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    ancient civilizations, history, culture/s and how it/they influence itself/one another, body mods, pretty jewelry, self adornment, dance, aesthetics, corsetry, period costume, costuming period ;), the out-of-doors, books, love, music, romance, musicals, language, games, theatre, cooking, sensuality, gardening, fantasy, the arts, martial arts, swords, blades, weapons, sexuality, fetishes, assorted other shinies, and likely a whole lot more i can't recall at this juncture.
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    despair, noir, blue moon, frost moon, gypsy queen, perversion


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  1. dragynsidhe


    wet: As I recall it was mostly leather and a bit of spice. Not unpleasant, but rather strong. dry: This is heavenly! I get hints of a powdery softness that must be the tonka, and again a spiciness that puts me in mind of cinnamon--I don't know if that's the leather mixing with the fruit and my own scent, but whatever it is, I love it! There is something edible here too, must be the fruit--I'm fighting the urge to lick the crook of my elbow. Oh, I know. this reminds me of pomander balls, where the scent of the fruit itself is extremely faded but the spiciness lingers on--pomander balls and leather with a trickle of--chocolate? Yes, chocolate. Maybe that's the rum. **the more I sniff, the more notes i make out--this is certainly a complex one!** I'm starting to get the impression that my skin amps up and runs wth anything vaguely spicy. I had this happen yesterday with whatever it is I tested out and didn't review, like a silly. Good thing I'm a fan of spicy scents.
  2. I (heart) youki-hi. Is it the *exact* same scentwise as flying fox? I'm looking for a bpal oil that will remind me of the bath cookie, since I won't use it--glitter isn't my thing, but free stuff--and jasmine--is. I still can't believe how much like real jasmine milk tea it smells to my nose, and I wants to slather in it!!! I already want to get Siren because of the combination of ginger and jasmine, but if there's something closer to the ballistic, please do tell! ETA BBcode in lieu of html. Silly me.
  3. dragynsidhe

    When your favorite GC blends are discontinued

    If anyone has recommendations for similar scents to either noir or despair, please tell me! I'll be watching this thread, but if you'd PM me as well, I'd love you forever and ever! (: [edited becuase apparently this morning I cannot spell!]