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  1. with coffee spoons


    Upon application, I love this, the brightness of the lemon, the sweet, slight fruitiness mixed with incense. By the time a half hour passes, however, this becomes bubblegum grape. Not entirely unpleasant, of course, but not my idea of a perfect personal fragrance. Too bad, because I quite like this at first.
  2. with coffee spoons


    This is really quite beautiful. The lavendar's natural astringency is softened by the surrounding florals and the blend's sweetness. This was a gift from the lab; I woudn't have ordered it on account of the white florals included, because heady florals and I aren't exactly a match made in heaven. This, however, is utterly lovely, and not at all the white floral I was afraid of. I primarily get lavender with maybe a touch of the white sandlewood-- not much jasmine, or even bergamot. I'm not familiar with mugwort, but I wonder whether it it what is sweetening the blend so much? I can't much comment on it's effects, as unless I'm on some stimulant, I sleep long and easily. I'll try to use it at night to see whether it brings me dreams-- I rarely remember mine.
  3. with coffee spoons


    After a less than pleasant run-in with Creed's Fleur de The Rose Bulgaire, I was convinced upon finding BPAL and reading all the reviews that I would have to avoid roses, sure that I'd be among those whose chemistries make roses loudly misbehave. This has been not at all the case, as Rakshasa yet again demonstrates--white roses are hardly detectable on me, and any rose in the blends is so well blended that I don't sniff and say "Hey, it's a rose!" It's rather the smooth richness of the petals underpinning the scent coupled with the spice of the rose heart opened to the sun. Here, the scent is predominately sandlewood, sweet and spicy, but touched with faint earthy patchouli and smoothed out with the rose petals. I haven't reached for my imp often, although given the number I have to sort through nowadays, that's hardly surprising, but I think I'll keep it. It's exotic, sweet but dry, and quite lovely. With an imp's worth of wear, it may grow on me such that I'll buy, if not a bottle, then at least another imp. It is quite beautiful, and well worth a try, especially if you're a fan of sandlewood.
  4. with coffee spoons


    At first this does smell like Tears, albeit much toned downed, touched with Eucalyptus, but not so loudly insistent. I've not had much success with white roses- Beth's other roses smell like they should on me, but my chemistry appears to turn white roses into soap. In some moments I too get the vaguely Irish Soap vibe from this, although it's paler, gentler and far more attractive. Nonetheless soap, but only when I really stick my nose in it. In passing it's more wearable, smelling more of the roses. But certainly a very serious scent, mournful. No question on that count.
  5. with coffee spoons

    Hear ye! Hear ye! Birthday threads now have their

    Wonderful idea! So much neater now, and I won't lose track of the birthdays this way!
  6. with coffee spoons

    Horn of Plenty

    My first 5ml, I bought it scent unsniffed hoping that it would work-- both as a fragrance and as a voodoo blend! On my skin it smells exactly like cherry Chapstick, a blend of cherry and vanilla. Now, my skin does not do fruit, especially not berries--it turns them rather artificial, I'm sorry to say. Nonetheless, I don't dislike this--it has a certain appeal despite its Chapstick association, so it was diffiult to decide whether or not I would swap it. I decided that I'll keep an imp but will swap the bottle--I won't use it often enough to justify keeping it. It's efficacy as a voodoo blend has yet to be proven-- I wore it to a job interview, will find out next week whether I got the position or not.
  7. with coffee spoons


    Curse of the fruity lotus. Lotus and I don't get along. It is fruity on me, and anything fruity my skin magnifies like it's going out of style. Which might not be so bad except for that it also insists upon making it smell fake and cheap, with the exception of citrus, apple and pear. Like Pandora, this is intially the fruity lotus and mint. The mint, I like, but the lotus is not particularly appealing on me, I'm sorry to report. It's touched with the aquatic notes, but they are far in the background and recede with the mint until it's just the lotus alone on stage with its fruity monologue. Oh bum. It sounded so lovely that I wanted to try it despite the lotus-- I'm sure it's gorgeous on people who are not me.
  8. with coffee spoons


    Huh. I wanted this because I adore the smell of cedar, but I don't get any distinct note in this, and certainly no cedar. It's spicy and masculine, cologne like, except in a good way. This is very strong on me-- a dab was wafting like nobody's business-- I was embarassed and kept my hand in my pocket until I got the chance to wash a bit of it off, to tone it down. This is very unusual for me, as the oils almost always stay very close to my skin. As time progresses, I realize what this reminds me of. A particular kind of soap. Green, or maybe blue. I used it once at somebody's house. And then it hits me-- Irish Spring soap. I think that's it. I mean, a nuanced and wonderful version of the scent, of course-- it's Beth we're talking about . It's not the soapiness, but the spiciness is very similar, according to my olfactory memory. I was young when I used it, but I'm pretty sure I'm remembering it correctly. In any event, it's really odd that I'm getting this spicy cologne scent from the oil-- given the notes it wasn't at all what I was expecting. Too masculine for me, but it's nice enough, could work on the right person. ADDED Nov. 27: Well, rather than editing my previous post, I'm going to add another review, because another imp I have of this is completely different, a realization that I just came to a minute ago. The imp of Eidolon I tried in my previous review is dark in color and tarted, and as I said, it doesn't work at all on me. I received another imp of this, a newer one, which I initially couldn't find when I was looking for it today because I was expecting it to be the same color as my other imp. IT's a very pale yellow color, whereas my other imp is the color of Snake Oil. It smells entirely different as well-- the new imp smells of lemon verbena underpinned with a slight greeness and possibly a touch of cedar. It smells good, much more like I had anticipated that Eidelon would smell. Now I'm sad that it has been discontinued, especially since I've already agreed to trade this imp. Oh well. It can go back on my wishlist, as it would be a nice bright summer scent. Wow. I just can't get over how different this smells when aged. I really want to know what is in this blend which ages so completely into a cologne/soap smell.
  9. with coffee spoons

    Dragon's Milk

    On me this is Snake Oil without as much complexity. A tiny bit fruity-- the Dragon's blood, I presume, although I've never before encountered it and thus cannot find it in this blend with any great authority. On me it's vanilla, but not the really great vanilla that's in Snake Oil. A tiny bit artificial in this blend, though not much. It's nice, and I like it, but given that on my skin it's just a less masterful rendering of Snake Oil, I'll stick with the original and put this into the swap pile. It's a purty color, though!
  10. with coffee spoons

    Chaos Theory

    Chaos Theory XCV Chaos Run Amuck. A fourth round of thanks to that cute penguin amongst us… Guess description: Languid. This fragrance brings to mind foggy mornings overlooking the beach, with the scent of the waves and the citrus breezes lulling you into hypnotic relaxation. I get an initial burst of gentle citrus—orange, although soft enough as to be associated with the blossom rather than the fruit itself. There’s something astringent here too, although I’m not quite certain what it is. It doesn’t have quite the same presence as a strong lavender oil, but it does smell a bit like the lavender in Calliope to me, playing a supporting role, not clearly defined as itself. Something in that genre, a member of the mint family, perhaps, or something with the bright astringency of pine or balsam. Beneath the brightness of these two, however is a base of either vanilla or tonka bean, offering that same silky smoothness as do XV and XLVIII. Another lovely, glad I got to try these four!
  11. with coffee spoons

    Chaos Theory

    Chaos Theory XLVIII Part of Chaos Run Amuck, gratzi to dear hypothermya! Guess description: Princess. This blend encapsulates the sweet dreams and wistful fantasies entertained while awaiting a handsome prince. An uncorrupted, and innocent blend of lotus, gardenia, and tonka bean. Oh my. This is one smooth customer. Oddly enough, I’m not getting any lotus here—lotus goes fruity on me, not entirely appealing, but that isn't happening here. I’ve not had the pleasure of smelling the Lab’s take on gardenia this does smell like gardenia, and in combination with the tonka bean it is like silk. Pale silk, the texture of thick cream. Again, this is soft on me, not one to speak up loudly, but it is undoubtedly sensual. Lovely. Makes me look forward all that much more to Le Serpent Qui Danse, which I’ve got coming to me in the next few weeks. Previously reviewed by paperdoll and hypothermya.
  12. with coffee spoons

    Chaos Theory

    Chaos Theory XVII Chaos Run Amuck, brought to you by the letter H(ypothermya) and by penguins everywhere. Guess description: This scent is evocative of the last days of winter. The smell of soft grasses and wildflowers are emerging from patches of just melting snow, combined with the scent of the cedar box in which you pack your winter sweaters. Cucumber, cedar, lime, lemon, and white florals. Ooh! At first blush, beautiful. A tinge of aquatic, but what strikes me most at present is the lemon. Not so sharp as the lemon in embalming fluid, nor as sweet as lemon verbena (plant or single note), this is more the slightly green, cheerfulness of lemon balm. Yes. A transparent whisper of lemon balm softened with a touch of aquatic and a gentle floral filling in the edges, underpinned with something more stable, what must be the cedar, although I just feel its presence rather than being able to distinguish it. The floral becomes slightly more pronounced as time wears on, but it’s certainly not a strict floral, not by any stretch. Less citrus after an hour, more aquatic, but fading. A truly delightful, fresh fragrance that would be marvelous during the spring and summer months. A pity it’s not a member of the permanent collection—although it’s very soft on me, as most of the oils are, it’s a real pleasure to sniff. Previously reviewed by supasonicsage and hypothermya.
  13. with coffee spoons

    Chaos Theory

    Chaos Theory XV Part of the Chaos Run Amuck swap circle, courtesy of our dear penguin hypothermya! Thanks, doll! Guess description: The smooth and gentle scent of innocence. Creamy vanilla and coconut, blended with milk, with a dash of orchid and night blooming jasmine. In the vial and for the first ten or so minutes, this smells of nothing so much as banana. There’s something else here too—I think I catch a combination of two smells, familiar, which add up to the banana impression, but I cannot shake them out, find their identity. I get banana, like circus peanuts, and then smoother banana, like banana cream pie. And then the banana fades away entirely, and I get a drift of cocoanut over the creamy smoothness of vanilla pudding. Really, this isn’t vanilla so much as it is the smell and texture of vanilla pudding, soft, creamy. The cocoanut follows in the banana’s footsteps, fades for the most part, if not entirely. Then the milky pudding, although it’s very faint, difficult to catch from the small amount I applied. One would have to slather to induce this to leave one’s skin, and as I’m trying to reserve as much of the precious as possible for those down the line in this marvelous circle swap, I’m not going to be slathering any time soon, let me tell you. Previously reviewed by Red_Hot_Mama and hypothermya.
  14. with coffee spoons

    Job Interview Recommendations

    I'd been approached about becoming a half-time administrative assistant at Wellesley College after I graduate this December, applied, and now have an interview this Wednesday. My major advisor recommended me glowingly to another professor in the (English) department, who is serving as the director for a new humanities center which is in the process of being established. He contacted me and we met about the position, at which point he encouraged me to apply and said that while he couldn't guarantee me the position since he hadn't read through the current application, he would "smile upon" my application for various reasons. Applied, now have an interview scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, with him and an undetermined number of other people. I know that at least one is an HR person, a woman. I probably have the position, but I'd like to help matters as much as possible, you know? So. I'm wondering what I should wear-- nothing on this list (or generally) wafts much on me, so overpowering anybody is not a problem. Given the slight awkwardness in moving from student to real employee, despite the fact that I'm a couple years older than your typical senior, I'm looking for something that adds to the grown up, responsible, and capable aura. Black Cat smells herbal on me, minty, maybe a little like fresh catnip and bergamot, and I like it more than I have reason to. It's nice on me, nothing breathtaking, but I really like it. Calliope is a discontinued I'm kicking myself over, as I've just fallen in love with it. Citrus and mint, brilliant and backed with a touch of lavender, settling into thyme sweetened with lemon verbena. It's bright and kicky, invigorating and not too loud. I love it, will have to sell my soul for more. Envy is gorgeous on me, the mint and lavender is again brilliant for maybe a half hour, but then it settles into something absolutely gorgeous, sweetens, picks up a bit of cinnamon--don't ask me how. But it fades so quickly on me, is so light that I'd pretty much have to use the oil like lotion--all over-- in order to get anything noticeable to anybody else. Which is tragic, as it's really beautiful on me. Kathmandu is a mixture of wood and spices, smells very grounded and solid, although it's another that's faint after the first hour or so. It's not particularly feminine on me, but it is very strong and settled and smells nice--I like it. Kostnice goes from somber strong lilies with a resinous, sappy green smell to frankincense to frankincense and a bright and living green floral smell. Slightly soapy at times. It is very calming to me, and although it's not something I would think as "me," I walk around with my wrist glued to my nose when I wear it, breathing deeply and feeling relaxed. Snake Oil is probably a little too much. Not that it's that strong on me, but it's perhaps a bit too sensual given the situation. Tombstone is another lively but grounded scent-- for the fist hour, bright, minty balsam over faint cedar, until after a couple hours the cedar comes out sweetened beautifully with vanilla. It's another one I find soothing, although in its first stage it's a bit masculine. I love the cedary vanilla stage, but it stays close to my skin, don't think it wafts really at all. I will hopefully receive a couple more swap packages before Wednesday, have Szepasszony Cathedral Tears Dana O'Shee The World Storm Glascow Queen of Sheba Lolita Séance Sacred Whore of Babylon Endymion and Horn of Plenty coming sometime in the next week, some of which may arrive in time for the interview. So. Good advice?
  15. with coffee spoons


    Huh. I thought I'd reviewed this, but apparently not. Initially the lilies and wisteria are most apparent, warmed with a modest rose and grounded by the sandlewood and frankincence. While white florals and I are not on the best of terms, this one is so smooth and achingly beautiful that I consider keeping it, and what is more odd, wearing it occasionally. And then the white sandlewood becomes angry. It turns discordant, the proverbial bull in what was, in this case, a serenely angelic little flower shop. Its voice is strident, insisting an acrid note behind the still gentle lilies. Breathing it in burns the throat. The raging anger of the sandlewood may be connected to the frankincense--I've had no other experience with frankincense and I may be attributing the harshness of the smell to sandlewood wrongly. I don't think that I am, however, as sandlewood and I do not have the best relations. It tends to be a trifle hard-edged on me--it's the one note in Serglio that keeps it from being unequivicably gorgeous on me, provides an unhappily bitter edge. And the harshness is magnified to the nth degree when it's that special time of month--it becomes ghastly, so monstrously, abusively angry. This will most likely work nicely on those whose chemistries aren't so opposed to sandlewood.