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  1. lauramw71


    I so wanted to like this one!!! All I got out of it was musk, musk, and more musk. On drydown it smelled EXACTLY like Obsession on me. While not a bad thng, I'm not a fan of musk. And it lasted FOREVER! I wish my Pele would last as long as this one did. Now, on my guy this was fabulous. I didn't get any musk on his skin, but he didn't like it either. Which stinks, cuz I could eat him up when he's wearing this!!!
  2. lauramw71

    The Queen of Hearts

    Ok, my very first review, but before I say that, let me add this: I am NOT a floral or fruity scent lover, BUT WOW! I just LOVE this!!!! In the bottle, and wet, hmmmm I smell cherries. Like a wonderfully open bottle of marachino cherries. Few minutes later, I'm smelling flowers and I like it!! Wait a minute, I'm opposed to floral scents! What's wrong with my sniffer? This is fabulous. Now dry I'm smelling soap. A wonderfully expensive soap that I am just in LOVE with! I am SO going to buy a bottle of this. I can imagine getting out of a hot shower on a hot night and putting this on right before bed. Ohh, to sleep on sheets with this smell? Mmmmm I've found my very FIRST bpal scent that I'm hooked on!!!!!
  3. lauramw71

    Anything laundryish?

    Wow, my wish list is getting BIGGER! I love the reviews for both of those!!! Thanks so much!
  4. lauramw71

    Anything laundryish?

    You know what, that sounds like a FANTASTIC room scent! I'm putting that on my "I want" list. HAHA
  5. lauramw71

    Anything laundryish?

    thanks for all the advice!! So I have White Rabbit, Xiuhtecuhtli, Lightening, Jolly Roger, Dirty, and Wensleydale coming. Found a WONDERFUL sale on here!!!! Perfect way to break into bpal scents!! Now I'm off to the sites that show me how to make these into oh, perfumes, linen sprays... all that fun stuff! I have a nice list going of what else I want.. Pele, Veil, Snake Oil, Dee,White Phoenix (if I can find it), Dormouse... too many more to list! haha Gunna hafta start investigating some nice fall scents here soon! Although lately here in Illinois it's felt more like fall than summer. *sigh* Thanks again!!
  6. lauramw71

    Anything laundryish?

    now that's right up my alley. lol But what is delousing powder?
  7. lauramw71

    Anything laundryish?

    Ohhh my list is getting longer!!! But that's ok, because for him, I'm not sure what his skin will do with the different scents. And how will I find out? Well... by getting more options of course! HAHA What would be some good room spray suggestions? With 3 boys (ok 4 if u count him) and a dog, I need something pretty strong. House isn't huge, but not tiny. I love when people walk in and say Wow it smells great in here. Nothing foody though. Fruity might be ok, and I tend to stay away from florals. I normally buy Clean Sheets candles from Gold Canyon, or Pool Towel. but lemme tell u.. my hubby is tired of those smells. He loved the cranberry orange one I bought him. I think my "for sure" list is Wensleydale, Veil, Bloodlust, Dee, Snake Oil *just by reading the reviews sounds FANTASTIC!! I have a ton more on my hmmm maybe list. LOL Thanks for all the help! What a great site.. not only great options in every smell for every sniffer imaginable, but GREAT helpful members!!!
  8. lauramw71

    Anything laundryish?

    Great ideas! Thanks so much! I think I might cross Death Adder off from the suggestions. I think I might replace that with Villian! I'm tellin ya.. I'm gunna make him a believer in this stuff REAL quick.. and I haven't even gotten anything from here yet! HAHA
  9. lauramw71

    Anything laundryish?

    Hi there! I'm totally new to BPAL but ohmigosh.. I have been ADDICTED to this site!!!! This could be a problem when ordering time comes across!! My taste tends to go towards more "clean" scents. I've browsed the forums and think I have decided on trying Embalming Fluid, and Dirty. Right now I wear Philosophy Amazing Grace and believe i read Veil smells similar? So I might have to give that one a go. I just don't like anything that smells like perfume. Nothing floral, foody, or fruity... I would really like something to scent my laundry with. I love nothing better than to get the clothes out of the dryer and smell mmmmm downy. Are there any downyish scents that I could look at? I am also looking at something to make like a room freshner. I read Mad Hatter is good for this? Any other suggestions on how to make my house smell fantastic? My husband is a smoker (yes, in the house, but in his "mancave" but that smell just permeates the whole dang house) so something that would kill that nasty smell would be FABULOUS!!! For my husband I was thinking of trying Death Adder (he's a Burberry fan) and Vicomte de Valmont. (I like him to smell clean and manly... I would use his deodorant as cologne if that would work LOL) Oh, one more thing (geez I know.. i'm a newbie and asking alot), I have 3 boys who sometimes fight sleep.. what would be a good scent to make into a linen spray for their pillows and sheets? My husband is sooo tired of me telling him different scents already and i've only found this site 2 days ago. But I'm determined I WILL find something he ADORES and will beg me to get more... heehee Any suggestions would be FANTASTIC as I'm compiling my ugh, it's getting long, list of imps to order.