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  1. espoir

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Hi everyone, Annick Goutal's Passion is one my favourite non-bpal perfumes. I am looking for a close version among bpal oils. Anyone knows Passion? Here are the notes: Floral (Jasmine, ylang-ylang, tomato leave, tuberose, patchouli, oakmoss, vanilla) Waiting your suggestions
  2. espoir

    Autumn Scents - recommend the ones you love

    Hi everyone, Autumn is approaching. I am looking for a floral autumnal perfume that evoke the image of yellow, golden colored flowers...... Any suggestions?
  3. Hi everyone, Nowadays I became interested in refined fragile flowers..... but the ones which make you think victorian ladies with laces, chiffons, silks in a romantique aura... The Lady of Shalott came to my mind at first, but it is a bit aquatic. I dont want a perfume with an aquatic base. It should be only flowers. Any suggestions?
  4. espoir

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    Hi everyone, Yesterday I watched a french film called "L'appartement" in which Monica Belluci and Vincent Cassel are starring. Lisa character which Monica Belluci is playing affected me very much. There is a scene where Lisa makes a phone call and then leaves. Max (Vincent Cassel) goes to the place where she had make a phone call and smells her perfume. What could be the perfume of Lisa in that scene ?(thinking the atmosphere there and her red shoes) I add a link for this scene. (1.10-3.10) My link I also highly recommend this film
  5. espoir

    Red flowers

    I also think that these ones could be described as red flower perfumes LOVE-LIES-BLEEDING: The velvet flower. A lush, thick, luxuriant bloom, bold and red VERSAILLES: Grand, courtly and robust: a glittering, golden scent that would do Louis XIV proud. Gilded red and gold citrus with amber, ruby roses, jasmine and orris. Bruised Violet Compound also gives me the impression of dark red violets.
  6. espoir

    Red flowers

    Venice is a red flower perfume. I do get a strong red color impression. It has jasmine too. Venice: lemon, red currant, wisteria, red rose petals, heady jasmine, Florentine orris root, waterlily, red sandalwood, violet plum, and violet leaf.
  7. espoir

    The search for the perfect Violet....

    I haven't smell Lucretia but Raven is a musky violet. They have also common notes like iris. Lucretia sounds a bit woody floral.
  8. espoir

    The search for the perfect Violet....

    Hi, Anyone has an idea about the intensity of violet in Lucretia? Could it be compared to Raven? I am still in search of a dark violet note
  9. espoir

    Recommend a scent for a specific dress or outfit

    Hi everyone, I am going to a gothic-themed party of a friend. I have just dyed my hair blue-black. I think I will wear red lipstick, dark eyeshadow and pale foundation. My dress: My link My socks: http://www.penti.com/Urun/908/188/Nostalji-Kulotlu-corap.aspx My shoes look quite alike these shoes: http://www.wonderlandconsignmentshop.com/products/detail/140 I couldn't decide what to wear as a perfume. I am usually fond of cold flowers like violet. I want something sophisticated and dark also. Waiting for your recommondations
  10. espoir

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    I really love the movie "Pulp Fiction". Mia is the icon for femme-fatale style in my opininon. Here are my suggestions: Lamia: "Deadly elegance: pale orchid, vanilla amber, black currant, white peach, champaca, coconut, Arabian myrrh, Burmese vetiver, and oude." Vixen: "Lascivious, flirtatious, and vampy as hell. A true heartbreaker’s perfume. The innocence of orange blossom tainted by the beguiling scents of ginger and patchouli." Wanda: "Wanda is the breathtakingly beautiful sable-wrapped marble queen of Sacher-Masoch's fantasies. Her scent is a deep red merlot with a faint hint of leather, sexual musk and body heat over crushed roses, violets and myrtle. " Whip: "Agony and ecstasy: black leather and damp red rose."
  11. espoir

    Iris and Orris scents

    Hi, I really love the scent of iris. I have been using L'occitane Iris Eau de Parfum. Now i want to discover the bpal oils that contain iris as a main note. Waiting for your recommendations !
  12. espoir

    Bamboo, aloe scents

    Thanks for all your suggestions! i have made some search and come across with these: Habu: Snake Oil with ho wood, teak, black musk, and bamboo (i don't know how heavy is the bamboo note) Fox Fires on New Year's Eve at the Garment Nettle Tree at Oji: Weeping cherry, watery bamboo pulp, nettle tree bark, green tea incense, soft musk, rice wine, and Japanese tree lilac. Embalming Fluid : white musk, green tea, aloe and lemon. (It looks like a cool scent but i'm not fond of lemon very much so a bit afraid)
  13. espoir

    Bamboo, aloe scents

    I am in search of bpal oils that mainly consist of bamboo and aloe. I really love the fresh smell of them. Are there any suggestions?
  14. espoir


    Hi, Mermaids, sirens, nymphs.....I'm in love with these creatures What scents can be associated to them? Perhaps the smell of of water...something in the color range of blues.... I'm waiting your suggestions
  15. Can anyone tell the difference between The Rose and The Snooty Rose ?