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  1. Ruffian

    Illuminati Cotillion

    Rose scents usually go sharp and loud on my skin, but this one is a good tame rose. The incense and tobacco are equal players to the rose and gives the scent a dusty feel. It does smell like incense and it does smell like rose. The two sit side by side instead of being blended. Underneath it all I can smell wood acting as a nice base for the incense and the rose.
  2. Ruffian


    The first things I smell from the bottle are sugar and cardamom, and reminds me of a lighter spiced Pfancy Pfefferneusse. The cardamom is not loud or harsh, and the sugar I agree has a powdered sugar feel. Gypsy threatened to go plastic on me, but then vanilla, musk, and tonka came out later in the drydown and brought balance and body to the scent. While there is a cookie, gourmand feel in the beginning (my Pfefferneusse association), it never really crosses into that territory.
  3. Ruffian


    Just as awesome as Sara Pezzini, Witchblade smells like dusty metal and red musk. It’s very evocative of its namesake and I can imagine this to be the scent of an ancient living weapon. I love the two scents by themselves, but layered together I get an awesome third scent. This is the most fun I’ve had with any of BPAL’s series.
  4. Ruffian

    Sara Pezzini

    This is awesome. It smells of sweetened skin musk with a hint of leather. For me this is the best kind of leather; smooth and clean and playing nice with the other notes instead of screaming loud. It also has great throw without being super strong and overpowering at the same time. After a minute of putting it on my skin, the scent just blossoms, but my skin chemistry also really likes skin musk. This is one of the few perfumes where I’d say it’s instant love for me.
  5. Ruffian

    Comforting Plush Companion

    I'm learning honey and honey-like notes can be hit or miss on me, but the honey musk in Lady Una plays very nice on my skin and the same goes for Comforting Plush Companion. The honey musk and vanilla is fuzzy and warm, and the rose and plum is soft and sweet. I don't get a sense of baked goods, but it is a sugary scent yet not candy-like. It also has a nice throw and long lasting.
  6. Ruffian

    Left His Nurse While In a Crowd

    From the bottle I smell mostly tea and chocolate. On the skin the cream and berries come out a bit more as well as the musk. I was expecting a more foody experience, but I don't smell cake at all and the musk is keeping it from going full on foody. I like this mish mash of notes. The actual scent compared to the listed notes was unexpected and pleasant.
  7. Ruffian

    Lady Una

    MMmmm Blackberry. I get mostly blackberry tea and a touch of spices and not so much the honey musk and vanilla. I'd like to get some of the honey and vanilla, but I get blackberry and that makes me happy. Update - Lady Una has now become one of my top scents and is in the running for my signature scent! After a longer drydown it turns sweeter and creamier, from the honey musk and vanilla coming out. I'm really liking the honey musk note. The blackberry and tea is still there, and it lasts all day on me.
  8. Ruffian

    Fairy Wine

    This smells exactly like the notes listed and I love it. It's sweet, fruity wine with dandelions and honey. It's not too boozey and not too grapey. The dandelions give it a touch of green, which I'm learning that I really like when it comes to florals. I find it's got a very long wear and is still very noticable after a full day, morning to night.
  9. Ruffian

    The East

    My sister got a bottle of this and it smells much nicer on her than on me. On her and in the bottle it smells like a veil of herby, green florals and dusty incense. It's just what I'd expect based on the description, but she wanted more jasmine and sweet florals, which she wasn't getting. On me the perfume smells like our bunny rabbit's litter box - not poopy, but dry, grassy, and astringent. Then we tried it on Mom and it smelled like straight incense on her.
  10. Ruffian

    Black Phoenix

    Wow, this is my first experience of a BPAL perfume turning on me big time. From the imp I get a nice cherry, almond, rose scent and it's pretty much the same wet on my skin on first contact. About a half hour later it turns into soap on me and stays that way. It isn't even a nice floral soap scent or a sudsiness, but Zest soap. Exactly like Zest soap. I'm not really disappointed since I only tried Black Phoenix out because it was the lab's signature scent. Just plain curiousity on my part with no expectations. So I like it in the imp, but not on me. Maybe it's time to check out scent lockets.
  11. Ruffian

    The Unicorn

    This is a very nice white floral. Wispy and clean is right, and in an extremely good way. It's clean without smelling like dryer sheets or air fresheners. It's a sweet floral without being perfumey sweet or sugary sweet. I think the sweet herbs are helping in those two areas. I also get the imagery of a unicorn in a fairy forest. Loved this perfume so much that I ordered a bottle.
  12. Ruffian

    The Knave of Hearts

    This is a yummy scent. From the imp it smells very pastry-like, and more foody than Eat Me even. On my skin and in the dry down it's sweet jammy roses. Loving it.
  13. Ruffian

    The King of Hearts

    The King of Hearts is all cherry musk on me, with a slight floral woodiness in the background. I got an imp because the combination of notes intrigued me, and was pleasantly surprised by the result. I'm also surprised by how much Im liking it.
  14. Ruffian


    Add me to the majority! I'm a serious tea drinker and vanilla black teas is one of my favorites. It's definitely what I smell in Dorian. I also like my tea straight, so I'm happy that I don't get lemon at all and only a hint of sweetness. Beautiful and very pleasant. I can see this one becoming one of my go to blends.
  15. Ruffian

    Dragon's Blood

    I wasn't familiar with Dragon's Blood before BPAL, but the more I smell this the more I love it. I do get the fruity florals and a bit of soapiness. The scent is the same on my skin as from the bottle. I love the throw. I can just smell the scent around me without having to bring my wrists up to my nose. It's like I'm in my own scent bubble. Too strong for the workplace, but I enjoy it for my own pleasure. There's also something familiar in Dragon's Blood that I can't place. It's definitely from someone or someplace way back from my childhood. I asked my mom if it seemed familiar to her and she agreed it was, but she can't remember what exactly either.