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  1. Solotaire

    Traveling with BPAL

    I just woke up and this made me cackle. I either need to go back to bed, or ... uh... go back to bed I can't say how to transport BPAL. Having not purchased any (Next paycheck /twitches, scratches arm jonesing) and seeing what Ive seen, the small bottles seem pretty sturdy from what I've seen. I will tell you that any bottle thats into sturdy, and can *bend* will have negative consequences placed against larger bottles or, bottles that don't bend. I had a medium sized bottle of amber resin oil that I used as an incense for my home, that got tossed in another box with bottles. I threadsealed it, it should be fine. I could smell it as soon as I opened the moving truck. My roommate at the time was like "Wow, what did you move that smells so good?" It was at the front of the truck box, behind all our stuff, on a hot day. It was nearly choking us by the time we got that far in. Something slid and crushed the flimsy bottles plastic bottom. So it goes right?