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  1. Requiem-of-Roses

    BPAL and pregnancy

    That's kinda ironic, eh? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Heh, that's what I was thinking, too.
  2. Requiem-of-Roses


    NOTE: This is a review of the older, un-reformulated Old Dublin. In the vial: Fresh, green, damp. Just like the others have said. It really does give the essence of wandering about outside of a moist, time-beaten castle out in a misty field right before the sun peeks up behind beautifully bouldered, green hills. It's a bit "brighter" smelling than I first imagined, but it's still quite lovely. It makes me feel like I'm breathing in clean, crisp, fresh air. Nice. Wet: Goes on with an insidious amount of strength on me. Not at all in an overbearing way, it just packs a suprising punch for having such subtle notes. Hmm, I do sense an underlying scent of baby powder...but, it's far too subdued to tell. I really hope this stays put where it is. I despise baby powder with a passion and I just couldn't bear the thought of Old Dublin going powdery on me. I've been longing for it for so long... After the Drydown: Oh, woe is me. Baby powder. I barely smell anything else. I never once got the influence of the white rose...I don't think it stood a chance. Over time, the baby powder just got stronger and more pure to form. It's now 100% pure powder...just like swiping a baby powder scented deodorant down my arm. Totally not my thing. I'm quite disappointed...not in Beth & Co., for I'm sure this is a lovely scent otherwise...I'm disappointed in my chemistry. It's almost hard to fathom the sharp downward spiral it took once it touched my skin and started to dry. The difference is astounding. I had to wash it off - it was making me naseous. I want to cry... Overall: Well, I wanted to love this one...I wanted to buy a 10mL right off the bat, just because it sounded so lovely. Q was nice enough to decant some for me, because she noticed that I was busting at the seams to try it and couldn't bear to wait. I am glad I got to try it, though...even if it didn't work out whatsoever. But, I do have one thing to keep in mind...this -is- the old version, and they've done some tweaking at the Lab, so I may try this again in the future. So, after reading some newer reviews and finding out what they might have changed, I'll decide whether to try it again or not, for sure. So, we'll see! Old Dublin...there may be hope for you, yet.
  3. Requiem-of-Roses


    Wow, there's really not much else to say about this one...it's a dead-ringer on me. Even in the vial, it smells distinctly of fresh-cut dandelions...petals, stems and all. When I put it on, the actual stems seem to take the second seat and the actual bright, yellow floral of the oil opens up in full bloom. On dry down, I'm left with images of the giggling of little girls in a big, green back yard spinning around, hand-in-hand playing "Ring Around the Rosie" with a crown of fresh plucked dandelions gracing each and every one of their sweet, little perfectly curly, long-haired heads. It makes me smile and it's the perfect Spring scent...even to someone, like me, who's usually attracted to darker scents...
  4. Requiem-of-Roses


    In the vial: Slightly earthy and extremely green. Nearly menthol green. It takes a second whiff to even pick up the subtlety of the soft floral hidden within. The actual oil itself is green and it's very befitting. Wet: Flower-sweetened pine at a menthol strength. Bittersweet. Hmm. Interesting, but I'm not sure if it's a good interesting, yet. There's a high potential to go either way. After the Drydown: The softness of the floral finally took the stage to mellow out the bitter-toned star of the show - the very sharp mixture of pine and eucalyptus, perhaps? It ended up being a good thing she showed up when she did, because I almost had to write-off Belladonna completely. Although, there's almost a powderiness to it on my skin, now. Which I'm not totally sure fits together, the way it developed with my chemistry. It's almost grandmotherish. Overall: Well, overall, I just don't think Belladonna is very "me", either. I didn't get the sense it would be as soon as I put it on...but, I've decided to keep the imp for now and try it again. I don't think I'll ever be able to like it as a scent I wear, but it's oddly calming and I think I'll try it right before I go to bed. Plus, everyone here seems glad they gave it a second chance, so maybe Belladonna just has an insidious nature that must be tested more than once. But, I can say now, that it will most likely end up as a swap..
  5. Requiem-of-Roses

    Limited Edition stock update.

    Oh, wow! Havisham went fast..
  6. Requiem-of-Roses

    Blue Moon Update: Now Live

    Wow, the new descriptions sound great, Beth. I'm sorely disappointed by the fact that I haven't the money for the Blue Moon, so I'll be missing out on that one...but, I must admit, I'm consoled by the description for La Bella Donna Mia Mente. That sounds great.
  7. Requiem-of-Roses


    In the vial: It smells very sweet, but not overly so. The sweetness smells just right in the vial. Quite possibly an orange scent, but not the fruit...the colour. I guess that might be hard to understand...but, just know that that's, suprisingly, a good thing. Anyways...what's interesting about this, is that I'm never really drawn to any scents that have any bright fruit notes, and while this sounded like a really nice scent, I don't know if I ever would have ordered it myself. So, this coming in a gift pass/swap, was probably the only way I'd ever end up owning this. (I actually requested this one for my mom, because she said it sounded like heaven - she absolutely adores orange blossom and white musk. But, I figured I'd try it before I passed it on, of course. ) My first impression is better than I would have originally expected. I mean, I don't know if this scent will ever be "me", but I like it for what it is, anyways. Now, let's see what it smells like on... Wet: Hmm. Still very sweet...the apricot is coming out more strongly now that it's on my skin, but not in a bad way. I think the white musk is warming it up a bit and mellowing it out, so it's not too fruity. It's nice. This has softened out to something a bit less brightly "orange coloured" and something a bit more muted - like a nice, earth-toned peach colour. Something indirectly very fruity...like receiving a warm hug from someone who's just eaten a tree-fallen peach or a ripe apricot or two. After the Drydown: Still very much like it is when wet, but it's developed into a more soft, powdered version of itself. (Not of the baby variety at all...maybe more like a light, powered sugar atop something fluffy.) It's very feminine, and while it smells fairly youthful, I think the musk warms it up to a versatile platform - bringing it to a place that leaves it able to be worn by those of any age. And, as more time goes by, I almost pick up something vaguely "nutty", like Quantum mentioned. Almost like an almond undertone...I guess it must just be the way the combination of the musk and apricot settles on me. Overall: Overall, this is a nice scent...but, it just isn't "me". I prefer darker, woodsy/floral notes - and, like I said, I probably never would have ordered this on my own, even with the musk in it. But, I'm glad I tried it and, if it had been something that was mine to keep, I might have found myself using up the imp on days I felt like wearing something lighter, but still womanly, and "fruitfully flirty"...this just won't be a bigger bottle purchase for me. Although, it just might be, in my mother's case.
  8. Requiem-of-Roses

    The Empress

    In the vial: Very earthy and herbal, actually. The rose isn't very overpowering - which suprised me...because, after reading the reviews, I thought a bouquet of roses would jump out at me. I do smell quite a bitter note, as others have said, though. It's almost like singed herbs, crushed up and then dusted onto the petals of an aging Victorian tea rose. Hmm...I'm not sure this is for me. But, it could go either way...we'll see. Wet: Oh, this is extremely bitter when wet on me. Extremely. I don't know if I'm going to like this. It may be too extreme of a rose for my nose. I'm almost picking up a burning rose-scented rubber smell when it's on my skin. This was on my wish list to buy in the future, but I got this as a gift from someone, so I was excited to try it...this actually ended up being the very first BPAL oil I've tried on my skin. Unfortunately, I fear I'm going to be sorely disappointed in this one. I'm not going to wash it off, because it's a bit too early in the game for that. I'll give this a chance in the drydown. After the Drydown: Well, while the bitterness mellowed a bit from it's previous stronghold, it is still far too dominant for my taste. I sensed a bit more sweetness trying to come through - possibly a softer, non-rose floral...but, alas, it was too weak to overcome such an overbearing bitter tone. I also smell actual stems more clearly, as well...which probably didn't help the poor, little softer note trying to break through. I hope my chemistry doesn't slaughter too many other oils like it apparently did with this one. I tried washing and washing my wrists to get it off, but there's still a lingering scent of it. It latched itself on very well. I think I might even end up having to wash it's reminents off my computer desk, where my wrists were touching it. So, yeah...for those of you who find out it works for you and love it, at least it's got staying power. Overall: Unfortunately, this is a definite pass/swap for me. How terribly sad.
  9. Requiem-of-Roses

    A Little Lunacy

    Haha, I know this has nothing to do with what you were talking about...but, I just had a giggle to myself, because when I was little, I had a club called "The Blue Moon Club"...we even had a little clubhouse and regular "meetings"..oh, the simple days of childhood. What memories. But, yes..about what you were talking about, I think that would be a splendid idea.
  10. Requiem-of-Roses

    The Mad Tea Party has some party-crashers...

    Oh, how gorgeous they sound. And, oh wow...Tiger Lily sounds awesome. Hmm, actually all three Mad Tea Party scents sound pretty good. (And, I'm very curious as to how Havisham smells, too!) Hmm...all I know, is that I'm definitely going to try the new Mad Tea Party releases eventually...
  11. Requiem-of-Roses

    A Little Lunacy

    Do you have any public libraries in your area that have internet access? I know when I didn't have internet access for awhile, I went to the library if I needed anything. Might be worth checking out.
  12. Requiem-of-Roses

    A Little Lunacy

    Oh...no. *starts sobbing* This will be the death of me. I'm elated and tortured, at the same time. All I know is that I can NOT miss the Harvest Moon. (Oh, what am I talking about, I don't want to miss any.) Oh, be still my beating heart! Oh, woe is me! *insert exploding smiley here* ETA - Mental note: It's time to step up the whole job search thing!!
  13. Oooh, I'll definitely have to remember this list for my next order. This is my first ever desert summer as a resident and I'm stuck trying to deal with it as best I can. I swear southern Arizona is only a hop and a skip from the Sun itself, sometimes. Hope you figure out what's going to work for you, babykitty...I feel for you.
  14. Requiem-of-Roses

    Am still here...

    Hey Nella, I figured since you see this thread anytime you have a chance, I would drop my "Thanks for fixing my order and getting back to me, Nella!!" here. I was thinking that maybe sending a seperate email to tell you that would just end up being extra fluff you had to weed through! So, anyways...yes...you're great, thanks.
  15. Requiem-of-Roses

    Am still here...

    Good to hear you'll be getting some well-deserved R&R...I hope you all do! Anyways, have fun back home...see you when you get back!