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  1. Use on the night of the new moon to banish the baneful effects of negativity directed at us on a daily basis: e.g., dirty looks, rude gestures, smarmy remarks. Banishes the residue of everyday F*ck Yous. Use in the bath, on self, and to dress white candles. It is the new moon, and I need this badly. I collect and wear negativity from others like a horribly heavy cloak. I am, to put it simply, way too sensitive. Recently I heard that I was the subject of conversation by people I haven't spoken to in years, and the fact that they still bear me such anamosity really hurt. Other painful remarks, sometimes unintentionally so, have built up over the month. This is one oil with a blueprint for use, and I am looking forward to a bath with white candles, myself and the bathwater annointed. As I annoint candles with it, I am nearly knocked over by the fresh peppermint smell. I think my sinuses, as well as my aura, are likely to be cleared out. ** So, to update... I lit a white candle annointed with this oil. The smell of peppermint patty (or "pattie", if it's a York) quickly filled my bathroom. I put a couple of drops into my bathwater, and then annointed my pulse points. I was surprised that with such a small amount in my bathwater I was actually getting somewhat of an icy sensation. I tried to focus on relieving myself of the negative buildup from the past month. The energy coming out of that oil is very... white. I do feel lighter. I wasn't able to focus on the intent of the oil as much as I wanted to in the tub though. (My husband came home, came in the bathroom, and we started chatting.) ETA- A couple of weeks after using this I do feel like it gave me a fresh start and I have turned a corner in my moods. I do feel like the negativity was banished on that day.
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    Use in rituals to help speed recovery from injury and illness and to maintain, celebrate and give thanks for good health. I am really surprised to see that this hasn't been reviewed yet, as I have read some folks' incredibly positive experiences with this oil in other areas of the forum. I am using this to aid in my recovery from "injury", I guess I could say. Despite applying and reapplying sunblock this past weekend I got a horrid sunburn on my shoulders and back (I don't think it was as waterproof as it claimed.) I am the queen of aloe right now. So it's a little thing in the grand scheme of things, but I haven't slept decently since getting the sunburn, and I'd love to speed its healing along. I'd also like to minimize lasting damage. Generally, I am obsessive about skincare, and the awful red blotchy texture that much of my body is right now worries me. So, I annointed (gently) the part of my sunburn I could reach, and immediately smelled something like citronella, followed by cinnamon. I am meditating on healing my body (which is rough because I can hardly sit still for the unholy itch right now), and banishing my fatigue from lack of sleep. I am annointing a white candle just a bit, as I think this helps on my body more. I am visualizing the redness lifting off my body and floating away like red smoke. My skin is left pale and strong, as it was before. There is no pain left. I am visualizing the aloe sinking into my skin as well and the skin rebuilding. Send me cooling and itch-free thoughts
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    A purifying and empowering highly-charged neutral blend that can be used alone, or used in conjunct with other oils for personal, ritual or tool consecration and blessing. I used this for the first time today. I annointed a maneki neko statue on the top of its head. Maneki neko is said to bring good luck and prosperity. I tried to give this statue away many times. It's cheap and ceramic and I never really liked it, but somehow it just never wound up finding a new home. Today I looked at it and thought... hmmmm I wonder if I can turn this thing into a lucky todem for myself. So I annointed it.. hmmm the oil smells good. Herby and golden. It also made me feel optimistic and comforted. I hope this statue is well-charged now. I'd love to hear how other people have used this oil. Usually, I go more for complicated rituals, but this was just me, an oil, and a statue. I am intending to bring it into work with me, actually. I could use some luck there ETA- I am also going to annoint a pen that I am using to work on PhD apps with this. It's already my "lucky pen", so might as well give it a little extra oomph.
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    A fast-acting, potent money blend. Used for spellwork that focuses on specific financial goals. Use also to anoint your piggy bank, wallet, and paper money to ensure that you are never striken by poverty. I am using this now because I am in absolutely dire financial straights and need to aquire some money/make some headway on paying off vet bills/ student loans. I annointed my wrists and my wallet with it as directed. But I have to admit, the smell is distracting me from the purpose because it's so delicious- spicy and fruity at the same time. It's peppermint with cinnamon (actually, it reminds me a bit of Three Witches) and a touch of orange- a spicy fruity smell. Quite delicious. Do I detect a hint of fig in here? Perhaps. It smells something like mulled cider but there's still that orange as well. It comforts me - maybe that's how it begins working on money woes- by tackling the panic first. And yet... something in here somehow reminds me of copper coins- there is a metallic chaser to the whole concoction. I will update this post as I see if this is an effective working oil.
  5. Obtained: from Alternate Realities I am wearing this today without necessarily knowing the intent of the oil, but I need some force and clarity of vision so we'll see if it helps. This is a dark liquid and smells incredibly earthy and herbal. Wet, I smell quite a bit of pine in here, but it doesn't take on an artificial "cleaning product" tone. It is rather like walking through a dark pine forest. I can see this connected to some sort of outdoor ritual. It's musky in a way that makes me think it'd be a good men's scent. Mmm kinda peppery. After some time this is sharper, muskier, and the pine has taken a backseat. I can't tell if what I am smelling is plant or animal inspired. Something about it though... is a bit seductive and repulsive at the same time. It gets slightly sour and more animalistic as time passes. Overall interesting, definitely a powerful scent rather than a perfume.
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    I dropped a little oil into the palm of my hand, and briskly rubbed my hands together. I pressed my tired head into my hands and inhaled deeply. My first impression was... lemongrass. It actually smelled to me like Tom Yum soup, like Thai food. It still is wafting up from my hands kind of deliciously. I am exhausted on every level described by this oil today, but need to function. So I may also put a little in an oil burner. All the help I can get... It did seem to wake me up and motivate me a little, but only a little. Maybe I need more.
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    Block Buster

    I am working with this oil right now, to help me get into a good PhD program and to prepare me for the changes ahead- transitioning from teaching as a professor full-time, to going back to school. I seriously need the blocks in the application process busted though. (The folks in the General TAL Chatter thread recommended this one, actually. I had been using Road Opener before this.) I did a ritual on a Wednesday night, 10pm (precision is so important to me, it focuses my intentions and helps me to believe in what I'm doing.) I dressed a yellow candle with this oil, faced east, and meditated on my desires. I also burned peppermint and lavender essential oils, which are reportedly useful for my purposes. (I actually had a couple of good chants I made up for the occasion. Again, chanting helps me focus. It becomes like a little song in my head.) I have done this ritual twice now. The first time I felt such a surge of energy rip through me that I actually shook. It was intense. The second time I was exhausted and lacked focus. I still felt good about the process, but didn't have the same energy. I am academic in my approach to everything I do research so my rituals can be "just right", but it really seems to help. I won't know until March whether my rituals helped at all!
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    The Castle

    I am really impressed with how BIG this scent manages to be- by which I mean, it captures the sense of a really lonely wide open empty space brilliantly. It's cold, but incense tinged, piney, resinous and odd. I don't enjoy it as a body scent, but I enjoy it as an experience.
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    I definitely have PMS today... moodines, verging on depression (without cause), anger at random things that don't deserve it. I need me some Bitch. Fresh out of the imp, my Bitch (ha) is really sweet on me. Joy Mojo sweet. *double checks the label* Yep, it's almost like the aroma of pear tea. It's wafting around telling me to mellow out and buck up. As it fades, it's almost a bit like coconut. I've smelled this before- in a candle or toiletry shop in the mall. Pressing my nose to my wrist makes me want to sneeze. There's definitely something in here under the sweetness that smells like body odor on me. I keep thinking my wrists stink (of b.o.) and are ruining the sweet smell, but no, it's Bitch. Body chemistry is weird around this time of month. Can't believe I am smelling someting so different from everyone else! Odd.
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    Pumpkin King

    Oh man, I wish I didn't love this. I'd wear it a lot if it were more readily available. It's got that scent that good "pumpkin spice" candles have, and I always love to smell those in the stores. One of my favorite seasonal smells. In this is a certain amount of nutmeg and cinnamon mixed with the pumpkin. Mmmm it's almost like baking, and the oil color ( a rich orange) is perfect. I like this better than the pumpkin patch blends even. It's more what I think of when I hear "pumpkin". I really am getting lovely layers of spice. It stays consistent as it sits. I want to roll in it. Ah well.
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    My first sniff of this was an "Oh yes!" kind of moment. Delicious, bright berries with an undercurrent of musk. I could almost taste the red and purple. As I lean forward to sniff, however, there's something under there that's strangely.. chemical. It's slightly sour, almost body odorish, and also somewhat like hair-dye. Y'know how many hair dyes try to cover up their smell with floral/fruity perfumes? Yeah, like that. I keep giving it another hopeful sniff, wishing that the top notes were the only ones, but that backdrop just doesn't agree with me!
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    I don't have any particular feelings about pluto, aside from being intrigued by all of the planets in a general sense. Wet on my skin I immediately smell incense. A strong incense, wooden and masculine. Behind that lurks a very herby mint that makes me nose tingle a bit to smell it. There is something slightly akin to eucalyptus/menthol/cedar in here. I feel like I am standing in a cedar closet with Vick's Vapor Rub under my nose. And no, that's not entirely appealing. It reminds me of some of the woodsy TALs. Not something that was meant to be worn as a perfume, in other words. I am not sure, because of the wooden notes, that this captures Pluto for me. It just gets more straight-woody <--- as it sits.
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    Mouse's Long and Sad Tale

    Wet on my skin there is a strong element that reminds me of church incense. It's smokey, like the end of an incense burn.. or the way incense mingles with charcoal. That edge is layered with a sweet vanilla that makes this delicious. It's also almost a touch salty on my skin, but, er.. not in a weird way, if that's possible. Wet, there's also a slightly soapy note on my skin. After about thirty minutes this has settled into that very smokey vanilla-on-fire. The smell of ashes remains a part of this and it seems to have decent throw.
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    The King of Hearts

    Rosewood and black cherry with white musk, red rose, red musk and a spark of lavender. Ok, I need to begin by saying that I hate rose in perfume. Hate. But I barely smell it in here. The lavender shouldn't be listed as the last note, because it really dominates. It's right here smacking me in the face (softly). When wet, I initially smelled the cherry as well, and a bit of the red musk. It was delicious. It gets light and airy really quickly though, and starts to disappear on my skin. The lavender swallows up all of the other notes and sits lightly. I can barely smell it after about ten minutes. I wonder if this would be a good blend for sleeping, but the vanishing act it pulls makes me hesitent to invest in more.
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    Two words: FROOT LOOPS (shortest review ever)
  16. aidenraine

    Cleo May

    Well, I _am_ a prostitute, so this is perfect for me. (Ok, I'm kidding.) Actually, I am happily married, but we've been together for eight years, and in such time, we have gotten a bit familar with each other. I thought the energy of a one-night stand would be a wonderful addition to the repetoire. Upon applying this I immediately get a rush of honey, somewhat sickeningly sweet, with florals underneath it. Gah, I don't like honey. This reminds me of Kama Sutra's edible honey dusting powder, scent-wise. I asked my husband what he thought Cleo smelled like, and he said "cucumbers". Well, so much for his sniffer. And then he jumped me. Ah, my first client. There are so many other blends for attraction/seduction in the TAL/BPAL catalogue that I think I'll try them before I subject myself to this aroma again. I really don't like it much. Personal preference.
  17. aidenraine

    Hungry Ghost Moon 2006

    Hehheh "ho wood". Anyway, this smells deliciously citrusy in the bottle. You know Lush's Happy Hippy? Well, maybe not, but anyway, it smells just like that in it's bottle. Nice label, btw. On my skin... woah, it's sort of rolling waves of different aromas. Citrusy, green, musky, tart. The musk makes it smell familar, as does the sandalwood. I think I faintly smell the vanilla. Mmmm vanilla. I wonder what I'd smell if I weren't reading the scent listings though. Mostly grapefruit and musk. It's nice for this unbearably humid day, and for summer in general. As it sits, it is definitely softening, and the grapefruit is getting masked a little. It smells a bit, now, like greenhouse.
  18. aidenraine

    Doc Buzzard

    Oh no! I didn't mean to love this. I didn't! But it's so delicious on me. And now I want more. It's a bit of cherry cola mixed with musk on first application. I can't stop huffing my wrist. It definitely has some dry notes in it, of the sort that I usually fall for. Nothing like patchouli, but hmmmm.... The throw is medium. It doesn't get sucked immediately into my skin, but I can't smell it when my wrist is against my laptop, typing. As it sits, it becomes decidely more dry, more resinous. I love this sweetness that reminds me of cherry cola though!
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    I have read of Eleggua as one who shakes of stagnency, and I need that right now. Good colors to use with this oil are red and black, if you are like me and enjoy announting candles, or intend to perform a ritual with this. I am burning this in an oil burner within my office, to cleanse the space and bring in a feeling of change and refreshment. It smells to me first of coconut, but then secondarily of mint. The two together. I don't really get any other notes from it, but would love if it had rum in it, because of Eleggua's connection to it. This is a great one for energy, and therfore, I'd imagine, for the will to make changes.
  20. aidenraine

    Death Cap

    I really am not a dirt scent fan... generally. However, there is something about Death Cap that I am enjoying. It's got an overtone of dirt, but is much more interesting than that. It's also sweet and musky. Indeed a great summertime scent. It also has a really decent throw. I am sitting here smelling dirty and spice with my arms a fair distance from my nose. Most BPAL gets eaten by my skin immediately, so this is good It's dirt with hippie woods and incense. I actually just made this into a little spray to carry around in my handbag.
  21. My thoughts on similarities: Morocco - American Cream Ahathoor - Potion Corazon - Skin Sin Formula 54 - Candy Fluff (but good luck getting yourself some) Les Infortunes De La Vertu - Olive Branch Tarot: The Moon - Fairy Jasmine Panacea Elixir II: Succor - Chai shower gel Zorya - like some of the more floral Lush products Wolf's Heart - Chai Twilight Alchemy Lab (so these are sort of beside the point but...) Gainful Employment - Wiccy Magic Muscles Mantle of Venus - Skinny Dip and furthermore: Blood Pearl - an almost generically Lush store smell Black Phoenix- smells like the Lush Cacas Euterpe - generic Lush store smell Marquise de Merteuil - another generic Lush smell Silentium Amoris - again, like the Cacas
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    Dead Man's Hand

    AHHHHHHHH *falls off chair* Oh man, I am in the leather shops of the town I grew up in- New Hope. I was just there last week and had to wait for a fairly long time while my husband tried on hats. As I paced around, this is exactly what I smelled. It's completely accurate. I feel as though I am off to play poker in a saloon. Now I admit it, I cheated. I hadn't played cards in so long (used to host a poker game), and was just dying to try this imp. I cannot speak to its luck-producing qualities. Wow, the throw on this is really mighty. Am I suddenly wearing leather chaps?
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    Today is one of those days where I woke up feeling like someone had hit me with a big bat all night. I am exhausted, achy, and I want my mommy. However, I don't have time for a nap. I need to get some work done. I'd never tried Energy, so what better time for it. Now I fear I'll need more soon. I put this in my oil burner and also annointed my pulse points and the soles of my feet with it. It's as citrusy as everyone says- lemon, orange, and a touch of lime, with a wee bit of mint in it. It does smell like liquid energy. Or tangerine juice. Unfortunately, my exhaustion was no match for it, and I had to lie down anyway. Maybe I need to be taking this as a shot
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    I decided to try this oil in a house blessing, as it represents exactly what I'd like in my home environment- trust, calm, harmony, compassion. I have only lived here for a few weeks, and did a cleansing ritual when I moved in. Maybe that's why it's been such a joy to be in here, even though it may not be as new or fancy as our last place. I annointed a light blue candle (for peace) and walked to every corner of my apartment (feeling glad it isn't bigger, for once!) while reciting an incantation for blessing. I can't say I like the smell, per se. It's a bit medicinal smelling for my liking. This is definitely an oil that I will want to bring to my newly remodeled office this fall. I can't say, in the case if this type of ritual, whether this "worked", at any point, but I feel better and safer in my space already, and that's something! I am letting the candle burn in the center of our living room, where we spend most of our time together.
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    I really need this. I can't seem to get any work done right now. I am a professor with summers off, and I need to do research, but have only myself to put pressure on me right now. So I am applying this to my wrists, third eye, and neck. Initially, it smells like a chewable vitamin. It's got that lemony-fruit smell with something that smells like iron does in vitamins. It does smell a little clove-like too. Ok, down to work. (Later) My experience with this oil was that about five minutes after applying it I was extremely focused. I've never had results like that beyond taking ADD medicaton. For about 30 minutes I was riveted to my work, and then suddenly I lost it. I reapplied, but it seemed to have left me. I am dying to get it back. I am going to try again tomorrow and see if I can recapture that focus. Catalyst does have real promise!