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    Wolf's Heart so far. I just got my order and haven't tried all of them yet. I love clove, cinnemon, roses, honey and cocoa.

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    painting, photography, going to concerts, trying new restaurants, spending time w/friends over chai
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    I was born before sunrise on Halloween. What does that tell you?
  1. BlackWingedRoses


    Mandrake is a dark herbal smell on me at first. Quite masculine. Like freshly plucked roots with moist earth still on them. The drydown is so unusual on me. I get cedar, and believe it or not, the smell of a freshly opened box of CRAYONS! I'm keeping my frimp, cause it's so weird. but not an everyday scent for me.
  2. BlackWingedRoses

    Enraged Groundhog Musk

    I was really curious about this one, because i sorta missed the boat with other enraged animal scents, so i tought hey, might as well take a chance with a groundhog. Plus the description seemed really nice. i love the mini-photo of the groundhog on the lable. So cute! Out of the bottle it smelled very butterscotchy/ caramely. I wondered if it was going to be too sweet. On the skin it seems strong at first. and I hope I wouldn't smell like a spicy caramel sundae all day (as much as i like caramel. i think it would be too cloying for a long period of time) But as it dried, A lovely spiciness came out of it. Cinnemon, cloves (?) and cardemom too. By the time I got on the elevator at work It had a lovely warm sweet spice scent that reminded me a lot of hot spiced cider with orange slices floating on top. There seems to be a citrus fruit note. I didn't recognize it as cherries The drydown is so gorgeous. I thought that Silk Road would be my favorite spicey scent, But i think this trumps it. I'll have to see how long it lasts. It's been two hours, and i can still smell it pretty well. It's very similar to Silk Road, but not as dry smelling. Enraged Groundhog Musk is softer and a bit sweeter. And for musk-o-phobics like me, no need to worry. whatever musk is in here, it's blended so well, it doesn't bother me at all. As far as the cocoa. I didn't even realize it was in there until i re-read the description. now that i'm sniffing my wrist again i can smell it faintly. It takes a while for it to come out. I feel sad for all the people whose skin id acting up because of this, because it is such a beautiful blend. Burning this as a home scent would be a great alternative.
  3. BlackWingedRoses


    Peitho is a sweet floral for sure. It's soft and very pretty. Reminds me of Eternal, even though the notes in each are very different. It turns kinda soapy on me though, so it might be better in a burner where its sweet clean flowers can bloom better. Oh yes, there is an undertone of vanilla there. this gives it a little creaminess. I bet this is why I thought i smelled gardenia. but i'm not getting the sandalwood and clove. maybe my skin just makes the Jasmine burst forth and hide everything else.
  4. BlackWingedRoses


    yup lots of gardenia in this one. i smell flowers and berry candy. there is a sweetness to it. it's a very feminine scent. it turns into a creamy floral gardenia scent. pretty, if you you are big into florals that is.
  5. BlackWingedRoses


    oh poor Czernobog, I just can't like you. sharp and strong and musky. I get a strong disinfectant smell (like the kind they use in public restrooms). Musks totally take over on me. I had to wash this off right away, but even after that, I could still smell traces of it on my arm for hours. can't win 'em all.
  6. BlackWingedRoses


    Burial: in the vial: lemon, pine, Vicks on the skin: i still smell the sharp citrus and pine, with the effevescence of juniper, but there is something darker, dirtier. This might be patchouli. You can almost smell the damp earth of a conifer forest making its way through. It smells like early spring before the final thaw and the first flowers are starting to poke through the moist cold ground. This mellows down to a sweet earthy smell after a while and thankfully the sharp overwhelming menthol smell is gone. give this one a chance to grow on you.
  7. BlackWingedRoses

    Machu Picchu

    i got this as a frimp. Always thought Maccu Piccu was such a magical place. If this is what it smells like, I want to go there! It's a strong one so sniff with caution. It's green and spikey at first. tart. But there's an undercurrant of green bananas that must come from the leaves. It so intoxicating. humid smelling. It's flowery and wet and there is definitely some citrus going on. lemon-lime? yummy. Wear this if you are yearning for summer vacations or on a boat picnic.
  8. BlackWingedRoses

    White Rabbit

    in the vial it smells crisp and fresh. there is almost a lemon lime soda smell. the fizziness probably comes from the spicey-ness of the ginger. On the skin it tuns to flowers and Fruity Pebbles with a dash of sweet herbal goodness. ha ha. It's a happy scent. I get a tingly sensation in my nose that must be from the pepper. I really like this one. It's light and fresh and great everyday scent especially if you want to smell unique and get those "what are you wearing?" comments.
  9. BlackWingedRoses


    truly one of the most unique scents i have tried from the lab. I'm keeping it just for the OMG factor. Out of the bottle it smells masculine/cologne and salty on the skin it morphs and if i close my eyes I can actually see the devastation of a hurricane. I can smell the salty sprays of the ocean and I can smell wood. lots of wet wood. some of it rotting. it's an earthy and aqautic scent rolled into one. and boy does it have a throw. It a long laster. Not for those who tend to get headaches from stronger smells. If you love the labs ability to surprise you by taking you to another place and time, then pick up an imp of this. if not to wear, the entertainment value alone is worth it.
  10. BlackWingedRoses


    I, like some of our other reviewers, was surprised there was no tobacco in this blend. I got a very smokey smell right from the bottle, which scared me a little, cause i can't stand the smell of smoke. But it was a woody smoke. I can imagine this is the cedar. Kinda strong for my liking, but it morphs. Vanilla is definitely present. It's dry and sweet, like a cigar. But I must say I adore the drydown on this. It smells like a spicier rootbeer float! Reminds me a bit of Voodoo, but with more woodiness. I'm on hour 4 and can still smell it.
  11. BlackWingedRoses

    Chaos Theory III: Strange Attractors

    Each bottle of Chaos Theory is truly unique, a fragrant fractal, and exercise in the joy of chance and uncertainty! Each is a one-of-a-kind, utterly random combination of scents, the composition of which is based on whim, mood and gut instinct. DCCXXXIX (739) I really didn't know what to expect. It's my first time trying a Chaos Theory. Sadly I don't think my blend will work for me. At first whiff I get a woody musky scent that reminds me a little of patchouli, even though i know that it isn't. On the skin it is very dark and herbal, could be some kind of mint/rosemary in there. it's spikey, but there are very earthy dirt tones that make me think of a fresh grave in late fall. That woody inscence smell comes back, Like a dark dank church. I'm pretty sure there is some kind of dusty floral in it too. It sticks to the skin, but is not overly strong as far as throw. It's a very interesting complex scent, but just not something that works well with my body chemistry or my nostrills. Oh well, ya win some, ya loose some.
  12. BlackWingedRoses


    WOW! Fresh forest. VERY Green. I had a scratch and sniff book as a child that had a Christmas tree to sniff that was my first reaction/memory to this scent. This reminds me of that new, freshly cut pine smell. But it isn't Overly piney like Pine-Sol. This is that pretty festive pine that makes you want to inhale deeply. There is something sparkly and intoxicating about this too. It must be the faerie dust
  13. BlackWingedRoses


    Yes, I could've sworn there was a fruit note at first sniff as well. But this turns out to be a very pretty floral on. I'm not sure what crocus and snowdrop smell like, but if I wanted to eat a flower, those would be it. This smell almost tropical. Very sweet and warm and fresh. nice imper, you're a keeper.
  14. BlackWingedRoses


    Pier One Imports...bottled. But that's a good thing! There's lots of mingling going on. It is very well blended. I thought I smelled coconut but it must be the amber and the berries dueling it out. It's a rich and creamy scent with a hint of spice and a bit of fruitiness. Even if you are not a huge fruity person this is great because it is not overpowering. I'd say it is more of a floral. a very beautiful exotic scent.
  15. BlackWingedRoses

    Budding Moon

    i'm so thankfull I got a decant of this. It is blissful. At fisrt sniff it is very sweet and fruity almost candy-like but when you put it on it just blooms all over your skin, lucious plum , and sweet breathy peony and lotus. That fizzy zingy scent poeple are describing must be the ginger and it really makes it beautiful. I too wish it lasted longer. I think 4 hours seems to be the consensus, but I am also glad that it is not overpowering. Musks tend to not do well with me, so i'm glad I finally found one that works and doesn't monopolize the scent. I love Budding Moon. Will you marry me?