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  1. alyssredfern

    Tavern of Hell

    Sharp and sweet in the bottle. Gorgeous. On my skin it's floral with a sugary undertone. I have no idea what most of these notes are, but I adore the gardenias in it.
  2. alyssredfern


    The lab sent this as a free imp with my last order. I almost didn't try it because of the description and the smell of limes when I opened the bottle, but I am so very glad I did. Whitechapel was very citrus-y on my skin in the beginning but has morphed into a very warm floral on my skin. I kept putting my wrist in front of the air conditioning in my car today just to be able to smell it more. My new favorite - I'll definitely be buying a larger bottle.
  3. alyssredfern

    Deep in Earth

    Turned to pure dirt on my skin. Not like my flower garden, more like the earth you find after finally raking up last year's damp leaves. I didn't get an of the flowers when I put it on at all.
  4. alyssredfern

    La Petite Mort

    This smells nearly exactly like the powder my great grandmother used to keep in her bathroom when I was tiny. I love it, but it doesn't seem to love me. It gave me a headache after a few minutes.
  5. alyssredfern


    Maiden was sort of a spicy rose mixed with citrus on me. Definitely not my favorite.