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  1. sirbixby


    I have to admit I didn't like this out of the bottle and was going to pass it up, but once it dries down it is divine! Just wait and you won't be sorry because the vanilla really comes out on the dry down. This turns ended up being a warm vanilla musk on me, very cozy and comforting.
  2. sirbixby

    Rosy Maple

    I agree that this definitely has the cutest label! From the bottle I get the acai's immediate fruitiness, the sweet pea and the creaminess from the vanilla. From the skin test, more of the vanilla comes out and a sugary floral note. When dried, this is a very sweet and girly scent.
  3. sirbixby


    From the bottle: wet pear!, sugar, this definitely smells green. I'm really liking what I smell so far! On skin: No more pear , sweet sugar is still there, the carnation and herbal floral notes come out, at the end it kind of has a chapstick-y smell..weird. 30 min. later: Has dried down to a very Very light sugar scent. I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't get more of the lime in the lime sugar. This is a very light and sweet scent, but I kind of wish is lasted longer (scent locket?) and that it stayed a more fruity green scent w/ a hint of sugar. Oh wells.
  4. sirbixby

    Mountain of Bone

    From bottle: Sweet, definitely fruity (like a fruit cocktail), and you can smell something in the back..maybe the ooze or the spritzer? On skin: Still sweet, but it almost smells like a syrupy lychee smell (smells a bit more sugary and tropical than just berries). But again the sweetness and sugary-ness is more dominant than what the actual fruit it (if that makes sense). Probably because this is a combination of fruits? I don't get an alcohol or boozy smell, but there is still something lingering in the back. Dry down: Not too strong, but if I sniff my wrists it is still definitely sweet and sugary. Smells more like sweet fruits in general. I didn't get any herbs or spices, etc. from this. If you like fruity or sugary notes, this may work out for you! Hope this helped
  5. sirbixby


    This smells really sweet and yummy out of the bottle. It's a good combination of sweet, fruity, and floral to balance the sweetness from the fruits, but not too heavy (definitely apple stands out). It smells nice on, but I wish it would have lasted longer. I put this one on before work- it smelled great! Throughout the morning, I could still smell the sweet scent, but it was fading. By lunch, I couldn't smell anything unless I sniffed my wrists. And it did leave a nice sweetness on my skin, but I wish the scent lasted longer. I definitely love this in the scent locket, only because it keep the scent longer!