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  1. bippityboppity

    Hollywood Babylon

    i read the reviews for this scent and from all of the good things i read, i went ahead and got a 5ml... big mistake! i dont really smell any of the good juic strawberryness that i read about. in the bottle it smells like pixi stix in the middle of a new age shop, really powdery and incense-y. when i put first put it smells like baby wipes, and after it dries then it kind of smells like my mom's old strawberry shortcake dolls after they had been stored in a shoebox in the attic for 30 years. artificial and dusty. it reminds me of baby lolita and old ladies, like something bette davis would wear in whatever happened to baby jane (which i suppose is exactly what it is supposed to smell like!). it is starting to grow on me but i feel like i'm not old enough to wear it. oh well! at least i learned my lesson-- always buy imps first, always always always!