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  1. tourmalinqueen

    Anne Bonny

    Weird. Got a very medicinal incensy smell. Later on I thought I smelled B.O. in a health food store, only to find out it was my perfume! This has an odd scent on me, good throw and decent staying power, but as mentioned, morphed to a strange smell which later, much later , is lingering as a sweet scent. For me, not something I want to smell like, especially when its fresh on me!
  2. tourmalinqueen


    Delicious, warm heady jasmine! Not getting any of the mosses or almond (as someone mentioned), just a faintly incensey jasmine, smells like a night garden. Big bursts of what I think is gardenia mingling with the other heavy florals.My new signature scent, fantastic! Alluring, mysterious, and different.
  3. tourmalinqueen


    I wore this one to the movie, Skeleton Key, yesterday. Some guy came walking in with his family, as he passed my row ( I was sitting on the end), he said "something smells odd here" and moved his family further down the aisle! Burial smells eucalyptusy with something more pungent going on, like furniture polish. A tiny overtone of pine. Definitely brings to mind mossy tombstones and darkly dripping water.......Not sure where this one is appropriate. Maybe on Samhain or when divining? Its not the sort of scent most folks are going to want to cuddle their noses into your neck for. ADDED Aug. 21: Dark juniper with something vaguely medicinal in it, must be how the patchouli translates. Smells similar to Pinesol. Ok if you don't mind smelling like a pine tree.
  4. tourmalinqueen

    The Red Queen

    Most delicious. On me, it translates to cherries and marzipan, sweet sugary almond. Like something out of the most wonderful bakery. ADDED Aug. 21: Starts out as super strong cherry cough syrup and then fades to cherry marzipan, sweet and simple, but with some faint lingering tones of medicine.
  5. tourmalinqueen

    Black Annis

    Hot damn! Sexy and powerful, quintessentially a MAN's scent but I can't wait to try this in a crowded bar, or maybe just a quiet board room meeting of mostly males! Leather, bourbon, cigars all mixing quite wonderfully together. The sort of scent I would imagine someone like Ralph Fiennes wearing. Moderately long lasting. A strong sexy surprise. A masterpiece. Not for everyone..........
  6. tourmalinqueen


    Wow, where's the smoke everyone's talking about? Just to be sure my nose wasn't "off", I lit some incense and then burned a cigarette to ashes just for a comparison sniff. Don't find it here. I smell something much more intriguing, what the heck is it? Maybe some weird mix of lavender, cinnamon with a spritz of lemon? Comes off with a bit of a medicinal smell straight out of the bottle, every now and then I get sharp whiffs of soap or laundry detergent. It then morphs into something deliciously , differently sweet. A touch of cherry? It reminds me just the slightest of tobacco in a pouch, good quality pipe tobacco. Just very different.........My only complaint here is that , like most of the BPAL scents I've tried, it doesn't last long on my skin, needs frequent reapplication, if not for that, might easily become a favorite.
  7. tourmalinqueen


    The scent that played the heaviest on me was rosemary which unfortunately mixed with the orange to make something eucalyptus smelling. The rose just peeped out, barely there. Long lasting only in my cleavage and only then if I pulled out my shirt and poked my nose down there. It also didn't sit well with my skin and made it bumpy in spots. Oh well, off to the swap pile.
  8. tourmalinqueen


    What the heck was it? I got a whiff of generic mildly sweet incense and my skin totally gobbled it up!!!!!!!! Re applied and was gone within the half hour again, very light notes I couldn't really decipher. Just doesn't work with my chemistry. Swap bin.
  9. tourmalinqueen


    Wow, this is some wonderful stuff! Maybe its supposed to be dark and ominous but on me it screams CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! I am getting all kinds of piney notes and spices and fruit, it smells like a freakin' Christmas tree in a house of potpourri and holiday treats! I love it! I haven't cheated and read what its made of (well, I did initially but I get so much stuff I don't recall what it was) so thats exactly how it smells combined with my body chemistry. Reminds me very much of stuff (room spray, candles, etc.) made by a co. called Claire Burke. They made a holiday line of scented goodies and this smells quite similar. Lasted about 2 hours on me but definitely worth refreshing, may have to go for the big bottle and have it here before Yule season. Too delicious and appropriate anywhere. Yet not the sort of scent mass marketters have come out with yet...........
  10. tourmalinqueen

    Dragon's Tears

    The first thing that hit me with Dragon's Tears was something piney, maybe even like eucalyptus, then something darkly floral, if that makes sense. Whatever it is, it combines with the dragon's blood to make the "aquatic" smell others refer to. It reminds me, in a nutshell, of a spicy good quality incense, which I guess isn't a surprise as many incenses include dragon's blood resin. I am thinking the floral smell I pick up on is some lily or maybe jasmine? Something flowery in there. It fades to a delicious incensey glow, and I mean FADES. On my skin , the scent was basically gone in about an hour, maybe less. Not a scent to "share" or make an impression with for me as you couldn't smell it unless your nose was an inch from my skin. Too bad as otherwise it could easily have become one of my favorites. Into the swap bag.
  11. tourmalinqueen


    Nuit is a class act. A heady sophisticated perfume suitable for times when you when you want to be both sexy, and respectable. Some people have suggested Nuit smells like a "1940s" scent. I feel its a bit more modern, I can see "ladies who lunch" wearing it (and then nabbing the cabana boy after lunch!) Its very floral, a blast of jasmine tempered with musk which blends into something strong,secure and wonderful. To me it says "I'm beautiful, don't mess with me or else........." Almost haughty. Definitely not a scent for wallflower types, expect to be noticed. My only beef is that on me it wasn't real long lasting, about 3 hours was the most I could detect without a touch up, but I guess wearing Nuit I could pretty much accomplish anything I wanted in 3 hours!
  12. tourmalinqueen


    Nyx- a masterpiece! My second BPAL imp I've tried. My first was Cathode, which, while lovely, was very short lived on me and seemed more of a man's scent. Nyx is everything I thought BPAL would be! It hits with a masterful blend of jasmine and myrrh, early on I smelled something another reviewer described as "bubble gummy", to me its cotton candy, something bright and sweet and sugary. That rapidly faded and the myrhh turned smokey, delicious! Just the right hint of smoke to keep the jasmine from overriding this into a floral scent. I never did smell the rose. Now its almost 8 hours later and the cotton candy has returned and is reigning. What a sweet end. Definitely a most mysterious haunting blend. This would be lovely to wear on a serious date on a full moon night, or even to a coven circle. I guess the word that would sum up Nyx is mysterious.
  13. tourmalinqueen


    My first BPAL scent! Very warm. Could easily be a unisex scent. Opens with a burst of mint then fades and warms to something sweet and powdery,with the mint taking the back seat. I think its the ambergris coming through. I can taste something astringent in my mouth coming through from the oils. I think this would be lovely on a man. Now that I am smelling it, probably more a man's scent , in my opinion. Delicious,sexy, warm and sweet.