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  1. sparkleyturtle

    La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente

    This is a beautiful scent. Soft and floral with a touch of fruit. The only problem is that it reminds me of expensive soap. I would love this soap, but I don't see myself wearing it as a perfume. Oh well.
  2. sparkleyturtle


    Starts out deliciously rosy. But the dry down just leaves a mild cinnamon. Just didn't work for me.
  3. sparkleyturtle


    Very masculine. Reminds me of drying leaves.
  4. sparkleyturtle


    Nice juniper and pine. I can see how this would go masculine, but right now it is a nice scent for just mellowing out.
  5. sparkleyturtle


    Loving the rose in this one. There is a bit of a warmth to it that, I believe, comes from the hazelnut. It is warm and feminine. Nice. Guess I have a love of the rose smells.
  6. sparkleyturtle


    Ah, sloth. I didn't sniff it in the vial, which was probably my undoing. Now that it is on my skin, it is dark and heavy. I am not a fan of this, and I am pretty sure there has been a trend for me against vetiver. I need to get this off my skin now.
  7. sparkleyturtle


    Really getting a foodie smell. It has to be the almond coming out in it. It is a nice smell, but just not on my skin.
  8. sparkleyturtle

    Titus Andronicus

    Lovely smell. A lighter masculine mix, but still masculine. I could nuzzle up to this, but don't see myself wearing it.
  9. sparkleyturtle


    This imp goes on like sweet candy. As it dries down, the amber comes through a bit more, but the peach and vanilla are still stronger, which has it still smelling like candy.
  10. sparkleyturtle


    A scent as sharp as glass shards, and as brittle as a broken heart. The formula came to me - quite literally - in a dream, and is named after, and created in memory of, the last poem that I ever wrote… almost ten years ago to the day. A blend of white champagne notes, grapefruit, lotus, slivered mint and crystalline aquatic blooms. This imp came out really sharp wet. A little too sharp. On dry down, I am getting a sharp citrus. That may be the champagne with the grapefruit. It just doesn't really work on me.
  11. sparkleyturtle

    Jolly Roger

    Sea spray with an undercurrent of leather, Bay Rum, and salty, dry woods. Love this scent. The leather is amazing with the saltiness. It isn't for me, but I could totally take this smell on a guy I was cozying up to. Smells deliciously masculine.
  12. sparkleyturtle


    This smell is definitely fruity. The citrus is strong and has the plum behind it. I also catch the strength of the amber behind it. Even though I love citrus, I just don't know if I could wear it.
  13. sparkleyturtle


    Really liking this scent. I am getting the lilac, lavender with a touch of rose. It is a little soapy, but I think I will take it if it comes with the other notes as well. the green is a nice touch. Kind of like taking a walk through a garden.
  14. sparkleyturtle


    What I thought was a light rose is more likely the sweet pea. The floral is cut by the green smell, which I take to be the sage with the other notes cutting out the sageyness from it. I like this. It is girly, but not overly so.
  15. sparkleyturtle


    In the imp it smelled citrusy, I guess that would be the melon. Lots of melon. I think I am getting the juniper note, but still sweet and fruity. Not quite perfume of choice.