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  1. dryadfemme33

    Blinding Glory of Love

    Huh. I wore this out last night - rubbed it on my wrists, my neck, and my fingers. I forgot that it's supposed simply to be rubbed on your hands. I went out to a club with three friends from work, and I ended up being propositioned for sex, kissing all of them, making out with one of them, and ended up going to bed (for cuddles and sleep, not sex) with all of them. Also one of them - the boy - told me that he really liked me, which is nice to hear although I think I'm probably gayer than I am straight and I don't quite think I'm interested in dating him, although he is admittedly super awesome. I forgot about the oil until we got home and one of them told me that I smelled like incense. So yeah. This made for an interesting evening, and while we've been moving towards this perhaps - I've been hanging out a lot lately with these co-workers - this was by far the most close (and sexual) we've been together. Interesting. ETA (4/22): Wore this again last night - went out drinking with the same people and a few other co-workers. I wore this solely on my hands this time, and when I applied people in my group noticed the scent of the oil. Reactions were uniformly positive. There was cuddling, kissing, and I ended up going home with a girl whom I like and who is generally awesome person. So far, Blinding Glory of Love is living up to it's claims.
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  3. dryadfemme33

    Snake Oil

    I've never been sure how I feel about Snake Oil. I like wearing when I go to bed, because it's warm and sweet and comforting, but I'm not sure if actually smells good on me. When I first apply it, I get the impression of baby powder and donuts. If I put it on when I go to bed, I wake up to a dark rich vanilla scent. I have an imp that's been aged 3 1/2 years, and a 5ml bottle that's also roughly 3 years old, so it no longer has the sharp undertone that new bottle/imps sometimes have.
  4. dryadfemme33

    Love and Pain

    Initially, I get straight lavender. Soon, however, I start to get whiffs of sweetness underneath, which is probably the vanilla. The lavender is eventually taken over by the vanilla and tobacco, and possibly musk. I really like this. (I also adore the bottle art - I would have been tempted to get this just for the picture alone.)
  5. dryadfemme33

    Gingerbread Poppet

    Yum yum yum. ::tries to eat wrists:: I'm not sure if there's anything left to say - this smells just like fresh gingerbread. And not crunchy dry gingerbread cookies, but fresh warm rich gingerbread. I'm probably going to buy a second bottle of this, just in case I run out. The staying power isn't great, even in a scent-locket, but the smell is worth it. ::goes back to gnawing on wrists:: (Edited for formatting issues.)
  6. dryadfemme33

    Enraged Orangutan Musk

    Oh wow. I had no idea I would like this so much - I didn't think musks worked on me. I only bought half an imp from a lj-er because it was cheap and the reviews looked good. When it's wet, the musk was very strong. Almost too strong - it smelled too much like sex and unwashed bodies for my taste. As it dries, however, it becomes this really sexy creamy musky vaguely sweet fragrance. There's a sharp undertone to it. I can't decide how I feel about the musk - sometimes it smells more sexual than I'm comfortable with, but most of the time it's just fantastic. Yum yum yum. Seriously, I'm sitting here just huffing my wrist. I want more of this and soon, before it becomes impossible to find.
  7. dryadfemme33

    Xanthe, The Weeping Clown

    In the imp: Bubble gum. I can even picture the brand - those individually wrapped square shaped pieces of pink, slightly powdery gum that you'd get for Halloween. They had a blue and yellow and maybe pink wrapper - does anyone know what I'm talking about? Wet - still getting bubblegum, but there's a slight warm flowery undertone to it. Dry - Warm, sweet, slightly flowery. Maybe fruity? I can't really tell. It's a light fragrance - I have to hold my wrist up close to my wrist to be able to smell it. I don't think I'd wear this often - it's just too sweet.
  8. dryadfemme33

    If I pay with a money order

    Great. Thank you!
  9. dryadfemme33

    If I pay with a money order

    to send BPAL the list of oils that I want? I don't think the site specified either way.
  10. dryadfemme33

    Shipping Update

    I also got my package today (with 4 free vials!) . I ordered on the 17th, if that helps anyone.