmm. This is just a generic floral perfume to me - light, inoffensive, but nothing special. It's too well-blended to pick out any indivicual notes, although there is a fairly "green" feel to it. Not bad, but boring compared to BPALs many other stunning, individual scents!
  6. mirutai

    Hollywood Babylon

    On me, this is very sweet, sticky, and boozy. Smells like cherry liqueur with a side-order of strawberries! There's a hint of spiciness that suggests cloves. My skin chemistry amps up fruit notes into a nasty artificial sweetness, so this one does _not_ work on me.
  7. mirutai


    Whoa. Very, _very_ herbal. I have no idea what particular herbs this smells like - sage? - but it's extremely green and pungent. Not unpleasant... but I don't think I actively _want_ to smell quite this much like a herb rack!
  8. mirutai


    I get more musk than amber out of this one. It is _extremely_ dark! It actually makes me feel a bit uneasy - the musk is quite feral. So a very good match for the name, but not something I'd wear!
  9. mirutai


    On me, this starts off as damp, wet earth, but eventually dries down to a combination of dry earth, hot spices, and a bare hint of floral. I think it fits the name _very_ well, but it's too masculine for me personally. Would love to smell this on a guy, though!
  10. mirutai

    Grandmother of Ghosts

    This smells very complex to me. There's hints of white florals, plus woods, plus musk, with a strange edge that I can't quite put my finger on (maybe the pepper?). The only thing I don't get is any hint of fruitiness or citrus - can't smell the mandarin at all. Despite the complexity, this is a very light scent, not heavy or deady. I like it a lot!
  11. mirutai


    In the imp, I smell white florals, and also something woody and faintly bitter than must be the cedar. Wet, florals dominate - I can pick out the lily. However, as the scent dries it morphs into a strong sandalwood soap. Er, no. Not for me!
  12. mirutai


    In the imp: Whaaa...? Dark chocolate? Fruity dark chocolate? I guess this is what fig smells like! Wet: Fig. Figgyfiggyfiggy. Dry: Weird - the intense chocolate/fig scent has died down, softening out to a lovely sweet, warm, brown scent. Not an everyday scent, and not entirely "me"... but surprisingly pleasant!
  13. mirutai


    On me, this was entirely smoky, bitter sandalwood. VERY not my thing. Off to swaps!
  14. mirutai


    A brilliant, ethereal scent: white musk, bergamot, heliotrope, peach and oakmoss. In the imp: Bright juicy peaches, with a hint of bitterness underneath. Wet: Mmmm, peach juice! Dry: The peach scent dies back a bit, allowing a greener, darker scent to come through. This is the whole peach tree,not just the fruit. Delicious!
  15. mirutai

    Embalming Fluid

    In the bottle: Lemon, but tempered with something musky and herbal. Wet: Lemon, lemon, nothing but the lemon... Dry: ... which abruptly turns to pure white musk. Hello, tea? Lemon? What happened? Pity. I had high hopes for this one.